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  1. D

    Question  Feasibility of changing netcode

    Has anyone attempted to change the netcode for borderlands 1/2/tps? its essentially impossible to play coop at high latency which is stupid asf, all projectiles and hit detection are done on the hosts side and not on each individual players client (wtf?) the only game ive had the privellage of...
  2. A

    Question  Mw2 on Steam 2024

    I'm curious to know, I seen that HYX had a tutorial for a DLL menu on mw2 for steam that was working not too long ago. I think that method is no longer working and im fairly new to this. The point of my topic is, does anyone know of any newer methods for Steam MW2 2009 (OG mw2 not the new one)...
  3. K

    Question  How do I know which modding does my Xbox 360 have?

    Hi! I got a Xbox 360 as a gift years and years ago. I know it can run pirated dvds, however I don't know which modding was done to it to be able to do it. Is there a way I can know which modding it has?
  4. K

    Question  Extinction Loadout Editing?

    I recently reset my stats on ghosts extinction using a tool and noticed my pistol became the tank class. this didnt do anything in-game except remove my weapon. I was wondering if anyone knows how i would be able to edit my loadout to be modded. I can do all the work I just dont know where or...
  5. C

    Question  No screen after using J-Runner with Extras

    Hy everyone, I tried to mod my console the first time. Have the Xbox 360 Slim Trinity version. I following the steps like in the Video from MrMario2011. How to RGH3 a Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity) - Chipless RGH 3.0 Tutorial! I am using J-Runner with Extras with a Raspberry Pi Pico. The reading and...
  6. Best Deals

    Discussion  New GTA IV Modding Team

    Welcome to Grand Protectors! Hello, I am starting a brand new GTA IV Modding Team {Xbox Only} for Original and TBOGT, here only to clean up GTA IV lobbies from bad modders! Must have modding experience if anyone on the team is interested in custom files I have for the game. We are here to make...
  7. S

    Question  Character mods?

    I recently found a mod for Mortal Kombat (2011) on the RGH XBOX 360 that unlocks Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn as playable characters. The mod works normally, with the obvious exception of being unable to use the characters in fatality tutorial mode. Other than that, they work like all the others...
  8. Best Deals

    Solved  Vehicle.ide file?

    Hello can anyone help me find the correct vehicle.ide file to edit for gta iv original & TBOGT? I am not sure where to find it when I am looking at the gta iso file. Appreciate if anyone can help!
  9. H

    Question  Can someone please de rank me on world at war (PS3)?

    So I play world at war regularly on PS3. A couple of years back, a modder joined a lobby I was in and upgraded me to max prestige which froze my ability to unlock weapon attachments. Please could anyone who has a mod menu installed be so kind as to invite me to a game and fix my issue? It has...
  10. S

    Question  Black Ops III MP is BROKEN on Xbox 360, is there a way to mod prestiges or prestige permanent unlock tokens, or the unlocks themselves?

    The only way to get all the achievements in the game is to get to prestige 10 to unlock all the necessary things, because normal unlock tokens don't work anymore as they just freeze the game without unlocking it, only the permanent tokens from prestiging work. so is there a mod menu or something...
  11. XboxOneGamerrrrr

    Question  TP live | is it good? | using KV’s with TP Live

    Hi, so I'm thinking about getting an rgh and teapot looks really good and lots of people say that they had no problems but others said they had a lot, and that they got banned within a few hours, others have never been banned. So would you say it's worth getting teapot lifetime? Do you...
  12. lol124

    Question  Searching for help modding Undertale.

    Aight so, some months ago I did an INSANE amount of research to try (and fail) to decompress Undertale's xbox one version. I've got the xvc file and all. I do know it IS correct because it weighs exactly what undertale does... No matter how much I tried with xvd tools (and much others), I never...
  13. B

    Question  Help me adjust CA in the UCP mod

    UCP adjust the stack decay from 1s to 3s - but I want to make that even longer! What do I need to chance in the code: (I've tried to change ActivateDelay from 3 to 4&6) </category> <category name="Critical Ascensi0n"> <hotfix name="UCPZero" package="GD_Assassin_Streaming"> <code...
  14. J

    Question  I've Modded My Gamerscore But They Don't Have Unlock Dates

    What the title says. About five or six years ago, I used Horizon to unlock some Xbox 360 achievements. It was all fine and dandy until a few months ago when I was told that they don't have unlock dates. Apparently, having unlock dates is really importatnt, so is there any way to use a Modding...
  15. B

    Support  I need help modding my mass effect 2 saves.

    I need help with modding my Xbox 360. I know a lot of people made several threads about this on different websites, but it was all posted in 2015-2016, so the links are outdated and unusable, so I find it extremely hard. I downloaded horizon, and downloaded a save from masseffect2saves, and...
  16. A

    Game Mods  paid mods (i'm paying and looking for other(s)

    Does anyone know where I can share my modding project? Ever since Zenhax has come down its been disastrous. I'm paying (via paypal) long enough since its not small for the duration of the project and what I'd like to have done; money's not an issue for me, finding help is. I usually pay per...
  17. M

    Question  Modding GTA 5 Ps4 Accounts

    Yo, I see some people on IG selling accounts n stuff, but some people or even sites for example Kurrenzy.net are offering services like Rank boost to 8000, adding fast run, modded KD (Negative KD) or the Dunce Hat saved on modded fits, but how is this possible? I have asked someone who does this...
  18. H

    Question  [Jtag/RGH] Need imagefile.pak 2-5 for MW3

    Hello everyone! I'm in desperate need of these files or if you have the updates needed to get them please send them to me!! I've looked everywhere online for them to no avail. I have a Trinity Glitch 2. Thanks in advance!
  19. M

    Question  How do you extract purchased dlc for rgh console

    Hi im not sure if this has been answered but I can't seem to find it if it has. How do you extract purchased dlc? I have multiple dlc on my stock xbox 360 the only thing I know is I can download the dlc and then move it to a USB which can be shown on the PC but I am missing the next steps to...
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