1. emilym5454

    Unsolved  GTA V Timed Out Session

    Can anyone help me? A modder made it so I can’t access my account anymore online for the PS3 and it’s been like this for months. I don’t wanna reset and lose all my stuff either. Ty ID:emilym5454

    Gamesaves  Forza Horizon 4 Updated Modded Save

    Firts the Steps: Credits to MSCF6 Thought id give a quick type up to help people gamesave swap their forza horizon 4 accounts with modded saves First and foremost this only works on PC but you can get it onto your xbox accounts aswell but we'll get to that later. 1. either create a new xbox...
  3. S


    STATUS: CLOSED Hello, I am hosting dropping lobbies for you guys. Add my SC or post yours below ! I use latest menus, and drop at the fastest rate that allow minimal transaction errors. I try to drop everyday, around 8-10pm france hours Please read and follow the rules. RULES: -Be nice, no...
  4. JustKillz_

    GTA V Modded Lobby [2.5Kbags]

    Status: Online Drops: Undetected --------------------------------------------------- Information: IRL name: Nick SC: JustKillz_ ------------------------------------------------------- Rules: #1 Enter Passive Mode. #2 Don't Bring The Cops #3 Do Not Steal Money #4 DO NOT BANK THE MONEY AT ALL. #5...
  5. F

    Unsolved  Best mod menu - Paradise; Semjases; LTS (2018)

    Hi. Which one of these 3 is the best one? I'm looking for one which has a good protection against disable account and freezing, and the most updated one or better one in general even if not with many updates. I know LTS is not being updated for almost a year (so I don't know if it's better than...
  6. IDHhere

    Unsolved  Can I use non jailbroken mods on CFW? HELP

    Okay guys, bit of a noob here (both on forums and CFW lol). I really want the RSE Bot Menu back on my PS3, but in order to do that I've got to backup and ****. Is that safe? Will it remove my CFW? Or is there any way I can get a smart bot menu that will work on cfw. BASICALLY what I'm asking is...
  7. ShareThyLove

    ✔️ShareThy's Free Gtav Money Lobbies ✔️

    ⚠Please Read Rules Before Joining!⚠ Status : Offline Basic Info You Need To Know! I Host From NA Mid-West! So I Can't Help That Our Connections Are Weak! I Host 12 Hours A Day Most Days! PC ONLY Please Know I Host Free And Will Always Be Free! Step's Too Join? Comment Your SC And Accept...
  8. Wesley_Marcos

    Code  All Protections GTA V(BLJM)

    exported by me on 2.24 update please leave credits xD enum CRockstarEvents { OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT = 0xA03A98, OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT = 0xA04090, ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0xA046B8, SCRIPT_ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0x12BCE60, REQUEST_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BD2CC, GIVE_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BDF2C...
  9. Wesley_Marcos

    Code  All Modder Protection TU27(including set stats protection)

    This is all protection I found on tu27 :smile: remembering if you're going to post somewhere leave the credits exported by me :smile: #define OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT 0x835DB1F0 #define OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT 0x835DB328 #define ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT 0x835DB290 #define...
  10. S

    Unsolved  Fatal Crash

    I start to get fatal crashed when i sign in on any game and play for a little or even if i dont sign in, looking fir help, my rgh has been in the shop and i recently got it back.
  11. A

    Solved  Help with outfit

    Not sure if right place to post. But the thing is. I play on PS3. Some unknown modder screwed up my character. I now walk around in game with a giant lamp instead of a head. A children float around the waist A fishing rod in the hand and an ace attached to my back. I did not do anything to...
  12. J


    We all know Rockstar makes everything ****ing expensive... Many people don't have enough money, want to buy expensive things, but just don't want to take a risk installing a mod menu. I'm here to help you out! If many people want to join, I'll switch lobby every 15-20 minutes. It's a private...
  13. H

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH Update Help

    Long story short, my xbox is on a old dash (very old) so It won't connect to Wi-Fi so I can't use Xbox neighborhood to update it. Im using J runner to update my xbox with a USB I got most of it done but when I hit XeBuild Image it does: Saturday, June 24, 2017 10:07:28 AM J-Runner v0.3 Beta...
  14. TheHerald

    Solved  How not to get banned? (PC)

    Hello fellow sinners. So I have GTA V Online on PC and although I myself play legitimate, I am considering modding or getting recovery in the future. There are a lot of threads which explain how not to get banned - but of course no one can give a 100% security of R* not banning you. Other...
  15. robot9706

    PC  OxygenNotIncluded save editor / modder

    ONI Edit - An OxygenNotIncluded save editor Features: Edit basic colony info Edit research Edit duplicants (name, skills, traits) Tools (reveal the whole map, fix everything) Download and usage: Download link / Virus total scan Extract the "" somewhere Start the editor using...
  16. o2ezz

    Solved  Buying a modded account/chances of being banned?

    Hey there. I have Xbox one. I know this has been asked a million times but I want an updated response... I am looking into buying a modded account tomorrow for Xbox one with modded vehicles/outfits/money etc. Do these accounts normally get banned and if so is it an account ban or console ban...
  17. TheEdi

    Premodding vehicles that have not been released yet

    I want to transfer an account with modded vehicles. I wonder if I could predict a vehicle that will be in an upcoming update for GTA Online and if so could I premod it now already? For Example: We have Cheetah already and Rockstar would be releasing another Cheetah with a hashcode Cheetah2. If...
  18. X

    Xbox 360  Dungeon Defenders (open)

    Status: Closed Free Mana Drops and Free Modded Weapons If you would like to donate the link below any amount would be appreciated You are not forced this is just to help me out to keep being free
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