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    Patched Auto spot all enemies in FOV - Warzone only

    This glitch allows you to autospot all enemies in your FOV. Not sure who the founder is but I think this is pretty low key atm. Step 1. Find a spotter scope. Step 2. Aim in with spotter scope fully and hold it. While aiming in down yourself from fall damage or C4. Step 3. Self revive or have...
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    Need people who can do the bot lobby, I'm on Xbox if it matters

    I need someone to get me into a bit lobby or teach me how to make one, I'm on xbox
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    MW2 | Unlock All | Infections | Prestige | All Client Mod Menu

    Helllo guys I’m hosting a Unlock all for mw2 and unfreeze classes Add my gamertag -zenen310 Also I’m new to modding (: Post legit when your in...
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    Unsolved [BOOSTING] -HELP- How i can make my own "bot" lobby

    Hi everyone ! I need some help with the method to make my own lobby. I have 3 xbox one & 1 ps4, i connect 2 controllers on all consoles. I've been buy an account for NordVPN & i don't know how i can match the all consoles in the same game... I tried a few method but is does not work anymore i...
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    Boosting Lobby

    Anyone wanna boost must have 2 controllers PS4/Xbox Add me On Discord: Popeye#0915
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    Looking for good cross platform domination/hardpoint whatever regiment

    I need a good active regiment. Im mature and need a solid group to play with. I guess pm me
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    HC cyber attack boosting

    Trying to get a couple boosting matches in. will need- 2 controllers Mic Preferably Xbox players but can make it work Gt: cloudlifestyle Activision I’d: cloudlifestyle#2169324
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    Message xcampbells soup for inv
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    Patched Turn your player completely invisible

    I’m not the founder of this glitch. Step 1. Equip Allegiance BALE operator. Step 2. Equip Alternate CDL character skin. Step 3. Your now invisible at distances over 30'...
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    Anyone groundwar boosting

    If anyone is groundwar boosting for killstreak kills please lmk
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    Boosting "Doing Work" Officer Challenge

    Looking to setup a group to do the "Doing Work Challenge" Looking for 5 people with two controllers. Please leave you're activision ID/gamertag downbelow or add "About 61 Goats".
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    Working Wallbreach ANYWHERE ANY Map

    I am not the founder. Video Credits and possible Founder DU7V Go to the desired wall or building you wish to breach and have a friend call in a Wheelson. Have them drive into you pushing you into the wall/building while jumping. They must fully drive into the wall to get you all the way...
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    Looking to Boost.

    Looking to boost, first-timer, gotta start somewhere right? I have 2 controllers, just need some direction on what to do, then ill be good to go. Easy going not a troll, here to boost make friends (maybe ) then I'm out. Gt is xX DRAKOH Xx ( with spaces ) Activision ID is xXDRAKOHXx ( without...
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    let me know!
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    Anyone who knows how to boost wanna do it?

    Idk how to boost but I am looking to do so drop your gamertags
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    Video getting a nuke in modern warfare

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    Video Modern Warfare who likes it?

    check out my channel for cod videos!
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    Boost Xp 6 personne ( 2 manette )

    Xbox GT : YoDerty Activision ID : envoie le tien Condition : -Micro -2 manette - avoir l’insertion tactique c’est mieux ( non obligatoire ) avantage : -Xp rapidement -camouflage d’armes -Ratio Écris ton Gamertag ou Id Activision ou envoyer une requête discord disponible si français
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    Video Modern Warfare is broken

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    Looking to Boost HMU if you need 1

    Message GT: AEnemy
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