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    New Cheapest Liquid Divinium and Cyroptokey Service for Bo3!!!

    New Cheapest Liquid Divinium and Cyroptokey Service for Bo3. Also stat changer and achievement unlock all. Add my Discord Joey__#6216 a
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    Unsolved Matrix menu not loading up

    Before I stopped playing console, my matrix menu stopped working. I thought it was because he some how stopped it from working because he no longer sells mods. Can anyone suggest why it doesn't work?? no error messages my plug-ins are also set up right.
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    Unsolved Best place to buy a RGH Xbox 360?

    Hey, Does anyone know of any websites that aren't currently down or out of stock (ex. SharkyCustoms or L321mods)? I am looking to get into Xbox 360 modding but can't find any sellers, Ebay is a bit risky as well, looking for an official seller...
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    Solved Is Xbox One(GTA V) Modding Possible?

    Hey, so I know that old gen consoles and PC are able to be modded, but are there any ways to mod on Xbox One? There are ways I've seen on YouTube to mod GTA V on Xbox One but I don't want to end up with a virus. If anyone has any information on Xbox One modding it would be greatly appreciated...
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    Unsolved Whats the difference between Trinity and Corona Motherboards

    So my Xbox 360 currently is a Corona I believe. I am pretty new to understanding how the motherboards can affect the Xbox. I don't care too much about boot times as long as they're reasonable, I just wanted to know if I should buy a new Trinity Xbox 360 console or stick with my Corona Slim...
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    Solved I'm new to modding Xbox 360 and have a few questions...

    Hey so I'm new to modding Xbox 360 can someone explain what the best option is to mod online games such as GTA and cod? …I'm thinking an Xbox 360 slim trinity rgh2 but anyone's advice would be appreciated. Also does anyone know of any cheap/free/no subscription way of using a stealth service to...
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    Xbox 360 Game Mods Is this even possible?

    Heyo, I was messing around with an OG Xbox game called Phantom Dust. Finding the ISO online I manged to extract the games files to my computer. I was wondering (if it is even possible) to get a map editor up and running for the games maps. Each map consists of an .alr and .dat file. I know I'm...
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    Unsolved Item modding and moving to console questions

    I play on Xbox but I have a gaming PC. If I get BL3 on PC can I add any item i want to my inventory and change the annointment/stats on it? Also, how hard is it to move said item to my Xbox account? Any help is appreciated
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    Unsolved Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Code Directory

    Where is the code for each block in the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition title updates/main xbla package? I can only find the textures in the files and I am trying to add custom blocks which obviously needs the code and not just the textures.
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    Unsolved First Xbox one s hotswap?

    Hi so basically I am new to the whole hot swapping idea but I figured I’d give it a go on my xbox one s. I’m only doing this so I can use a game disk of a friend and give it back to him after once the game is saved on my console -not to do any modding- anyways I’ve setup my xbox so it does work...
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    Solved How can I make a Ps4 modded account

    Hi everyone I was wondering how to create my modded account. I know I need a jailbroken PS4 and a Mod Menu, but I read that you can't Go on-line with a jailbroken console, so the question is how can I mod a gta v online ps4 account if I can go online to mod it?
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    Unsolved Modding xbox 360 gamer score - sticking problem

    Im wondering if someone could help me fix this issue. I’ve modded my old gamer-tags gamerscore on the xbox 360 using the programs Horizon and Velocity and when I have modded it and reloaded back onto my usb stick, when i download it back to xbox the new modded gamerscore sticks for a few seconds...
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    [Offline] [FREE] [PC] GTA5 Online Free Money Drop Lobby - 2.5kBags - Daily 8+ Hours - SAFE

    Daily Free Money Drop Sessions 8+ Hours Status: Offline ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ • HOW TO JOIN • *1 - Leave your SocialClub Name in a reply on this treat followed by "I accpet the rules!"; *2 - Add on SocialClub and wait for me to accept your friend request; *3 - Once I accepted your...
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    News [Patched] "Modding" weapons on consoles

    THIS WAS PATCHED !!!! USE THIS NOW! Here is a save because that's the first thing you're looking for here anyway...
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    Unsolved Kingpin mod menu help

    My friend bought Kingpin, he shared the license key with 2 other people, and it worked just fine. But when I try it, it says activation failed (in the injector(downloading the mod with the key still works)). Is this limited to 3 persons or what?
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    Solved Was I hacked on GTA 5 online (ps4)? Your advice is appreciated.

    So someone recently requested I helped them glitch on GTA 5 online, I didn't know this person but I innocently thought, why not help someone out. They invited me into a custom mission and asked me to press right on the D pad. The mission ended and I never heard from them again. But since then...
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    Tools J-Runner 2020 Update Se7ensins Edition

    Quick update for J-Runner. This has not been released in years but hey time to bring it back and update it a little, let me know if you thing something should be added. Just showing some love for Se7ensins. The console modders are on the rise again. All of these programs are free to use and...
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    Tutorial Viper Dual Nand V2 Phat install

    Whats up Guys, I made this little guide for people who want to install a Viper V2 into a phat console. Also I haven't seen any Install diagrams for the corona or the phat consoles yet. I will be coming out with a corona install diagram as well soon. Now there are 3 consoles you can use the...
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    Unsolved [HELP NEEDED] How do I unpack & repack one of EA's .PAK files?

    I'm currently tweaking/improving the Star Wars Battlefront III Alpha; and good news, community! I got it to a stable 25-30fps at the current settings! However, the game is still crazy unplayable. The AI is broken, the shaders delete textures, and etc. So I need to venture into the .pak files EA...
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    xp Boosting lobby need 8 more people

    we are going to boost with some people plz do not leave the party and if you do not i will give you a things
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