mods dont ruin cod

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    xKoVx mod menu fun (Open)

    Hey im hosting again xKoVx mod menu fun lobby please join if u wanna have Hax Gamertag: XBL STEALTH V10 Proof
  2. T

    Waw Mod Menu Infections Messege for Invite HAPPY NEW YEARS

    Gt Is Fadedtear420 Messege for invite If I Cant Get to you right Away don't worry Just be Patient Ill Be on All Day 1/2/2018 Still doing it
  3. D

    WaW ModMenu Infections

    GT: Dope Daily - Join Session will be on most of the night! Rate / Post legit once you get in, will be much appreciated
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    Flyin Turnips Stealth Menu Infection

    Welcome to TacoSnipesYou Infection Lobby ----------------------------------------------------- How to join: Post your gamertag in the thread Send me a private chat --------------------------------------------------- Gamertag:TacoSnipesYou Join my session in proggress(If you can't I'm most likely...
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    WaW Zombies Modded lobby

    Hey guys its Savage Monkey here and im gonna be doing some WaW Zombies Modded Lobbies on Xbox 360/One Tomorrow and all of this month so hmu when im Online or Offline. To MSG me do these steps 1. Go to Chat 2. Private Chat 3 My GT is: Savagemonkey57 4. Msg me saying im from Se7ensins and ill...
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