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    Solved Impaler Shield with different elements?

    Hi everyone :smile: I was wondering if anyone here knows how to create or mod an impaler shield in order to change its element, for example an impaler that gives you shock resistance and deals shock damage to melee attackers and shoots shock darts to gunners. (yes, I would love to have a shock...
  2. F

    Unsolved Arena Master and Calling Cards

    Is there any way to copy the Arena Master Rank Icon and collect all Arena Calling Cards onto my account?
  3. L

    Tools Halo All In One TOOL

    I post my new tool for halo reach, it only includes exclusive options, shady mods to crack my tool and it is to appropriate my options, so I prefer to share it sorry if my english is bad, i m french good game <3...
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    Unsolved GTA V How to create or edit a mod menu?

    Does anyone know where I can find out how to edit a gta v mod menu or make my own? I understand the basics of C# and C++.
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    PC [FR / ENG] GTA V HACK | Money Drop Free | OPEN JOIN NOW

    Welcome to HackModsFr We make drop money free !🤟 How you join ? To join just add ISkyOneMods or TwaaRzTv, we are two modders, you can add both to have more chance to join because a session fills up very quickly. What menu do we use ? We use Impsule Rules - To be peacefull to avoid...
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    [STATUS: 🔴][💻] 🐻's Money Drops

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    Discussion Gta 5 mod menu online

    So basically I was playing gta 5 online yesterday and I stg no joke I was in a modded lobby there was a hot wheels race track in the sky and containers all over the roads and just **** you would see in modded lobbies so technically it is possible and I haven’t figured out how yet but if someone...
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    Solved How rare is a modded (merged) half-track?

    After hours of using the party bus method, and falling under the map countless times, I finally got the vehicles positioned in a way that I could teleport into the half trackand make a half track with bennys wheels, unscratched paint, and candy canes livery. Won’t let me upload an imgur photo...
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 model 1439

    I want to JTAG or RGH my console. I don’t know how to mod it but if I knew how to I could easily do it. I want to k ow if my console is able to be modified in any way, and if it is possible, the steps to do so.
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    Unsolved Mod gamescore (xbox 360) in 2020

    Hello guys, i want to add some gamescore to my account on xbox 360. In 2017 i logged for the first time in live with 20 000 of gamescore and now i want to add more 40 000. This new 40 000 have some modded gamescore and around 25 000 legit (my xbox 360 dont connect). My question is, can i upload...
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    Unsolved Is this even possible?

    Heyo, I was messing around with an OG Xbox game called Phantom Dust. Finding the ISO online I manged to extract the games files to my computer. I was wondering (if it is even possible) to get a map editor up and running for the games maps. Each map consists of an .alr and .dat file. I know I'm...
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    Unsolved GTA V Timed Out Session

    Can anyone help me? A modder made it so I can’t access my account anymore online for the PS3 and it’s been like this for months. I don’t wanna reset and lose all my stuff either. Ty ID:emilym5454
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    Solved Is There A Mod Menu on the PS4 Now?

    Crazy **** going on lately... It happened in two different lobbies yesterday. First time there were black domed walls spawning all around me (other players were complaining about it too) so after a few mins of not being able to go anywhere I left the lobby. Then last night it happened again...
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    Unsolved Help!!! i cant load GTA V eboot.bin inn multiman, all i get is the code looking stuff. im on hen 3.0.0

    When i go into the USRDIR, i see the eboot, no star on it, and i cant use it!!! Help!!! Edit: plz help me its been an entire day, and still no reply.
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    Unsolved Help Modding Borderlands 3

    okay I'm trying to mod Borderlands I have this weapon but I liked it so much I want to just make it a higher level I've been looking at videos and stuff I download a cheat engine I'm Borderlands 2 I have did some things where they you change some stuff to attachments and I had like a website all...
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    I have a SNES Classic Mini and my son and I have beaten all the games that came on the console. I've seen things about adding games using hackchi. I installed the program, have dumped kernal, added the Roms I have and added them to the console. The games appear on the console as intended, but on...
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    Solved Preventing ban on main account by buying second game license and switching socialclub profiles?

    Yesterday I had the most fun I've ever had in years in GTA:Online with a modder. GTA V licenses are only €13 at the moment, so I was thinking whether it would be possible to - Simply buy a new game license - Logout of social club - Log in into social club with the new account (different emails...
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    Hardware Mods wanting to buy a jtag xbox 360

    help a brother out
  19. J

    Unsolved RGHing an Xbox 360 from scratch

    Hi, I'm looking forward towards modding my old Xbox 360 console which, after doing some research, found out that its a 4gb corona with the latest 17559 dashboard on it. I'm actually a total noob at this however, since my console is kinda old and with the conception that nothing too big is gonna...
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    Tutorial need 12 people for xp lobby ps4 only

    after we are done do not leave untel we tell you to leave my psn is NewHeart13
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