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modding online

  1. UMP45

    Question  looking for a simple nand flasher (17544)

    haven't been on my rgh for about a year now and just seen there is an update. can anyone send me the simple nand flasher folders.
  2. G

    Solved  "Solved" "please add to archive" Jtag / rgh how to search for online games

    Hi i am modding online my Xbox live has expired as of now. For games like bo1 bo2 mw3 ect I can no longer find matches. I am able to go online but I can not find any games. SO is there something I can do to make it possible to play online public matches. They only way I can is if I buy gold. I...
  3. G

    Solved  Ps3 jailbreak Online vs RGH Online

    Good day everyone I have a few questions I have a RGH TRINITY & i am very Familiar with it & how it works & what is required to take it online. But as for the ps3 jailbreak I am not. So what I am asking is the following #1 is it like a RGH were you need to use a stealth server to go online. #2...
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