Solved  Mod menus for apex PS4??

    Hey I’m new here and was wondering if there are any mod menus available for apex on the PS4 and a walkthrough on how to use it/install it. I’m a noob when it comes to any sort of mod menus I have been in modded lobbies before but as far as having an understanding of how to work a mod menu I have...
  2. S

    Solved  Modded Captures

    Does anyone know how to create a modded capture for ps4 ? I'm trying to make a custom one with rare vehicles such as the snow police car.
  3. H

    Hardware Mods  Where can I find Xbox One S modded shells, fans, etc..?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to do some fun case mods with my Xbox One S but I can't for the life of me find a website for it. I used to mod my 360 back in the day and figured I'd get back into it, the only issue is that all I've been able to find on google are controller shells and cases for the...
  4. XenonXploitorZ

    Unsolved  The JTAG vs RGH freezings/reboots/bugs issues !

    Hello everybody. I have been in the scene since the first liteon drives exploit around 2009 . I have missed the JTAG hack back then with the xenons and the like. I then proceeded to the RGH exploit on my falcon , i have sucessfully installed the chip and got the console fully hacked. I started...
  5. BlastsModz

    Mod Menu  Medaka's C*ck TU24 (Updated for 17559)

    EDIT (11 Dec 2019): Fixed issue with menu not loading on some systems This is the mw3 version of Medaka's C*ck. Updated to work on 17559 :smile: Changelog (11/16/2019): Added VIP menu and moved godmode/ufo in there. Added aimbot, trickshot aimbot. Fixed some bugs. Updated to work on dash 17559...
  6. lotec25

    Unsolved  LED Xbox 360 ROL

    Does anyone know what size the middle led is in the ROL of Xbox Slim that does green/red?. I would like to replace it with the proper LED instead of just putting 2 single 0805's on it. EDIT: If no one knows the number could someone give me the dimensions of the LED in the middle?
  7. piemaster101

    Discussion  Help Converting 'Beyond Reach' for Skyrim on Xbox 360

    Hello everyone! (Sorry if I have posted in the wrong place, since this is my first post - just let me know if there is a problem and I shall move it!) New to the forum, but very interested in modding some new lands mods for the RGH'd Xbox 360! While I'm totally aware that I should probably...
  8. zZDextraEnergyZz

    Tools  Halo Reach - Modded Forge World

    As only people with a modded xbox can go over the forge budget and the actual item limit I really want to ask any modder out there to answer me how it would be possible for me to get a "modded forge map (forge world). Would it be possible for someone to spawn objects like Walls, Cars, light...
  9. mtthewa

    Solved  iFruit & Charles Issues

    I've been using charles for a while now but for some reason, iFruit (I use on my iPhone) keeps crashing when i open the los santos custom section of the app. Sometimes this works and I 'do' one car and come back to do another and it crashes everytime, always at the exact same point. Any help?
  10. L

    Unsolved  Impossible to cheat on dedicated servers?

    Was just wondering is it even possible to cheat on dedicated servers? Lag switching is out of the equation because you have to be host and pulling ips isnt possible without a p2p connection. Jitter mod works but is usually patched in most games. Is cheating on next games dead guys?
  11. KasperZERO

    Game Mods  [Xbox] Play as a Jackal

    These two maps are Xbox cache files assigned to the level Halo (a30). One is playing as a grunt, the other playing as a jackal. The grunt has recharging health and faces respawning enemies. The jackal faces a set amount of enemies and takes body damage. The map itself is Boarding Action - a...
  12. Reflected

    Mw2 Unlock All Lobby

    Reflect's Mw2 Unlock All Lobby's Rules #1 No Killing #2 Dont Spam Me #3 No Yelling Proof My Phone Broke So I Cant Take Solid Proof But i Can Take Screenshots With My RGH If Any Mods Have Any Problems With That Contact Me On Discord I Can Show More Proof
  13. D

    Unsolved  Need some mod advice about getting online

    Okay so I understand there's a 6.50 cfw somewhere that I can't find. I have a PS4 on 6.50. Now I know when you bring them online they ban your MAC address and some how they have hardware coded the MAC? Is that even possible not to hack? For example, is it possible to dual boot a jailbroken...
  14. E

    Solved  RGH MW2 Update (TU9) Problems

    Hey, so im quite new to modding. Everything went fine till the newest MW2 update but now im getting into an update Loop everytime i start the game. It only works for one time when reinstalling mw2 to the rgh but as soon as i close it and open it again it gets me in the update loop again...
  15. BlastsModz

    Mod Menu  Medaka's C*ck TU9 (Updated for 17559)

    EDIT (11 Dec 2019): Fixed issue with menu not loading on some systems Hello all, I am releasing Medaka's C*ck today (yes, the name was a meme but it stuck). Medaka made this menu but never released it and I fixed it up/made it stable. Added some features etc. It has some premium features of...
  16. L

    Unsolved  Dasboard=14699. Should I RGH 1 or RGH 1.2?

    Hi, I just joined to this forum because I have a xbox 360 (phat) with the dashboard version of 14699, its a "Jasper" motherboard. Im here for advise because Im not sure if i should do the RGH 1.0, since I have the correct dashboard version, or update it and instaling a RGH 1.2, or if i should be...
  17. X

    Xbox One  UFC 3 glitches

    Anyone know of any glitches for UFC 3 that are currently working? Trying to get level & gold up.
  18. J

    Solved  RGH Arcade Game Help

    I was looking to download about a 150 Xbox Live Arcade Games, I have the 0000000000/title id/ that I put in the content folder. Once I put them in the content folder, it goes to my games where XeXMenu 1.2 is. I was just wondering if there was a way to put them into XeXMenu 1.2 so I don't have to...


    Credits for: New GC2F Founders: Lost Glitches and ColeHarisson Founders of Merge Speedo: I don't know who are Sorry Founders of this method: Hermanos Games BR, ScArDleX, Shift YTBR (Tutorial) Swap any special...
  20. A

    Unsolved  Mod menu recommendations?

    Hey, so I've just started playing GTA V with a bunch of friends that have had mod menus in the past, so I'm wondering which menu is good. Thanks in advance! I'm just going to use it for money and levels.
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