1. Anthony Araujo

    Solved  Black Ops 2 Custom Mod Menu (Xbox 360)

    I would like for someone to make me a custom Mod menu for Black Ops 2 (Xbox 360). Contact me on skype so we can make a deal. Skype: AnthonyAraujo10.
  2. J

    Solved  Controller won't start up after take apart

    I took apart my controller to switch the LED and long story short I burnt the pads off but I got the LED on by making leads from the led to the little black dot that I scraped at. Anyways now it won't start up with batteries or a cord and solutions?
  3. toofaces2


    ___________________________________________________________________ Screenshot's ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Download // Virus Scan...
  4. D

    AQ is Recruiting MSG xQBS

    yo guy Dzyns AQ come and join
  5. D

    Solved  Gta 5 is their any hacks or mods for xbox one?

    Is their any sort of hacks or mods for gta5 for xbox one? I've never hacked before and don't know much technicaly about this kind of stuff. Can it happen and if it can who can tell a pure tech retard how to do it.
  6. toofaces2

    [REL] Buzzard Turbo Modus + Explosive Bullets

    PC|XBOX|PS3 BUZZARD TURBO MODUS with 4x Line and 2 Line is Explosive unstoppable Works with any Vehicles [Activate the Mod & Press (X) / (A) Button for Shot] Download // Virus Scan Credit: Blender88,Toofaces2,BLOODY Do not Release it without my Permission!
  7. InnocentSet

    Xbox 360  [Tut] How to mod Dark Souls

    Now I know that a lot of people don't really play this game for whatever reason, but I have decided to make a tutorial on how to give yourself almost any item possible in the game. This tutorial is for the use of a USB. Transfer cable is kinda old fashion now :tongue:. Credits are at the bottom...
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