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    Patched GTA 5 Chip's Glitch | Make Billions | WORKS FOR PS4 + XBOX

    Requirements: - DMO Save - Empty crew - CHIPS - Spawn point: motorcycle club house English : Chip Method do the solo SPMP from SHIFTTEAM [/SPOILER] If you are in the MP go to the job for a Titan start the job Change to an SP character Pause menu -> Join crew members -> Accept...
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    Unsolved RGHing an Xbox 360 from scratch

    Hi, I'm looking forward towards modding my old Xbox 360 console which, after doing some research, found out that its a 4gb corona with the latest 17559 dashboard on it. I'm actually a total noob at this however, since my console is kinda old and with the conception that nothing too big is gonna...
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 Modding Service in GTA (Southern Ontario)?

    Hello Everyone, I've been perusing through the forum, and I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this... but I'm not buying/selling/trading, and not posting a tutorial, so I don't know where else to post it? I recently bought myself a 250GB Xbox 360 S (Slim) off of Kijiji for 50 bucks...
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    Discussion Big Update For Modding On Xbox One

    Hello, i found this video that was released for the Xbox one security and how it was done. Tony Shen head Xbox security has proof that hacking the xbox one is possible right at the end of this video he said its something that cant be fixed because its an hardware thing. and with time he said it...
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    Unsolved Real Xecuter CoolRunner Rev. C?

    I see a listing online for a REAL CoolRunner Rev. C but I am still not certain if it is a real one or a clone. Maybe I'm thinking too much cuz even the clones are good. I have only ever bought one Rev. C and i am sure it was a clone. it came in a brown box, unlabeled chip, cheap wires, no...
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    Solved How to mod xbox 360 Falcon in 2019? [noob]

    Hi everybody, I recently bought in discount a phat Xbox 360 and I have identified it as a falcon by following the visual inspection guide. I have never owned an xbox in the past but i have softmodded other consoles such as ps3. I really want to mod my xbox 360 and i have learned by reading...
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    Solved Trinity No Modchip Activity

    Made the mistake of reprogramming the chip while console was plugged in on standby. It is a muffin Install. Chip flashes once when I power it on. Desoldered power and rst wrote stock and get rrod.
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    Solved Xbox with smart xx lt opx won't boot

    I have an old xbox with smart xx lt opx. I believe my motherboard version is 1.0, since the production date is march 2002, and the serial number ends with 03. Reason for modchip install: broken harddisk. I have used the pinheader technique, with 2x6 pins and the one removed. I used the D0...
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    Solved Looking To RGH My Trinity Slim Console

    I was just wondering which chip I should use to RGH my Xbox 360 Slim with a Trinity motherboard. I keep seeing so many articles but they don't answer my question, if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated, thanks anyways, please tell me if you know!
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    Solved Making your own modchip?

    Hey guys, I was thinking if it would be possible to make a modchip with something like a raspberry pi or something like that. I mean, modchips like the Ace V3 are technically Pi's, So would'nt they work almost the same?
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    Solved What dashboard do i have/what chip?

    A few years ago my dad gave me this modded original xbox that he had recieved from his friend, besides looking pretty neat on the outside, it also had tons of xbox games and emulators for NES and SNES and pretty much every game from those consoles. But i was never able to access the settings or...
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    Solved Can anyone help me with my TSOPP modded Xbox?

    I TSOPPED my 1.3 Softmodded, Seagate500GB Pal Crystal Xbox with an Alladin XT Plus 2 Chip and it boots up with Unleash X. I followed this tutorial doing a few things differently since it's not a 1.6: Aswell as the diagrams on the ISO ZONE and i successfully TSOPPED my Xbox but there is one...
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    Solved GTA 5 modding help

    Hi Everyone. Is it possible that someone can please help me. I have an xbox 360 trinity with v1.2 Glitch chip installed (RGH). What is happening is everytime I add Ninja server and want to access the game or program the whole console freezes and when I add a GTA 5 mod menu to one of the...
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    Solved best place to get cr4 and jrpv2

    what is the best website to buy a cr4 and a jrpv2 in Canada i seen alot of sites like the weekend modder but he dont sell chips internationally i was looking for a good and reliable website
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    Solved Modded Xbox Failure

    Hello.. I recently got this modded xbox. The guy I got it from said that it was working fine the last time he used it but it has been stored in his basement for like 7 years.. I dont really have any experience with modded xboxes so i really need your help.. But i read that "error 05" is that the...
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    Solved Best Cheap Mod Chip for Xbox360 Corona ???

    So Far, The only chip I Know about is the X360ACE V3... I AM A N00B TO MODDING !!! I need a Cheap Chip with boot time under a minute. Help Me Out here . I think I have a Corona 4 or something. My Mfr Date is 2011-10-05. I would deeply appreciate your help.
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    Solved Xbox flashing red and green

    Hi, I got an old Xbox 1.6 here and are having some issues trying to get it to boot. It reboots a couple of times and flashes red and green (FRAG) when I turn it on, and no video output is shown on the TV. Here's what I've done to try to troubleshoot the issue: It has a modchip (Xecutor 2.3...
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    Solved R-jtag kits still sold?

    Hi I have a falcon dashboard 17502 looking to rjtag it unless y'all recommend something better for it can't find kits at all
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