1. S

    Unsolved  Character mods?

    I recently found a mod for Mortal Kombat (2011) on the RGH XBOX 360 that unlocks Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn as playable characters. The mod works normally, with the obvious exception of being unable to use the characters in fatality tutorial mode. Other than that, they work like all the others...
  2. H

    Unsolved  Can someone please de rank me on world at war (PS3)?

    So I play world at war regularly on PS3. A couple of years back, a modder joined a lobby I was in and upgraded me to max prestige which froze my ability to unlock weapon attachments. Please could anyone who has a mod menu installed be so kind as to invite me to a game and fix my issue? It has...
  3. C

    Multi-COD Lobbies | Old Gen | Xbox | OPEN

    Colt's Multi-COD Services | Old Gen Bringing back COD nostalgia >INSTRUCTIONS< Post what you want hosted, and the game and I'll get to it as quick as I can *How to join my session* 1. Send private chat to my GT: 2. View my profile & join my session from there when AVAILABLE! 3. Depending on...
  4. I

    Solved  Sonic's

    Hi, Does anyone have the GDP file for this game? It's called 53450810.GPD You'd make my day if you could share
  5. TrynCatchMe

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] Project TCM V15 | Stats | Unique | Huge | Best Lobby Mods/Xbox

    If you guys need anymore details lmk
  6. E

    Unsolved  Multiplayer screen loading over and over again.. Can anyone reset my account??

    Hey! can anyone reset my account so i can actually play multiplayer again?! rebought the game for xbox one and saw the glitch is still stuck on my account and i can’t play. someone please help!!
  7. mxvzs

    Unsolved  Gamerscore modding w/ Velocity

    Hello everyone, I have been using Velocity (for a few months now) only to mod some achievements that are unobtainable as of today due to server closures because I hate not 100% games. I was obviously very cautious with that, only unlocking around 20 achievements every 2-3 weeks and changing the...
  8. F

    Discussion  Xbox [One, series X] Free Games ?

    Let me explain, I recently lost an account with all my games and I can't access all my games on my console (with internet). However, when I disconnect I can play the games as if I had them. So here is a possible method to get free games: Step 1 find the roms of the games which may be possible by...
  9. I

    Unsolved  Halo Reach XEX Question

    Hey all. I've had an RGH system for quite a while now. I have an expensive lifetime stealth server that I have used for years now so I like to play games online with my other RGH buddies. However, I am running into a pretty big issue with Halo Reach. I was able to find an entire modded version...
  10. S

    Unsolved  360 suddenly showing internal storage device as unformatted

    today i was trying to install a game and download covers from it through the aurora dashboard.. at some point the console froze up and i tried to force restart by pressing the touchpad and it straight took me to original xbox home menu and upon checking internal hdd it shows unformatted and...
  11. S

    Support  XboxOne external HD reading help request

    So I'm trying to force my homie's xbox one to accept some mods that hopefully we'll be able to play via crossplay. I'm a total newbie to anything xbox though. He passed me his external with the game on it (and like 1TB of other stuff), and after spending a few hours getting around microsoft's...
  12. Snake

    Tutorial  Dying Light 1337 HaX0r Course | Beginner Level Modding and File extraction

    This is part one to give you somewhat of a backround when it comes to modding these games. It can be a somewhat meticulus process having to manually edit all these files but I'm actually working on a program right now that makes the edits for you in a simplified GUI for the most popular items...
  13. M

    Unsolved  Halo MCC, Halo 5 & Halo Wars 2 Xbox one achievement modd

    Hello! Is anyone able to help mod the achievements of a few halo games for me? Mainly for Halo MCC, Halo wars 2 and Halo 5 on Xbox one. I am able to mod Xbox 360 games but in able to mod Xbox one 😭 I mainly want Halo MCC achievements to be modded if I could only choose 1 Thanks!
  14. Freeballin' NO DRAWERS | tactical slayer gameplay | "going commando"

    Freeballin' NO DRAWERS | tactical slayer gameplay | "going commando"

    yes you read correctly i forgot to wear boxers this match so we are going all natural, freeballing for the whole match. watch as my massive virtual peen swings like a pendulum exterminating the entire enemy team. thanks for watching! hmu if u wanna play sometime ;)
  15. AnonymousGentleman

    Unsolved  GTAIV modified common.rpf with a modded script & network.img causes game to crash. Menus work perfectly okay with Xbox360.rpf though.

    Alright, I'm unsure if anyone else goes through this problem; it seems to me that a modded common.rpf will conflicts with modded script imgs aka mod menus, causing the game to crash/freeze. When I replace the Xbox360.rpf with a modded 1, the game still works with the modded script imgs but...
  16. S

    Game Mods  Custom GUI Mod

    what to pass to the constructor in the super inheritor of Screen? So far a stub is passed there. Also, another problem is that I inherited from InventoryScreen, so that when you open the inventory displayed inventory with a button. But the inventory stopped responding to moving items. That is...
  17. Missingside

    Discussion Tutorial  Does anyone know if there’s a mod for playing as the Joker in Arkham city or even if I could get a mesh mod to work on a RGH/JTAG XBOX-360 ISO file?

    I would really like to know if it’s possible or not Thank you.
  18. zulll

    Solved  There's no Hidden Content folder on my External Hard Drive

    so i was jtagging my xbox, and when i plugged my external hdd into my computer I can't seem to find the Hidden "Content" folder that i need to jtag my xbox. Instead, a folder named "Xbox 360" came up instead when i turn on the "Hidden items" on the view settings. Can anyone help?
  19. alanschlieper

    Support  HELP - Crafting Requirements Allows List

    I need some help from some of the expert modders out there. I'm not sure if what I want to do is actually possible, or just not obvious. I'm working on a mod that overhauls the crafting/scrapping recipes in Fallout 4, to try to fix some of the dumb****ery that comes with the game out of the box...
  20. Ready or Not | Kimber M45, Gold Glock 19, ACR, Honey Badger and more! | DevClub

    Ready or Not | Kimber M45, Gold Glock 19, ACR, Honey Badger and more! | DevClub

    Plenty of mods for critically acclaimed early access title, Ready or Not. in this video i showcase some of my personal favorites that don't have any conflicts. Lots of custom guns, attachments and some clips from custom maps as well! Enjoy, and PM me for questions/how to do this.
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