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  1. XeXBeatz

    Modded Lobby / MW2 / Gun Game / Zombies / Mod Menu / GSC / All CoHost

    XeXBeatz Modded Lobby STATUS = OPEN Menu = Zodiac...
  2. imkira3

    Mod Menu  Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01)

    Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (a.k.a. ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01) was officially released one week prior! (Subscribers get faster updates) This Call of Duty Black Ops zombies mod aims to be a userfriendly and universal...
  3. zebleer

    Paid Service  Call of Duty Cheats - Vanguard Beta Hack | Warzone Cheat | Cold War Cheats | ESP | Aimbot | Radar | Multiplayer | Zombies | Stream Safe

    COD Vanguard cheat done. Hacked in beta. Ready for use in beta. Will be ready for use on game launch too or your money back (both working & undetected guaranteed). Pre-orders open. Lifetime only. 100 EUR off for pre-orders. After game launch lifetime will be 250 EUR not 150 EUR. The Phantom...
  4. D

    Unsolved  Trying to load mod menus causes my game to crash

    I have this issue with Black Ops II on Steam and Plutonium where whenever I try and use a mod menu, my game crashes with an error code. With the Steam version, I'm trying to use Black Ops II GSC Studio and with Plutonium I'm of course using the "t6r" folder method. The game always crashes with...
  5. I

    Solved  Mod menus on virtual machines?

    Anyone know of any mod menus that work on virtual machines besides 2take1? Preferably free? I play on cloud computers which makes it impossible to run kiddion's or most paid menus. They don't have to be good or have lots of features, anything is better than nothing.
  6. PhoenlxRC

    Unsolved  Help: how can I load images on-screen with a SPRX plugin?

    so just like the title says, assuming I was to load a menu of different sizes using tiles(the same way the game loads GUIs), and loading the .png images as the tiles, I was wondering how I would go about rendering images. assuming I know where the tile textures are located.
  7. nicholasbroo

    Mod Menu  [Preview] Blue Sky 4.5 (For TU9)

    Firstly, I would like to thank the following people who made this menu for MW2. Credit / Greets to the following people: Twain TreyZ1337 nicholasbroo (myself for updating each particular function). Original post for Tu8...
  8. S

    Support  what am I supposed to do after modding my Xbox?

    I've recently started learning how to mod X-box's, and I've just finished modding my xbox trinity slim, with a jr-programer. and everything went smoothly, I was actually surprised because i've never soldered before. but anyways I finished it up and hooked it up, and it turns on to the blue xell...
  9. T

    Unsolved  Any Mod Menu for 1.00 GTA V offline PS4 7.51

    New to the group, was looking to see if anybody has come across a way to add mod menu to offline gta 1.00 for ps4 running on 7.51 any help is appreciated.
  10. M

    Unsolved  How can I make a mod menu for any game on ps3?

    How can I make a mod menu for any game on ps3? I already know how to code a GTA 5 sprx mod menu in c++ and make mod loaders, scripts, sprx, and have much experience with C++. I wanted to know how could I code my own mod menu on any game I want on ps3 such as dead rising 2 games? where could I...
  11. WILSON3000

    Unsolved  Please Help - Back On JB Scene But Mod Menu Files Are Now Different?

    Ok so I’m back on my ps3 job after around 7 years. I have managed to get it all updated & signed online lastnight. Now back in the day it was simple “patch.mff” replacement or whatever they was called but now I’m seeing patches with names like “tu8-9” & when I download they all have like 4-5...
  12. I

    Unsolved  GTA V Extortion Problem!

    Hello fellow modders, I have a few questions I’m hoping you all could answer in regards to me trying to mod GTA V. First off I’m have 2 PS3’s both running FERROX 4.87 CEX CFW. One of them is console banned (yet to get a new CID) and the 2nd one gets online fine! Originally back at the...
  13. bez76

    Solved  Beginner needs GTA5 RGH Mod menus and real cars??

    Hi there and good evening to you all. Could some place help me with a question I have regarding modding GTA5. I'm completely new to all of this and have yet to find an exact answer. My only wish is to play GTA5 and drive real cars, such as Deloreans, Dodges, Ferraris etc etc. Will a X360 or...
  14. Trent12345

    Unsolved  Can't install TU24 Update (at all)

    I need help to update my MW3 on my RGH. I extracted the game files via Freestyle dash to put the game onto my external HDD, ran the game one time and all was well until trying this update... I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled, ran lower TU menus no issues etc.. Only issue i am having is...
  15. Ehrmantraut

    Solved  What mod menu to use for creator

    I want to make modded jobs on pc, what tool/modmenu/program do i need. I know of iNickol RP's Tool but thats only for xb36
  16. A

    Game Mods  [Request] Port GTA V PC Mod to xbox 360. Have PC Source Code

    Hello all, I was hoping to find someone that has experience coding GTA V mod menu's for JTAG/RGH. There is an awesome quadcopter/drone mod that is only available for PC but would be super cool to have on 360. I was able to find the PC source code on github and got to thinking.. Does someone...
  17. Razor_Biohazard

    Unsolved  Help please

    Hello can some one help me when I mod someones car it doesn’t stick I’m using hypno mod menu
  18. Frank

    Tools  *Currently Patched* Minecraft Dungeons Tool 20+ Features (Cheat Engine Table) Frank 7S [Latest Cheat Engine Verison 7.1]

    Hello, so I am presenting a compiled tool for Minecraft dungeons that will allow you to modify anything from your stats to the currency as well as the surrounding players arrows and hit damage this feature allows you to alter the enchantments of items as well as to what tier of enchantment...
  19. V

    Unsolved  GTA V How to create or edit a mod menu?

    Does anyone know where I can find out how to edit a gta v mod menu or make my own? I understand the basics of C# and C++.
  20. I

    Discussion  Grand Theft Auto IV Singleplayer Mod Menu for JTAG?

    As the title said, I'm looking for a singleplayer mod menu for gta 4 on my jtagged xbox. I'm looking for a fun mod menu where I can atleast spawn any peds, or play preset minigames(along with other common features such as player options(godmode,never wanted,etc) and vehicle...
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