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  1. we1234

    Free zombie lobbies all night

    PROOF 1613865749 Add my Activision ID: Kid Buu#4228151 For an invite.
  2. McSkrubby V1

    JTAG Lobby Menu

    MENU I'M USING TODAY 》Encryption V2《 This menu takes 8 minutes to infect BE PATIENT! ☆HOW TO GET IN☆ JOIN Closed 》PLEASE READ《 Online=Join *If you get stuck in the teleport menu walk backwords and press up on the D-Pad. *If you have any questions or need to contact me message on 7sins not Xbox...
  3. I

    WaW 10th + mod menu lobbies.

    inv me to private chat then join my session GT - iTaaaqPlays each lobby will be 5 mins watch my livestream @ der riese only
  4. D

    WaW ModMenu Infections

    GT: Dope Daily - Join Session will be on most of the night! Rate / Post legit once you get in, will be much appreciated
  5. Ckkayy221

    Mw2 mod menu unlock all

    Hey guys I am hosting a mod menu My gt- ckkayy Please do not spam me. Join sesh. Thanks
  6. imodz95

    COD 4 Project Raver By Xex Sky Infection

    Hosting an infection for COD 4 Project Raver By XeX Sky Infection Rules: No screaming/loud music No spamming messages or friend requests I wont start the lobby unless theres at least 6 people Once you join the game back out go to split screen start the match DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING JUST START THE...
  7. B

    Black ops 1 prestige glitch

    need atleast another 5 for this to work do not scream and all talk at once we can all help each other out just the theatre glitch if you don't understand I will explain Gt : Baconchubby
  8. Red xJuice

    COD4 Fun Lobby's

    Drift's Fun Lobby For COD4 I am hosting fun lobby's on COD4 and some Michael myers If you would like to join message me. GT: i7 Drift Please post legit if you get in! Spam and you will be blocked from my lobbys. Fun lobby's include super jump unlimited ammo and there for. May do infection. Lobby...
  9. C


    Free xp lobby open to all once you prestige back out prestige join back open for 2 hours just send a friend request and then join me GT: iiiiSparkz95iiii
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