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  1. TuM1337

    Tools  Nautilus Engine - Make Your Own PC Modding Tool With No Coding Knowledge - Create Mods For Any Game

    So excited to see what you all create and do with this tool remember to leave some feedback. All features and information is listed below so please make sure you give it a read to save the confusion. When extracting the Nautilus Engine RAR you will need to keep everything in the folder as it is...
  2. F

    [Help Needed]JRPC Dll Error

    I keep getting this error and idk how to fix 1. http://prntscr.com/fp6vub if anyone knows how to fix it please comment thank you have a great day <3
  3. D

    Unsolved  Bo2 PS3 eboot.bin help!

    Hello everyone, so I bought this jb PS3 with the bo2 menus on there, when I go to load up a mod menu and go online it never lets me find a match but when I don't load a menu online works perfectly I've been searching on the internet so see why and answers I've been getting is that it's the...
  4. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Need Tools and Menus for BO2 and other cod RGH xbox 360

    Im finally going to try modding something other then GTA. Can someone please help me out with finding good tools and menus for multi and Zombies. Paid or free as long as they work. I have used my RGHC to do a few things on Bo2 but certain things dont work and i have crashed a couple of times...
  5. Sombra

    Recovery Tool [Working Flawlessly]

    Since people are still having problems with their XP being too high after doing a recovery etc., I have decided to make this simple tool that will fix that problem. Since this has an auto updater you will be prompted with a message saying that there is a new update, no need to come back to this...
  6. IModToMuchs

    Hosting Flyin Ternip Mod Menu Open

    :cool:-Host-:cool: -Callmebrando v1 Need A Headset -Proof https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRusuwmHkgd41vl62Mh4MdQ Rules -Dont Spam Me -Do Part One -Dont Tell Me When To Start -Send Me A Message Back Wont You Did Split Screen -Dont Play Loud Songs Already Got A Headache -Me Or Se7ensins...
  7. Sombra

    Medals Tool

    Haven't seen a free tool like this posted before, so I am going to release mine. All medals work and you can set it to whatever number you'd like. Will need JRPC2.xex Download | Virus Scan False positives due to obfuscation, if you don't trust it then don't download it. [/SPOILER] What it...
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