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    Unsolved Minecraft tu70 mod menu or trainer

    Are there any menus or trainers for Minecraft tu70 on a jtag?
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    PC | Bruma's PC Modded Lobby | Money Drops, Car Spawns, Car Customization & More!

    Status: Open Next Drop: TBD Features: 1. Money Drops 2. Vehicle Spawns & Customizations How to Join: 1. Read and understand the rules for the lobbies. 2. Add Forever_Winter on Social Club. 3. Once your friend request is accepted, wait for your invitation. 4. Upon completion of your visit in...
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    Unsolved PS3 Error 80010017 Only On DEX?

    So , i wanted to install a mod menu on GTA V so i changed to DEX , when i did that my game didnt start anymore and it said : '' an error has occurred during start operation (80010017) '' now , i have found what the error is , its something to do with the EBOOT.BIN . But if i change back to CEX...
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    Unsolved How would i make a non host SPRX menu for MW2?

    Don't want to be memed, but I really want to learn how to make a MW2 non host sprx menu with auth and everything. i cant find any tutorials on youtube or google, so would anyone like to help me and tell me what programs id need? thanks
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    Unsolved GTA 5 plugin xbox 360 jtag crashing

    Hello, I have one problem, Xbox 360(jtag) crashes when I start gta 5 with mod menu installed in plugins, why it happens every time ? I have installed all right Is here some fix for it ? Help me please ! Thanks !
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    GTA 5 xbox 360 jtag crashing

    Hello, I have one problem, Xbox 360(jtag) crashes when I start gta 5 with mod menu installed in plugins, why it happens every time ? I have installed all right Is here some fix for it ? Help me please ! Thanks !
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    Solved Mod menus for apex PS4??

    Hey I’m new here and was wondering if there are any mod menus available for apex on the PS4 and a walkthrough on how to use it/install it. I’m a noob when it comes to any sort of mod menus I have been in modded lobbies before but as far as having an understanding of how to work a mod menu I have...
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    Mod Menu COD4 TU4 ItzJxshDzn's Private GSC Mod Menu Release

    Releasing My Mod Menu I Created For COD4 TU4 Its Not The Biggest Menu As I Will State Believe Me Or Not This Is My First COD4 Menu Ever Im Familier With GSC From BO2 As Ive Created Menu's For PS3 Smokey xKoVx - Menu Base Ghostfacekillr74 - Zones M1014 - Zones se7ensins - Functions...
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    Unsolved GSC Mod Menu Help (BO2)

    I'm new to coding and creating my first GSC menu. What I would like to ask is...does anyone know how to make your Menu Title spin? Like the text/number scramble effect? I've seen codes for spintext etc..but this is for displaying messages in-game? Thanks for any help.
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    Solved Mod menus for single player campaign

    Is there any mod menus for single player campaign? Every mod menu I've found and loaded up only works for zombies. I'm running Jasper RGH btw. I just want to play through the campaign again and screw around but have been having a very hard time. On TU7 too also. Cant even find a trainer that'll...
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    Unsolved GTA V Unable to load saved data character 1

    I recently installed HFW on my 4.85 and i installed a mod menu for gta and it worked, also for online. But today i tried playing online again and nothing worked anymore. Can anyone help?
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    Unsolved I need a tutorial to StoreText(menu, title) GSC

    I need someone to explain me how to add in StoreText(menu, title) a own Menu title , when i ever do that it freezes my console by opening my Menu ;c
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    Unsolved Power GTA V Mod Menu Legit

    Does someone know the Power GTA V Mod Menu is it legit ore is that a scam?
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    Solved I want to use mods on bo2, But i can not (RGH)

    I bought a xbox 360 recently and did the unlocking rgh, I was trying to use mods in the call of duty: Black Ops 2, but I watched many videos and I did not. in the videos I watched the staff took a file and put it inside the folder "raw, maps, ..., mp, _name.gsc." but it did not work, I watched a...
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    Unsolved Is there a ps3 gta 5 modloader for cex?

    I have recently jailbroken my ps3 with PS3HEN and I have converted my gta to bless.I’m looking for a mod menu but all the mod loaders I tried it only works on dex systems. So is there any good gta 5 mod loaders that work on cex systems? (I need update.rpf or a eboot.bin)
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    PC Far Cry 5 MenuMods

    Are there any real Mod Menus out for Far Cry 5 for the PC Version? I've looked online but can't seem to find anything that is real only fake ones or just SPAM on Google
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    Unsolved New to modding, need help understanding

    hi all, I've gotten fed up looking for useless tutorials on this stuff so I figured to finally start posting here. I've just recently jailbroke my PS3 with rebug CEX and I do have multiman installed, I was wondering what the process is to get a mod menu installed? and if there already is a very...
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    Unsolved Predator menu p_key error?

    Hi all, I'm trying the predator mod menu (for PC), but for some reason when I go to open the menu (with gta V running, not online) it it's giving me a can't find p_key error? Has anyone else had this/found a fix for it? Thanks! Nari
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    DodgeBall Game Mode Final Beta Preview!

    Hello guys its been a while since i posted a video of my game mode but here is the final beta preview! ill be posting updates everytime i can since my work/wife get me busy (a lot) so yeah just to mention the map edit was made by FutureOps (TU6) and i just port it to tu8 :) when will be release...
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    Pestilence modding team Mod Menu infections WaW

    I will be hosting WaW infections for a little while Gamertag: Standbysleet Send me a message and I will invite you, back out go to split screen and start it, after that join back and then I will start the game. It’s important to spectate me during the infection to make sure you receive the menu...
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