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    Discussion Modded Vehicle Colors Thread

    Wanted to start another thread on modded crew colors because the other one I saw on here was old but mainly because I wanted to know how to get the colors on these two cars I saw (check imgur link). Feel free to comment with any crews with modded colors and whatnot.
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    Unsolved Help anyone please.

    I have a jasper fat 2009/10 model with glitch 2 chip and external HDD. Got it modded and was working fine. Until I decided to throw out the DVD drive and fix the HDD in its place. Disconnected the DVD drive from the board itself. The power icon started blinking to fix the blinking saw a...
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    Unsolved How to boost my GTA online account ps4

    How do they boost accounts? The main one is not duping but spawning the deluxo to resell at 2.8mil. All have different license plates. Other boosts are buying offices and upgrading to the max and such. Or RP. How is this done? Gta 5 online ps4. It does not involve a glitch. Thanks.
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    To get into my lobbies just drop your Social club name below and I'll message u how to get into my lobby:smile: Rules! 1. Go in passive mode 2. Don't invite other people 3. Don't message me ever 4. Please remove me as a friend after you have finished in my lobbies 5. Don't kill anyone 6. final...
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    Blazzy’s CoHost and MiniGames lobby

    Hello my name is Blazzy here is how to join add me on psn: ninegaming13 Status: CLOSED proof: Menus I have: Dynamic V3.3 Radiant V1.5.1 Bossam V5 Bossam V6 Jigg Menu V4.2 Foundalized V1 Acid Rain V2.6 Elegance V5 lite oCmKs_4_LiFe's Private Menu Inspire V1 Predator V5.3 Azza V2 MiniGames I...
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    Gamesaves Borderlands 3 Saves

    A place to share your saves with fellow players. You can easily rename any downloaded save to a number that is not currently in use and simply put the save file into your save folder. Should be located here.C:\Users\"Your Profile"\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames When posting...
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    Working (Solo)Invisible torso glitch (Stick in missions only)

    Requirements: casino penthouse, hot tub, scuba suit, and gloves. Step 1. Go to the hot tub with the scuba suit on, have the interaction menu open, go to style, accessories, and hover over gloves...
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    Unsolved Im Needing Help With My Save Editor For GTA V

    I am having issues with the save editor software on my HP laptop... I keep getting this same error on laptop about something causing it to stop working.. Someone help me!! I would reallllly appericate it :)
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    Solved iFruit & Charles Issues

    I've been using charles for a while now but for some reason, iFruit (I use on my iPhone) keeps crashing when i open the los santos custom section of the app. Sometimes this works and I 'do' one car and come back to do another and it crashes everytime, always at the exact same point. Any help?
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    Solved Looking for modded jobs - July 2019

    Anyone know any modded jobs that have the aircraft carrier in it, or allow us to fly the AI planes, or anything? For PS4.
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    founder : broontango After patch founder- EMT_GangGang TV REQUIRMENTS 2 friends Steps 1. Start call a tula or a airplane that have a machin gun 2. Go to spot on the video and put the airplane on the same place 3. Have 1 friend switch on the airplane and the other one take the machine gun...
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    Patched Store and Mod any NON BLACKLISTED Pegasus vehicles in Garage with RC Bandito

    ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Requirements: Pegasus vehicle that you wanna mod (festive bus, dune, etc) Modded RC bandito Arena Workshop Level Garage with atleast 1 vehicle (you won’t lose the vehicle in the process) Bunker with MOC and personal vehicles storage Car inside the Personal vehicle storage that...
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    Solved Money Transfer?

    I was just wondering if it is possible to log on the xbox 360 version and get in a modded lobby and then have your money appear on the xbox one version? I have already transferred my charachter to next gen.
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    Unsolved Need Someone To Record Proof For My Modded Lobbies

    A Little Bit About Me Hello I own a RGH Corona 2.0 and I currently do lobbies on Black Ops 1,Black Ops 2,Call Of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and im currently working on getting Black Ops 3 as i type this. I need someone who is willing to record a video or two for me you dont have to have the best...
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    GTA V Modded Lobby [2.5Kbags]

    Status: Online Drops: Undetected --------------------------------------------------- Information: IRL name: Nick SC: JustKillz_ ------------------------------------------------------- Rules: #1 Enter Passive Mode. #2 Don't Bring The Cops #3 Do Not Steal Money #4 DO NOT BANK THE MONEY AT ALL. #5...
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    ☄Swerve's Modded Zombies & Multiplayer EXP Lobbies! [CLOSED!]☄

    Vouches: This is a FREE service, so please no ridiculous demands. Any hate or trash talk will get you a shiny little perma-ban from my lobbies. It's all about love. <3 You do not need to have a mic so that I can confirm if you are from Se7enSins. I'll check usernames. If you have a mic, no...
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