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  1. quadrodip

    Question  Xbox one grill air flow!

    I have recently started modding my xbox one .... Does rotating the top grill effect the amount of hot air leaving the console? If so is this a big issue?
  2. F

    Solved  How to not get banned from receiving a money drop?

    Hi everyone! Simple question here- how can I go to a modded lobby on my PC and get money dropped on me and not get banned?
  3. Zazii

    Solved  RPC Tool Connection Issue

    So my RGH 2.0 Corona has never had an issue like this before..... When Trying to connect anything RPC related i get this error message And I've checked everything All of my plugins are fine Launch.ini: Hdd:\xbdm.xex Hdd:\stealth.xex Hdd:\RPC.xex Hdd:\JRPC2.xex Hdd:\GTAMenu.xex...
  4. B

    Question  Anyway to have jiggy pretty loaded when launching bo2 through xex

    Basically injecting gsc files over wifi is a pain in the butt.. but. I have a vpn on top of that. So it's going to take a year, is there anyway I can have jiggy already loaded when I launch bo2?Omg... RIP title.
  5. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Help E71 Error . Purge and African problems red light on RGH

    The week i have bought a couple menus and have been using Ninja\African. I first bought African to run and it worked great with no issues. A few days ago i bought Purge to run with my African. I can not get into lobby's when i put purge on. I spend an average of an hour (no exaggeration) trying...
  6. Modder v7

    Solved  Where to Begin For Modding GTA: IV and V for Online Play?

    Hello everyone. I'll try to be as brief as I can. I have been for a long time mostly a PC player and have barely done any "hard modding" on consoles. The extent I've gone to is gamesave modding. Well, I'd like to go a bit further and look into modding GTA: IV or V on my old Xbox 360 console...
  7. S

    Solved  New to modding. Need help with something.

    I'm trying to get a mod menu for my account on the Xbox one, does it have to be jailbroken or is that for PS4 only? Sincerely, Stalkemuch0
  8. Snow_Storm_MRDA

    Question  the rockstar cloud servers are unavailable right now

    Hi Guys, GTA V I am running DEX, REBUG 4.80, PSN NINJA, PSN PATCH, MULTIMAN, WEBMAN, MOD MENU POWER V6. To run power 6 i am using the power eboot.bin that comes with it and when I use that the rockstar cloud servers become unavailable. the rpf is untouched from the last update. In the GAME...
  9. AtOm Modz


    Welcome to my thread on Se7enSins! READ THE RULES TO BE INVITED! This lobby isnt all about money. This lobby is simply for fun minigames and such. To get money, you needs to listen to the rules and win minigames. I can also do car mods too. Thread will be updated better soon! Thanks...
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