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    Support  Shattered Dimensions Modding

    I have been trying to suit mod Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for some time now, but I can't seem to find anything on YT/forums that are up to date. Can anyone help me with this
  2. R

    Unsolved  Xecuter CR3 1.0s Compatibility

    Hello there, i've picked up a Genuine CR3 PRO 1.0s, with a QSB for POST. My question here is: Is this chip compatible with Phat Models? Can i perform an R-JTAG on those models or chip is only compatible with Slim Versions?
  3. T

    Unsolved  Any methoda for Enhanced Edition XB S/X

    Been looking for months and aint finding any clues… I know that it is a way to do it, frozen glitch or smth, but i cant find any answers and i’ve been trying for an month ++ anyone can save my day ?😬
  4. 11094

    Discussion  Gamerscore modding

    I recently modded my dummy account's gamerscore up to 122,680. I know for sure I'll get reset eventually, but I'm not concerned about that, I'm wondering... what actually will happen if I do it again, even after getting reset? And again, and again so on and so forth? Will Microsoft get sick of...
  5. ProtoBuffers

    Discussion  TTWL XP Lobby Region Data

    "saved_regions": [ { "game_stage": 870, "region_path": "/Game/GameData/Regions/Region_Hubtown_A.Region_Hubtown_A", "play_through_idx": 0, "dlc_package_id": 0 }, { "game_stage": 870, "region_path"...
  6. SuleMareVientu

    Tutorial  GTA:V/GTA:IV/RDR Texture modding tutorial for PS3 & Xbox 360

    GTA V RPF editing > LibertyV (use latest version) GTA IV RPF editing > OpenIV (use version 0.9.202) GTA IV IMG editing > SparkIV Remember that you can't change the size/format of a texture! Get the required tools (Virus Scan) You'll need to find GTAIV.exe by yourself, just google it Get...
  7. I

    Code  Hex Codes

    Hey all, Just out of curiosity does anyone know if there is any hex codes behind the new chameleon colours on gta? I run and operate a crew on there and I'm looking to work out some new crew colours for the crew. please help, thanks in advance :)
  8. Ryankz11

    Unsolved  Having troubles with custom GTA Singleplayer Blips (Minimap Icons)

    So, I wanna use custom blips in GTA, I've got a basic idea on how to do it, but it's kinda hard to do what I WANT it to do. ===Blips=== To help any expert modders, i might as well give a nice rundown, to make replies easier! Blips are the "markers / icons" in the GTA universe, on the...
  9. R

    Unsolved  Trinity RGH3 Resistor Recommendation

    Hi there Se7enSins modders, I have a question regarding the recommended resistor for Trinity Motherboard. I used a 10K Resistor on the bridge for PLL Point , it worked perfectly, console didn't burned down or exploded, and the booting times are basically the same as before the installation. My...
  10. SnotNosedJohnny

    Unsolved  gta 5 How can one go about coding a specific tab for mod menu gta 5

    I have the entire list of every single character that's in GTA. Even animals.. And every single gang member. There was a mod menu on ps3 at one point that had a character change bar. Just type in the code of the character and boom, it changes you. But it was the only one I ever seen and I want...
  11. E


  12. zulll

    Unsolved  Can I install a 2 disc game into my Xbox 360 without needing an internal HDD?

    So I was trying to download Battlefield 4 and several other games that needed two discs to be downloaded but I don't have an Internal HDD on my Xbox 360 to store the first disc. Is there any way that I can play a 2 disc game through XeXmenu from my external hard drive instead?
  13. ProtoBuffers

    Tutorial  Convert PC<>PS4 Saves with Save Wizard [Borderlands 3/Wonderlands]

    IF IMPORTING DOES NOT WORK OPEN YOUR JSON FILE WITH NOTEPAD/JSON EDITOR AND COPY AND PASTE IT OVER YOUR SAVE IN ADVANCED MODE No longer is an exploited console needed UNLESS you want modded skill trees to save. [This is why advacned mode was added due to save wizard checking the max value...
  14. HYX

    Tutorial  How to give yourself and others max rank and all unlocks! [STEAM]

    So as a basis to this you will need a PC, a .dll mod menu, and a injector for the .dll file. I recommend ProcessHacker as it is simple enough and is what I will be using for this tutorial. Keep in mind that ProcessHacker is a .dll injection tool which will result in a high VirusTotal score [if...
  15. James reborn

    Tools  Modded File Detector GTA IV EFLC

    Releasing my tool to detect moddified / modded .sco files from update.img / script.img / script_network.img from GTA IV EFLC Download Virus Scan Contacts My Twitter
  16. James reborn

    Mod Menu  Custom Menu / Episodes From Liberty City (Region : NPEB00907)

    Today I will be releasing something that will help developers for GTA IV EFLC. This Menu only fully works on Episodes From Liberty City (Region : NPEB00907) Picture : Video : Download Virus Scan Contacts : Discord Twitter
  17. Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    I've included several immersion mods as well as re works to the games FX system, making explosions more realistic (HDR bloom) and higher res as well as new updated particle effects. Also removed those cartoonish orbs that plop out of the demons to replenish ammo/shields/health and replace them.
  18. Snake

    Game Mods  7s Community Mod Pack! + Requests | DOOM Revived build 0.91 | NOW w/ DEV MODE BYPASS

    sup everyone, i been farting around with doom 2016 mods and got tired of all the mods conflicts whenever i wanted to try a new weapon mod or skin mod so I've decided to compile my personal favorite selection of the best mods that bring new life into DOOM 2016! I've packed most of the mods into...
  19. DeerDrinkingBeer

    Unsolved  Is there a tool that extracts & packs .vpp_xbox2 files for Saints Row IV? (ISO mods)

    Hi, I'm working on modding/trying to mod Saints Row IV (Xbox 360) to create mods for the the xbox players. Unfortunately from my hours of research, there is no such tools out there that helps me achieve this goal; due to not having a proper .vpp_xbox2 extraction & packer tools specifically for...
  20. Ruby

    Hardware Mods  Examples Of Proper Soldering

    When people have difficulties getting a DIY console mod to work, a LOT of the time it comes down to the soldering. Here are some examples of what proper soldering looks like in regards to modding consoles. I will then show some bad examples of soldering to compare to. All credit for the good...
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