modder protection

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    Code All Protections GTA V(BLJM)

    exported by me on 2.24 update please leave credits xD enum CRockstarEvents { OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT = 0xA03A98, OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT = 0xA04090, ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0xA046B8, SCRIPT_ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0x12BCE60, REQUEST_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BD2CC, GIVE_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BDF2C...
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    Code All Modder Protection TU27(including set stats protection)

    This is all protection I found on tu27 :smile: remembering if you're going to post somewhere leave the credits exported by me :smile: #define OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT 0x835DB1F0 #define OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT 0x835DB328 #define ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT 0x835DB290 #define...
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    Solved What mod menu prevents off host kicks on gta v

    I want a kick protection menu in gta 5 because modders keep kicking me out if you can give me a name of a menu that will be awsome! :)
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