1. Mikeeeyy

    Discussion  Mikeeeyy's Mods Folder Release

    Hey all! Long time no speak! Sorry for not saying bye, I left the WAW modding scene a long time ago without realising! I just did it less and less and inevitably stopped. Anyhow, somebody was talking to me about WAW on Discord the other day and it made me realise I should (should've a long...
  2. peeOnTheCouch

    Unsolved  HELP! Console not booting due to broken CLK pad.

    Hey guys, [DISCLAIMER: This is my first post here, so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong place] Yesterday, my Xbox stopped booting. Upon pressing the power button, the 360 whirrs up and the middle power button light goes up. The LEDs do not spin, indicating it does not boot. Upon opening...
  3. AenocyonDirus

    Solved  PC Players appear as Console Players on lobbies

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know If there is a way to make a PC player appear on lobbies as a console player, I've encontered a lot of players recently that seem to be on console but are using aimbots and wallhacks on console, but not really sure if that is possible. What do you guys know and...
  4. imkira3

    Mod Menu  Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01)

    Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (a.k.a. ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01) was officially released one week prior! (Subscribers get faster updates) This Call of Duty Black Ops zombies mod aims to be a userfriendly and universal...
  5. Insurgency Sandstorm | Checkpoint | ISMCarmory Mod, Supply Point Mod + more | Safehouse (Custom Map)

    Insurgency Sandstorm | Checkpoint | ISMCarmory Mod, Supply Point Mod + more | Safehouse (Custom Map)

    There are a couple mods being loaded but basically this is the ISMC Mod, AllYouCanEat mutator, and smartAI being loaded onto a custom map (SafeHouse) that could be found on the community page. This map is actually super well designed and very nice aesthetically, I suggest putting it in your server.
  6. H

    Game Mods  Original Halo 3 50 Mod Help

    Hi Everyone! I've read a few posts on this site that there's a way to mod someone Halo 3 account to unlock the 50 rank and I was wondering if anyone could do this for me? With the servers shutting down soon the 50 rank is the only thing I was never able to achieve in Halo 3 and it would mean...
  7. O

    Gamesaves  olletnaS's Modded Bloodborne save v1.1 (Read Description)

    First update to my modded characters on Bloodborne. Features such as Blood Gem slots and game difficulty editing have been added along with a larger variety of Modded Gems, Caryll Runes, Weapons, and Armor. This will work Online This can work on all regions, not only US. This will have more...
  8. C

    Unsolved  Rgb Xbox one power button

    So I have someone who is wanting me to make their Xbox one s power button rgb. I know that having a regular rgb led soldered where the original light would be wouldn’t work so what I was thinking was wiring up a led from a strip to turn on whenever the console is on. But I’m having trouble...
  9. guidmk

    Unsolved  Joined hacked lobby on cod 4 (PS3) HELP.

    This is it, i joined a hacked lobby on PS3, 10 prestige, all weapons, but no painting, no attachments, no challenges, my rank is buggy, i can't unlock nothing, need reset to lvl 1, someone can help me please ? Add me on psn (guidmk).
  10. S

    Solved  How to make an Lazer with B11 steering?

    So like most of you know, there are a few Lazers in GTA Online with the race steering of the B11 Strikeforce. Its very usefull in combat and I got hands on one of them myself, but I want to make my own one. So how do you create one? With save editor or other programms? Sorry for my bad english...
  11. S

    Unsolved  how do you install games onto a modded xbox 360?

    I'm trying to install games onto my modded xbox, by inserting the CD then using xex menu to copy all of the files, onto my hard drive, then when I test it by opening the default.xex the game opens then freezes on the opening screen. I'm following all of the tutorials exactly so I'm not sure what...
  12. S

    Unsolved  can any one help me with unfreezing my classes on BO2 please? i can’t play! thanks

    can any one help me with unfreezing my classes on BO2 please? i can’t play! thanks
  13. O

    Unsolved  Xbox live problems

    Ok so I recently bought a rgh. I played for a couple of days and when I went to log in I seen that I had gotten banned. So I put a new kv on it and tried to play and now it won't connect to xbox live. Itll connect to the network and the internet but not xbox live. I've tried everything that I...
  14. D

    Discussion  Looking for a Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) PC Azza/Trickshot Mod Menu (.GSC)

    Title says it all; I can't find a .GSC azza/trickshot menu for PC MW3 (IW5 specifically). Seen a lot of console-based menus and a lot of GSCRs, but you can't inject GSCRs on plutonium. Thank you!
  15. R

    Gamesaves  Generation Zero Save files, mods, support, anything.

    Hello I am wondering if anyone with some smarts can help me mod my gen zero save. i have tried doing it on my own with deca gui hex editor but cant get it to work. I can give you my save . Thank you in advance! Also if you have a modded save I can resign it to my profile.
  16. GOD7917

    [PC] [OFFLINE] .GTA5 money drops/ 2.5k bags/ Safe/ Fast Accept

    Status: OFFLINE How to join: 1. You need to reply with "I accept the rules" + Your username 2. Then add my username: MatyT_123 3. Once I accept your friend request join me Rules: 1. Don't steal other people's bags 2. Don't talk about the money drop in the chat in any way 3. Stay in passive...
  17. M

    Solved  menu not showing up

    someone please help me, i just bought the lifetime honeyhack mod menu and installed it successfully but wheni go in game for e.g zombie solo i cant get the mod menu to open and i press the ins key.
  18. A

    [ONLINE] [GTAV ONLINE] 2.5K $ BAGS l Free Money Drop Lobbys - [ONLY PC]

    Welcome to my page ! This is a big opputunity for you to get rich so don't miss it! STATUS : ONLINE HIGH QUALITY CHEAT WITH NO RISKS HOW TO JOIN 1. You need to reply on this thread with : ``I accepted all the rules`` + your game username and add me afterwards. 2. My username is: Alecs321 3...
  19. AceMods1

    ⚡GTA V Money Drop| PC | Ace Fast money drops + Rp Drops | SAFE ⚡

    MODDED LOBBY: ONLINE How to Join: 1. Add my social club: AceMods1 2. Add a reply to this thread saying "Done" with your Social club name. 3. Join my lobby Rules: 1. Do not spend money in the lobby 2. Do not kill other people 3. Do not bring cops, it will cause lag 4. Do not bring heaps of cars...
  20. G

    xbox 360 s 2010 mod

    need help on xbox 250gb 360 s 2010 -10-22 ,new to this game trying to work out if its trinity or not and if its a console that can be done thanks
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