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modern warfare

  1. B

    Hc Cyber attack boosting (ALL NIGHT)

    “”. XBOX ONE ONLY””. Need people to hc cyber attack boost, MUST HAVE 2 controller, headset and must know what you’re doing. If interested message me on XBL at “Brydan B”
  2. B

    MW Boosting lobby

    Hi guys, looking for some people to boost with. Leave you ID’s down below. Peace ✌️
  3. D

    Tutorial  Cyber attack boosting 24/7

    Cyber attack boosting msg itz danny matee on Xbox
  4. Gutsss

    Boosting Right now need 2!!

    msg me for more info. need two at the moment but message me any way for boosting later. 1585731086 msg me!
  5. D

    MW  BONIR Clan Looking for Guys who know how to have fun!

    My name's Dylan and we're looking for more recruits to want to tryout for our clan. We're laid back and like to have a good time. We're college kids home on break. But we know when to turn it up. We're all pretty skilled guys, but we just want to have fun while also taking things pretty...
  6. R

    Question  heartbeat sensor blips?

    i see a lot of replays of people getting the heartbeat sensor blips audio but without holding the heartbeat sensor? can someone explain what the deal is. or is this how they work now?
  7. xMarcoV1

    Tutorial  Boosting lobbies happening right now! Any platform

    We are currently having a lobby right now if u want to Join add me on discord iTzMakitos#0878 and I'll send u an invite Do it asap
  8. R

    Hosting PS4 Damascus Camo, Max Rank, All Challenges lobby -24 hours

    Send a message and friend request to rSleeqy on PS4 for an invite. Be patient and youll get an invite. 24 hours starting now
  9. C

    HC cyber attack boosting

    Looking for some people to boost on hardcore cyber attack. 2 controllers and mic. Xbox gt: cloudlifestyle Activision id: cloudlifestyle#2169324 Discord if needed: Cloudlifestyle#9153 1583635119 Need 2 more
  10. R

    Hosting Max Rank, Challenges, and Damascus Lobby for the next 24 hours

    Send a message and friend request to rsleeqy on ps4 for an invite. be patient please, youll get an invite
  11. D

    Show Off  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Videos

    This thread is a "show off" of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare videos. I will start off the thread with a montage, then we'll go from there... Please enjoy! That montage was done before the game came out. It's a collection of "show off" shots during the beta. The following videos is random...
  12. I

    MW  CDL challengers league team looking for 2 more.

    Serious inquiries only. Pay based on performance and wins. PS only. Message iiM_Gerble on PsN for info
  13. O

    Question  Modern warfare Activision id's

    Is anyone able to link me to the site all the working special characters are from as would like to change my in game name?, sorry if not allowed
  14. B


    Looking for find a few people to help me get nuke calling card. Message my gamer tag so we can set something up A1 Potato. I’ll be on
  15. B

    Question  [Request] Ground War Maps in Private Match

    A while ago there was a way to glitch in ground war maps in a custom game, I was just trying to see if anyone knows of a way to do it currently?
  16. M

    Looking for boosting without mic

  17. J

    Nuke calling card

    Reply you activision ID or add me Jake#5450477
  18. Misterforeal

    MW  Join my Regiment (Gold Clan Tag)

    Hey guys, im looking for people to join my regiment! Accepting Users of All Platforms! Add my Activision: Misterforeal#5173141 I'm inviting everyone! Must be respectful to other members!
  19. WarHeadinc

    Xbox One PS4 PC  Fastest Quad Race 1.28.7 Time

    Can You Beat This?
  20. X

    Tutorial  Boosting 8pm mountain time

    Boosting looking to get a consistent crew of people together to get on at the same time and knock out these new levels teirs and camos post Xbox gt and time available
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