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modded lobbies.

  1. Lerzide

    12 Hour Daily Money Drops 2.5k // Automatic Accept + Safe Menu [Online] SC: LRCMONEYDROPS

    How to join our sessions? Social Club: LRCMONEYDROPS Friend session: 1. Add the session host on social club. 2. Wait for the host to accept your friend request. 3. Join the host. Here are some simple rules that you have to follow, if not you will become blacklisted: 1. No vehicle close to...
  2. googlebing

    Google Bing's Free old school Call of duty Services

    Hello Sinner's So I present you Google Bing Call Of Duty Service's. I know the the old cod games are dying, i believe that people still look for Modded Lobbies, and still play them. So with that being said this is what i offer.. Also anyone that owns a rgh and wants to play old Mw2 tu6 menus...
  3. L


    Status: ONLINE Hi! It's my first time doing a money drop so don't be so hard! If anything goes wrong I am sorry, and will improve in the future. Just drop your SC for an inv. *Please excuse my windows theme. It's just to make my pc a little faster.* Rules: 1.Dont bank or spend the money...
  4. WarHeadinc

    WarHeadinc's MW2 Modded Lobby (Closed - Might Be Hosting Later Tonight)

    Modern Warfare 2 Modded Lobby For Xbox 360 Was My Lobby Legit? Hit the Legit button on the post :smile: Check Out Youtube Channel How To Join? Post Your GT below. Once you have posted. Send a msg saying 7sins (I will inv you in the lobby). GamerTag: WarHeadinc V60 (Like #60) If I see your gt...
  5. TacoSnipesYou

    WaW Multiplayer Infection w/ xKovx v8.6

    GT:NotAGod 4 WaW Instructions: Send me a private chat then join my session when ur in the map should be checkerboard then leave the game go onto split screen and start it then join my game again and wait till i start it once i start it DONT SPAWN IN just press start and u will spectate me and...
  6. H

    Custom Menu!!!

    I'm Hosting A Custom Menu R2R Infection. Please Post Legit Once You Get In. To Get In: :tongue:Send A Private Chat And I'll Shoot You An Invite.:tongue: :spam:Please No Spam:spam: And Please Wait Your Turn To Get In. :kiss:And Enjoy The Menu.:kiss: :happy:Host: Bush Is Trump:happy:
  7. H

    Post Legit Please!!!

    Flying Turnip's Annihilation Menu.:tongue: Back Out Go To Split Screen Start The Game Join Back. Enjoy.:smile::happy::kiss: Host: Bush Is Trump Co-Host: GreatColt112465
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