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    Solved Any black ops 2 USB mod menus for single player?

    Hey, I was wondering if there was any USB mods for mod menus for single player on Xbox 360, and no I don't mean the single player game saves where you have god mode, I'm talking about an actual singleplayer/zombies mod menu.
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    Solved I'm a complete noob

    So I'm a complete noob and have no idea really what I'm doing but I want to try to run a mod menu on bo2 so I need help modding my 360 and whatever else is necessary like I said I'm clueless any help is much appreciated
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    Epix_Modding Free Cashdrop Lobbies

    EPIXMODDING FREE CASHDROP LOBBIES -I decided to create this due to the fact most of my subscribers are "hungry" for some cash.- STATUS: (OFFLINE) WILL BE ONLINE IN 1 HOUR HOW DO GET INTO THE LOBBIES
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    Solved Developing an .XEX (Need I/O Help)

    I'm developing an .XEX that needs to be able I/O (RAM) Game Memory. (like an .xex modmenu so-to-speak) [SOLVED]- I don't know if this has been done or not, but if someone has any idea's on how to I/O to a game's memory via JUST an .xex (rather than JRPC/XRPC/etc)... I have a good idea how to do...
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    [REL] Special Godmode! (BETA)

    THIS IS NOT THE NORMAL GODMODE! Hello Guys, This is a really simple but funny mod. I hope you will like this mod and have alot fun with it. How to use: -Disable the real godmode(this is important for this to work!) -then enable this mod -you will now have godmode but when there for example is...
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    Hosting waw ISO zombie mods Project X 2.0

    I'm hosting project x 2.0 lobby's will go for 5 minutes please wait your turn and please do not spam please post legit when in the lobby GT:its nieve
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    Unsolved help for noob jailbreak ps3 r

    Hi there im looking for any help and advice please as i think upon whether to invest in Ps3 jailbreak via trusted seller on ebay to play gtav online. The main issues i feel i may stumble upon are possible need for console firmware updates ie: is it easy to source reliable firmware updates and...
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    INFECT LOBBY[xKoVx v8.5]

    Im Infecting You Guys With xKoVx v8.5 Multiplayer ModMenu! STATUS-[Closed]Be Back In 5min!! RULES-1.Not Telling Me What To Do! GAMERTAG-iiPanda xKoVx (Join me back out go splitscreen start match joinback and wait for me to start it!) POST LEGIT ONCE IN!:) Right Dpad To Open
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    Help me buy kvs! happy: Donate to: [email protected] IF MY FRIENDS LIST IS FULL PRIVATE CHAT ME STOP ASKING FOR INVITES STATUS: CLOSED Gamertag: proof = SUPERMAN LOBBY
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    ★[✔Fleetizaboss]★ GTA V Cash Drop Lobbies 100% FREE! Awesome Mods &Dropping Millions★[✔CLOSED]★

    How to get in: post your gamertag below then wait patiently for a invite to my invite only session Proof: Rules: • Rules • 1. No Friend Requests! 2. Do Not Spam! 3. Do Not Steal Other Peoples Money! 4. No Shooting Other Players! 5. Do Not Invite Any Friends! 6. After you get the Money you...
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    Mod Menu GTA: Online Online Bypass 1.31 WIP | Mod Menu Mega Thread | Info Thread

    Bypass updated as of September 18th Simple Trainer V2.1 kr0wns 2.1...
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    Mod Menu [REL] XMC ModMenu v6.0 Final - IV/EFLC

    V6.0 Final! Keep in mind, this is just a .5 (5 sub-versions) after v5.5.Farewell GTA IV Community - Emman This menu includes a 18 slot mod loader. Name them xmc1.sco - xmc18.sco LB + RB or L1 + R1 for IV/TBOGT Download - Everyone (Private version) Virus Scan Download - Admin (Will ONLY work...
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    Mod Menu Recovery Tools + Mod Menus [TU18]

    Thread includes TU18 Recovery Tools, Modding Tools, Iron Wolfv2, .gsc Mod Menus. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] If you have any questions feel free to pm me. :thumbsup:
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    [Staff Hosted]All Client Mod Menu | Fix Your Frozen Account | Unlock All | Infections

    Contact me >Click Me To Contact Sombra<
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    Game Mods Latest Modifications for Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City ツ

    Grand theft Auto IV & Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City Script Modifications (script_network's/script's/protections) Major Distribution V13.2 Menu by Knife Protection & Personal Utilities V8.0 by IIV NATHAN VII GTA IV Destroyer V4.5 by Knife GLITCHINNG V8.1 Menu by...
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