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    Unsolved Would anyone like to help me make a Mod Tool for Dead Rising 2 (Off the Record)

    Tool will be made in VS 2015 using c# and JRPC as the plugin. i will gladly share my offsets ive found to help merge and create a tool together. i have already gotten a couple offsets like money and player size my main goal is to create a tool to mess around with when playing online with...
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    Solved Xbox One running through PC

    I am making this post to ask how do you run an Xbox One through a PC. I have seen so many posts about the old GTA V DNS mods and that people ran their xbox's through pcs... How do you actually do this??
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    Unsolved L4D2 freezing when choosing memory unit on xbox RGH

    Basically, every time I try and start up the game it loads normally until the "choose memory" prompt shows on my screen and stays completely blank. Although my entire console doesn't freeze, the main menu goes on like normal in the background but I can't press anything. This problem started...
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    Unsolved Problem to create a custom ped for GTA 5

    Hello everyone, this is my first topic that I created here and I'm completely n00b yet so I'm sorry! Recently I started to create a custom ped to GTA 5 but I don't found any good tutorial on internet and youtube and I'm completely lost. I'd like to know how I convert an .obj file using 3DS Max...
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    Solved I need help modding special vehicles

    I can modd my ruiner 2000
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    Unsolved Rgh help

    I got a RGH it has gold on the account I'm not spoofing any type of gold I can't find no lobbies on MW3 MW2 Black Ops 2 in GTA V I got a damn good internet connection reset my router open my ports still nothing I don't use crack menus I use paid menus I don't use free stealth servers I use only...
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    Discussion Console Decision - Advice please

    Mods, please move if this is not the right thread for this question. =========== I am deciding whether to buy a gaming console or not and if yes, which one? I'm hoping someone from the community can advice based on my profile and priorities. When it comes to technology, I'm a late adopter. Also...
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    Unsolved Account Recovery Gone Wrong

    So somebody did a account recovery for me, using wardens menu. Now I can't load GTA without crashing can anyone tell me what happened or what I need to do, to fix this.
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    Unsolved Need Help Setting up Jailbroken PS3

    Hello, I recently purchased a new Jailbroken PS3. I was wondering if I could get help setting up the console as in, what I need to do to get online, I would greatly Appreciate if anyone could help. I just need help getting started as YouTube videos seem confusing and I don't know which I need to...
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    Unsolved Xbox one Modding

    So I know this sounds stupid as **** but does anyone know how to code really good but is also trying to figure out how to mod so I can explain an idea I have and if you think we can do it and if it’s possible!
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    Solved Xbox 360 RGH Online Help

    Hey all, Recently just got a Rgh 2 360 Slim. I’m not entirely sure how to take it online without getting insta-banned. I’ve looked on the forums for a bit and haven’t found really any threads detailing the steps and precautions of going online. I do have it connected to my network, however the...
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    Unsolved GTA V Xbox one modding.

    So I am new to the GTA V Xbox modding scene. I just wandered if anybody would be kind and helpful enough to help me out with Charles as the tutorials on YouTube just show you how to do one thing or are outdated and the options that re supposed to come up don’t come up. I would be very great full...
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    Unsolved PSN Timeout out error and connection timeout code 80710007? Please help!

    Please help, I run on CFW 4.81.2 DEX D-REX. I can not connect online or psn I tried the (np) thing in debug settings and changed it and it hasn't worked. When i go to a Connection Test it says Timed out or something like that and gives me the error 80710007, the same goes for psn I try to login...
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    Unsolved Bo2 vantage modding.?

    As many people may already know, xbox one is becoming slightly moddable with cloud save mod tools such as vantage. However, this tool has not been updated in a while and I am being axtious to find out if it has been given up on. But not only this, if we have the power to edit game saves, does...
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    Rocket league Modding

    Just thought I'd open this up since i have yet to see a rocket league mod thread. My main question/ starting point is if it's possible to mod rocket league in a way to earn the items within the game. Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.
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    Solved Help I need these files/Sco’s/Menus for GTA IV iso mods [Xbox 360 ]

    Most of the links to the files I want are dead and I was wondering if anyone can provide me a working link to Evil Blunts Ultimate Funny Car Menu for the original copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 and another thing is I have been looking for modded weapon camouflage skin mods as well...
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    Unsolved Jailbreak superslim

    okay so I basically have a slim its on 4.81 cant be jailbroken (to my knowledge) but i have a superslim that hasnt been updated in 3 years and i wanted to know,is it able to get mod menus for bo2. please tell me
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    Unsolved Help BO2 Mod Menu

    I just purchased a Jailbroken PS3 and the mod menu doesn’t work, Can I get some help with this issue please?
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    Mobile Help modding “Tap Tap Fish” to gain Pearls

    I’ve tried and failed to mod “Tap Tap Fish” for Android. I was able to find a pre-Modded apk for the game, however it doesn’t do what all I’d like it to do as it’s an old version of the game. The old version had the following currency’s Vitality - Earned by tapping, can’t be bought Diamonds...
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    Solved i need help modding i have a jailbroken ps3 , could you guys help or point me in the right directio

    i need help setting up mod menus for online on gta v , io am new to modding rly need help
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