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  1. HYX

    Tutorial  How to give yourself and others max rank and all unlocks! [STEAM]

    So as a basis to this you will need a PC, a .dll mod menu, and a injector for the .dll file. I recommend ProcessHacker as it is simple enough and is what I will be using for this tutorial. Keep in mind that ProcessHacker is a .dll injection tool which will result in a high VirusTotal score [if...
  2. James Reborn

    News  delete this please

    delete this please
  3. James Reborn

    Mod Menu  Custom Menu / Episodes From Liberty City (Region : NPEB00907)

    Today I will be releasing something that will help developers for GTA IV EFLC. This Menu only fully works on Episodes From Liberty City (Region : NPEB00907) Picture : Video : Download Virus Scan Contacts : Discord Twitter
  4. Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    I've included several immersion mods as well as re works to the games FX system, making explosions more realistic (HDR bloom) and higher res as well as new updated particle effects. Also removed those cartoonish orbs that plop out of the demons to replenish ammo/shields/health and replace them.
  5. Snake

    Game Mods  7s Community Mod Pack! + Requests | DOOM Revived build 0.91 | NOW w/ DEV MODE BYPASS

    sup everyone, i been farting around with doom 2016 mods and got tired of all the mods conflicts whenever i wanted to try a new weapon mod or skin mod so I've decided to compile my personal favorite selection of the best mods that bring new life into DOOM 2016! I've packed most of the mods into...
  6. DeerDrinkingBeer

    Question  Is there a tool that extracts & packs .vpp_xbox2 files for Saints Row IV? (ISO mods)

    Hi, I'm working on modding/trying to mod Saints Row IV (Xbox 360) to create mods for the the xbox players. Unfortunately from my hours of research, there is no such tools out there that helps me achieve this goal; due to not having a proper .vpp_xbox2 extraction & packer tools specifically for...
  7. Ruby

    Hardware Mods  Examples Of Proper Soldering

    When people have difficulties getting a DIY console mod to work, a LOT of the time it comes down to the soldering. Here are some examples of what proper soldering looks like in regards to modding consoles. I will then show some bad examples of soldering to compare to. All credit for the good...
  8. Se7enSins Custom Mod Pack | DOOM 2016 | Over 10+ Mods!

    Se7enSins Custom Mod Pack | DOOM 2016 | Over 10+ Mods!

    This mod pack includes graphical improvements (explosion/particle effects mod 'DoomFX') as well as overhauls for glory kills (including brand new animations), Pistol Overhaul with 5 round burst and powerful semi auto mode, full auto shotgun, extended FOV. All mods that before couldn't work @ once!
  9. rony645

    Skyrim Special Edition PC Save conversion to PS4

    Does anyone know how to convert, transfer or re-encrypt a PC save of Skyrim Special Edition to the PS4 version of the game. I'm looking to see if there are any tools that would allow this to happen. Looking to get any insight or if someone would know how to do this. I would truly appreciate any...

    BO4 Full Unlocker , All Black Market Stuff and DLCs , LifeTime

    Hi people, im back again with something interesting, i found out there a full unlocker for Bo4, unlock all, everything in the game, Zombies, Multiplayer and Black Out stuff, this is and private archive what take me a lot of time to find it, and i will share it with u and support with more info...
  11. T

    Question  Xbox 360 RGH3 4gb Corona V2 - error reading nand. Help

    I'm doing a 4gb corona v2 Using a tx sd card tool When trying to read the nand I'm getting error "Failed to get Disk Geometry" Jrunner sees physical drive in the drive list, I've tried my laptop sd card reader and a transcend USB reader but both the same Any help would be appreciated
  12. I

    Discussion  New to the modding scene, what tools and knowledge do I need?

    Apologies if this is not the correct forum to create this thread, I didn't know where to post, so I thought this might be the right place. Anyway, what I'm looking for is to get into modding scene, and would first like to be able to mod Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory to include subtitles when the...
  13. AstraN9ne99

    Question  Copy & Play Cross Platform Jobs

    Hello everyone,im newbie on this place and i hope someone will help me figure out what im looking for long time.Well,I recently found a way to copy jobs from every console “old & next” gen > pc.Im interesting and excited on how to copy my jobs from pc > consoles.I came up with another idea which...
  14. xXBeefyDjXx

    Tutorial  RGH 3.0 Guide - Phat + Slim - Includes Quick Tool!

    Important: If you need support, create a new post in Console Modding Support. Do not post support questions here! Reset Glitch Hack 3.0 by 15432 What is RGH 3.0? RGH 3.0 is the newest reset glitch hack method for Xbox 360 using just 2 wires and a new layout. The resulting install is close to...
  15. C

    Solved  What jasper Xbox 360 consoles can be Jtagged?

    Hello so I’m looking around online for a sealed jasper Xbox 360. The thing is I want to jtag it but I know there are some that are on 7371 but have been patched from the factory. What jasper Xboxs can be modded? I know there’s a certain time frame but can you let me know when please. I found one...
  16. M

    Forza horizon 1 jtag/rgh

    Ok, so the joss rims in the gamedb.slt under List_wheels. Doesn't appear no matter what in my rims. Even with the parts id changed to other cars. anyone else have that issue? And 2. Can you somehow change the vehicles parts on a rgh. As in take a exhaust off a supra and put it on a bugatti and...
  17. Snake

    Tutorial  [PC]How to play Task Force 666 (and many other modes) single player/locally + How to play mods in single player

    Hey everyone! As some of you may have seen I posted some videos of the limited time playlist 'Task Force 666'. Unfortunately this playlist becomes unavailable today... But fret not! 1337 haxor snok is here to save the day with another tutorial showing us all how to enjoy the intense scary...
  18. Nokia

    News  First PS5 userland exploit in the wild! (Webkit FrontFace)

    Multiple people have confirmed that Sleirsgoevy’s implementation of the Webkit FontFace exploit works on PS5. It should be noted that the exploit works on the latest firmware 21.02-04.03. While a webkit exploit in itself is not terribly useful for end users, but this is to my knowledge the...
  19. J

    Discussion  Chaos Mod for Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode?

    I was wondering if anyone with sufficient coding and modding experience could create a "Chaos Mod" for MW3 Survival mode? I am not talking about the chaos mode found inside spec ops. I'm talking about a mod that activates an effect inside the game every 30 seconds. Chaos mod is a mod found in...
  20. Lucky

    Discussion  King Kong Exploit (Archives)

    The bulk of this thread is archive based. It is vastly irrelevant as the JTAG and RGH exploits take full advantage of a console in a much better manner. The sources I used can be found here and here along with here. This is also an extension thread to JoinTheResistance's thread - here (Thanks to...
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