1. Freeballin' NO DRAWERS | tactical slayer gameplay | "going commando"

    Freeballin' NO DRAWERS | tactical slayer gameplay | "going commando"

    yes you read correctly i forgot to wear boxers this match so we are going all natural, freeballing for the whole match. watch as my massive virtual peen swings like a pendulum exterminating the entire enemy team. thanks for watching! hmu if u wanna play sometime ;)
  2. AnonymousGentleman

    Unsolved  GTAIV modified common.rpf with a modded script & network.img causes game to crash. Menus work perfectly okay with Xbox360.rpf though.

    Alright, I'm unsure if anyone else goes through this problem; it seems to me that a modded common.rpf will conflicts with modded script imgs aka mod menus, causing the game to crash/freeze. When I replace the Xbox360.rpf with a modded 1, the game still works with the modded script imgs but...
  3. S

    Game Mods  Custom GUI Mod

    what to pass to the constructor in the super inheritor of Screen? So far a stub is passed there. Also, another problem is that I inherited from InventoryScreen, so that when you open the inventory displayed inventory with a button. But the inventory stopped responding to moving items. That is...
  4. Missingside

    Discussion Tutorial  Does anyone know if there’s a mod for playing as the Joker in Arkham city or even if I could get a mesh mod to work on a RGH/JTAG XBOX-360 ISO file?

    I would really like to know if it’s possible or not Thank you.
  5. zulll

    Solved  There's no Hidden Content folder on my External Hard Drive

    so i was jtagging my xbox, and when i plugged my external hdd into my computer I can't seem to find the Hidden "Content" folder that i need to jtag my xbox. Instead, a folder named "Xbox 360" came up instead when i turn on the "Hidden items" on the view settings. Can anyone help?
  6. alanschlieper

    Support  HELP - Crafting Requirements Allows List

    I need some help from some of the expert modders out there. I'm not sure if what I want to do is actually possible, or just not obvious. I'm working on a mod that overhauls the crafting/scrapping recipes in Fallout 4, to try to fix some of the dumb****ery that comes with the game out of the box...
  7. Ready or Not | Kimber M45, Gold Glock 19, ACR, Honey Badger and more! | DevClub

    Ready or Not | Kimber M45, Gold Glock 19, ACR, Honey Badger and more! | DevClub

    Plenty of mods for critically acclaimed early access title, Ready or Not. in this video i showcase some of my personal favorites that don't have any conflicts. Lots of custom guns, attachments and some clips from custom maps as well! Enjoy, and PM me for questions/how to do this.
  8. P

    Unsolved  I need a GTA V mod menu for TU 27

    Hey, I’ve been trying to find a mod menu for TU 27, the catch here is that I’m messing with emulation using Xenia, the X360 emulator, and I need a simple mod menu for single player that either requires modding the game’s files or comes in the form of a TU. Those separate .xex mod menus that come...
  9. BattleBit Remastered (Playtest) | Rush 128 player server! | DRIP STAR LIVE

    BattleBit Remastered (Playtest) | Rush 128 player server! | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Keep your eyes open for the ALL NEW BattleBit Remastered playtest set to release April 8th 2022! The servers will be online until April 10th, 2022 and will feature a whole host of new updates, maps, guns and the like! Remember to wishlist the game and don't forget to like and subscribe!
  10. T

    Unsolved  GTA IV ISO Disk Mod menu - terrible lag and map rendering - Need advice.

    Really need some advice. (Xb360 - Major Distribution 13) I’ve successfully hotswapped and installed my Iso disk, but I’m plagued with low FPS/nasty lag and rendering issues across the map whilst in free mode, i’m usually stuck around 16-20 fps and crash often, I can simply spawn into the free...
  11. Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    I've included several immersion mods as well as re works to the games FX system, making explosions more realistic (HDR bloom) and higher res as well as new updated particle effects. Also removed those cartoonish orbs that plop out of the demons to replenish ammo/shields/health and replace them.
  12. Exploration Mod w/ Super Survivor Sense by Snake! | Dying Light 2

    Exploration Mod w/ Super Survivor Sense by Snake! | Dying Light 2

    Hey everyone, here's an update on the mod ive been building for dying light 2 that includes my super survivor sense (lets you see enemies, secrets, traps, doors everything pretty much) that has a functional radius of around 175m! I'm making this mod for everyone wanting to get those secrets easier.
  13. Snake

    Game Mods  7s Community Mod Pack! + Requests | DOOM Revived build 0.91 | NOW w/ DEV MODE BYPASS

    sup everyone, i been farting around with doom 2016 mods and got tired of all the mods conflicts whenever i wanted to try a new weapon mod or skin mod so I've decided to compile my personal favorite selection of the best mods that bring new life into DOOM 2016! I've packed most of the mods into...
  14. Z

    Unsolved  how to make ai follow you

    does anyone know how to script Ai to follow you in halo ce using steam mod tools. I've added the scripts (ai_follow_target_player <ai>) and compiled it and it's still not working I've been trying for 6 days now and I'm new to modding if anyone is willing to assist It'd be greatly appreciated...
  15. ElHaveCito

    Tutorial  [Black ops 3] How to set up zm/mp camos, gubblegums, reticles and more Xbox 360 (NO JTAG/RGH)

    No need jtag or rgh, this are usb mods can be used offline or in lan with xkai for example, since we dont know how to mod online without rgh or jtag. First of all, this is discovered thanks to this guide, for those just dont want to modify files and investigate more around what we can change...
  16. shrek2onDVD

    boosting lobbys Vanguard (LOOKING FOR)

    does anyone know of or doing modded bot lobbys or anything of the sort got one weapon challenge to do and i feel like putting my sack through a cheese grater i also believe my hair is falling out help would be greatly appreciated shrek 2 on DVD#5068244
  17. G

    Unsolved  H3 50 general mod

    Hello. A few years ago I had someone help me mod my 50. In game it would say highest skill rank 50, but it wouldn’t give me a 50 In a playlist. On halowaypoint it would say 50 general grade 3, but now when they updated halowaypoint it says lvl 50 and highest rank recruit even though I have 2800...
  18. O

    Boosted lobbies

    Hey everybody, I’m hosting boosting lobbies for cheap in payday 2. Guaranteed Infamy as much as you want. Just shoot me a message or reply on this thread and I’ll be happy to help you out!
  19. Cyberpunk 2077 | custom Luxury Highrise Mod + NPC and Vehicle Mod menu with god mode + a lot more | Working 2021!

    Cyberpunk 2077 | custom Luxury Highrise Mod + NPC and Vehicle Mod menu with god mode + a lot more | Working 2021!

    This showcases several different mods the main one being a custom 100 percent made from scratch luxury apartment situated in Japantown! You need a couple of prerequisite mods to get it working. you first need Cyber Engine Tweaks, then you install the appearance mod menu, objSpawner and Teleport mods
  20. ElfyBoy

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 S RGH console won't boot, only fan spinning

    when i turned on my xbox a few days ago, the green light turned on, but it wasn't booting. only the fan was spinning and the RGH beep would not happen, or it was only once or 10 secs. plus my power brick does a really loud noise for a few secs my tv is turned on and its on the HDMI3 input (my...
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