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  1. BeefySweats

    Discovery  PC To PS4 Outfits Using Flight School (NEEDS WORK, FROZEN LOADING GTA ONLINE)

    I have been messing with saves recently, and I have been thinking of a way to use flight school to get fully modded outfits online. I have made a save that is a duplicate of the Patricia frozen money save, the only difference is that the PED for Michael is the default online male PED for male...
  2. Sir Kryptics

    Video  How to make Black and Red Modded Tryhard/RnG outfit (1.45) *MUST SEE*

    Hope you like it
  3. X_ilchiu_X

    Unsolved  Modded outifits savewizard

    I'm looking for someone to give me a tutorial on how to create modded outfits on savewizard for the DM shortlist list. I got the hex codes for everything. Help exchange
  4. NoP4inNoG4in

    Discussion  Rate the DM/Sp2Mp Outfit above your post!

    This is a thread for everyone who want to show off some of the cool outfits they got from the DM glitch there is out now, just any other cool glitched outfit or any other glitch where you can make modded outfits. :smile: If you want to get some DM outfits yourself make sure to check out the...
  5. F

    Solved  Dm trailer glitch (white joggers)

    Hello guys! I am not a glitcher i do not discover glitches but last night savage crew uploaded a video of them using a dm trailer glitch. The one that got patched long time ago where you could get white joggers blue joggers red body armor and stuff. Since i've heard that they keep glitches for...
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