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  1. jujubee9000

    Question  Help!!! i cant load GTA V eboot.bin inn multiman, all i get is the code looking stuff. im on hen 3.0.0

    When i go into the USRDIR, i see the eboot, no star on it, and i cant use it!!! Help!!! Edit: plz help me its been an entire day, and still no reply.
  2. S

    Question  Help Modding Borderlands 3

    okay I'm trying to mod Borderlands I have this weapon but I liked it so much I want to just make it a higher level I've been looking at videos and stuff I download a cheat engine I'm Borderlands 2 I have did some things where they you change some stuff to attachments and I had like a website all...
  3. Tohzees


    I have a SNES Classic Mini and my son and I have beaten all the games that came on the console. I've seen things about adding games using hackchi. I installed the program, have dumped kernal, added the Roms I have and added them to the console. The games appear on the console as intended, but on...
  4. B

    Solved  Preventing ban on main account by buying second game license and switching socialclub profiles?

    Yesterday I had the most fun I've ever had in years in GTA:Online with a modder. GTA V licenses are only €13 at the moment, so I was thinking whether it would be possible to - Simply buy a new game license - Logout of social club - Log in into social club with the new account (different emails...
  5. logg

    Hardware Mods  wanting to buy a jtag xbox 360

    help a brother out
  6. JoshuaFerns

    Question  RGHing an Xbox 360 from scratch

    Hi, I'm looking forward towards modding my old Xbox 360 console which, after doing some research, found out that its a 4gb corona with the latest 17559 dashboard on it. I'm actually a total noob at this however, since my console is kinda old and with the conception that nothing too big is gonna...
  7. ninjalord

    Tutorial  need 12 people for xp lobby ps4 only

    after we are done do not leave untel we tell you to leave my psn is NewHeart13
  8. M

    Question  BL3 add weapon slot to character?

    Hey! So my game crashed when completing the mission for the last weapon slot unlock... And now I cant have a 4th weapon. I see a few trainers and other mods out there, but I cant tell if they can add a wep slot for you. I remember you could when messing around on the older BL games with editors...
  9. T

    Solved  MW2 crashed by hacker

    Hi guys, so to cut a long story short some need decided to crash my MW2 cause I was beating him. So now my MW2 crashes whenever I load it up in my profile, can a modder (Xbox 360/one) please unfreeze the account for me please and thanks.
  10. T

    Question  Play wager matches (gun game etc.) on rgh Xbox 360 without live?

    Hey, as the title says is there any way to play wager matches on an Xbox 360 RGH console which doesn't have Xboxlive. Are there any mods that allow this etc? Thanks!
  11. trizael

    Question  PS3 Error 80010017 Only On DEX?

    So , i wanted to install a mod menu on GTA V so i changed to DEX , when i did that my game didnt start anymore and it said : '' an error has occurred during start operation (80010017) '' now , i have found what the error is , its something to do with the EBOOT.BIN . But if i change back to CEX...
  12. G

    Question  A new racing game that's being built to specifically support community mods

    Hi guys, There's a game being built called '22 Racing Series' (I'm one of the developers on it) that's being built from the ground up to fully support a modding community and content creator economy. We've been developing all our own game engine tech, game logic, and mod tools for the last 10...
  13. D

    Question  PS3 built into a PC case (Modding Question)

    I am building my old PS3 slim into a PC case that I have bought just for it (DIYPC J180-W). I have almost done all the modding I need for this project such as installing the PS3 motherboard into the case and mounting 2 Deepcool CPU coolers on the CPU and GPU of the PS3. Also installed a GIGABYTE...
  14. F

    Homebrew  Exploit 7. 00 ps4 online

    With this method i can inject bin mod menu on gta 5 offline on 7.00 but only without update so on 1.00
  15. BlastsModz

    Mod Menu  Medaka's C*ck TU17 (Updated for 17559)

    EDIT (11 Dec 2019): Fixed issue with menu not loading on some systems This is the Ghosts version of Medaka's C*ck. Updated to work on 17559 :smile: Changelog (12/27/2019): Fixed force host Changelog (11/16/2019): Added VIP menu and moved godmode/ufo in there. Added aimbot, trickshot aimbot...
  16. Ottocoid

    Question  Modify the MS dashboard (change tile colors, themes)

    Hi, again! I was wondering if I can modify the MS dashboard. Can I change the tile colors. I heard of XUID modifications but I don't know what is it and how to use them. And can I set the white theme to the dashboard without Live?
  17. B

    Question  Mod request for Lonely Mountains: Downhill

    Requesting mod to have the camera follow you after you crash.
  18. G

    Question  Where do singleplayer patch.ff files go?

    I've been playing around with FFCompiler lately on MW2 and I decided to try making some single player patches for COD 4 on PC. On MW2, the patch.ff file I compiled would simply go into the Zone/english folder. But on COD 4, doing the same thing seems to have no effect. I don't think the game is...
  19. Evilinferno2467

    Game Mods  San Andreas mods

    Recently downgraded my San Andreas copy to 1.0 but my question is how u go about adding mods into game with modloader or is it another way

    Solved  Mod menus for apex PS4??

    Hey I’m new here and was wondering if there are any mod menus available for apex on the PS4 and a walkthrough on how to use it/install it. I’m a noob when it comes to any sort of mod menus I have been in modded lobbies before but as far as having an understanding of how to work a mod menu I have...
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