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modern warfare remastered

  1. I

    Modern Warfare Remastered Boosting PS4

    Add me if you want to boost, take it in turns each match. iiXenov - private message me and add me
  2. Elit3gamer180

    Video  Most Powerfull Shotgun in MWR!

    This is by far the most shotgun in Modern Warfare Remastered yet! See more here: About: THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST POWERFUL SHOTGUN IN Call Of Duty! Well at least in MWR! If you have it unlock use the class set up I used and give it a try! You Will see just how powerful this babe really is...
  3. Silent Nine

    Patched  Modern Warfare Remastered Glitches: Campaign Out Of Map!!

    TUTORIAL -First Out Of Map- 1st- Load Up The Mission Blackout. 2nd- Get a RPG. 3rd- Go to The House That Is Broken. 4th- Jump on The Bed Framing That Is In The Third Room. 5th- Jump To The ledge That Is Above The Opening To The Room. 6th- Go to The Corner That Is Close To Where You Got The RPG...
  4. Kingdom_Beatz

    Looking friends who wanna boost on MWR & IW

    Anybody wanna boost on MWR or IW? Add me as a friend: KingdomBeatz Mics preferred.. Extra controller is a plus There are a lot of methods out there I wanna try them all.
  5. T

    Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4)

    PSN: TrillKellz 2 Controllers: Yes Mic: Yes Prestige: 5th I'm a skilled player willing to join anyone looking for someone to boost or even just play domination shipment back to back with a full 6. Anyone else looking to join up with anyone who comes across this post including myself, leave a...
  6. O

    All  Union Uprise Clan

    Mwr and Iw clan looking for: Trickshotters Snipers Pubstompers Etc.. In order to join please reply with the following form and we will reply asap Discord?: Age: Country: Iw or Mwr: Role: Platform(preferably ps4):
  7. Oophilly215oO

    Patched  UNLIMITED C4 GLITCH! 999999+ C4 GLITCH

    Requirements: 2 people (minimum), C4 Have a friend host a private lobby, set the time to unlimited. Make sure before he starts it you have a class with c4. Start the game and throw c4 down on whatever you want, then switch teams to spectator mode and then leave the game. Join back and repeat...
  8. Oophilly215oO


    Requirements: S&D, 1 class with a grenade launcher, 1 class with a sniper Be on the attacking side of search, spawn in with the grenade launcher and press right on the D pad so you have the noob tube part ready to use. As soon as you do that press start and pick your class with your sniper. As...
  9. P

    Team Tac Domination & Headquarters Boosting!

    Only need 1 controller and a mic. Post below for inv. 150+ kills a game Dont be a KD baby
  10. B

    zRuSh Gaming Recruiting [XB1 & PS4]

    zRuSh Gaming is a Xbox One & PlayStation 4 clan that DOES care about maturity and NOT age. We focus on having very active members online, on twitch, on youtube, ect. We focus on Black Ops 3, Modern warfare Remastered, Infinite Warfare. Overwatch, Battlefield 1. We accept members from anywhere in...
  11. W

    Sabatoge Boost -75+ XP

    I'm only going to plant and defuse. Need 1 person with 1 controller 2 people with 2 controllers (headshots) Message below or message : WILLYthaaKING
  12. H

    MWR PS4 - Shipment domination 24/7

    Add Horne_97 and I will invite you
  13. W

    Boosting Sabatoge

    need 3 people with 2 controllers!!! Message below GT or message WILLYthaaKING
  14. OoTaLenTzxx

    Sabotage Boosting 800k

    Xbox ONE Send a message to ExTinCT v3 for a party inv Must Have: 2 Controllers 1 Mic
  15. X

    PC Cage Match Boost

    If anyone wants to boost, feel free to add me on steam. xpulse7
  16. Jst2silent

    Team TAC Headshot Lobby

    Need 5 players. Msg me Jst2 xSiLENTx Xbox1 Need two host Each host will have three total in party We find each other in matchmaking on Team TAC. We headshot! Mic required please!
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