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    Game Mods [Request] Port GTA V PC Mod to xbox 360. Have PC Source Code

    Hello all, I was hoping to find someone that has experience coding GTA V mod menu's for JTAG/RGH. There is an awesome quadcopter/drone mod that is only available for PC but would be super cool to have on 360. I was able to find the PC source code on github and got to thinking.. Does someone...
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    Unsolved Help please

    Hello can some one help me when I mod someones car it doesn’t stick I’m using hypno mod menu
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    Tools Minecraft Dungeons Tool 20+ Features (Cheat Engine Table) Frank 7S [Latest Cheat Engine Verison 7.1]

    Hello, so I am presenting a compiled tool for Minecraft dungeons that will allow you to modify anything from your stats to the currency as well as the surrounding players arrows and hit damage this feature allows you to alter the enchantments of items as well as to what tier of enchantment...
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    Unsolved GTA V How to create or edit a mod menu?

    Does anyone know where I can find out how to edit a gta v mod menu or make my own? I understand the basics of C# and C++.
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    Discussion Grand Theft Auto IV Singleplayer Mod Menu for JTAG?

    As the title said, I'm looking for a singleplayer mod menu for gta 4 on my jtagged xbox. I'm looking for a fun mod menu where I can atleast spawn any peds, or play preset minigames(along with other common features such as player options(godmode,never wanted,etc) and vehicle...
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    Solved Can I use a USB mod menu to mod GTA V on Xbox 360?

    I regained interest in GTA V on the 360. I really don’t want to spend any money or physically mod my console but would like to find a USB mod menu for online or story mode if possible. Does such a thing exist?
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    Discussion Gta 5 mod menu online

    So basically I was playing gta 5 online yesterday and I stg no joke I was in a modded lobby there was a hot wheels race track in the sky and containers all over the roads and just **** you would see in modded lobbies so technically it is possible and I haven’t figured out how yet but if someone...
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    Can be closed now
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    Unsolved Visual design tool to test/create mod menu?

    Hi guys, So I'm in the process of making a mod menu for BO2 and testing out colours of the menu background, borders, scroller etc is very time consuming as I have to keep switching between pc and 360. Is there a tool where I can input the colours in rgb for each menu item and text to see...
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    Unsolved New to having a RGH help please!!!

    So I just recently bought a rgh and need help trying to set up a mod menu for mw2. I tried one and went online and the moment I did it said I needed to update my game when I already did that. And then I’m seeing not ever mod menu is the same. Like the way to install it is different like someone...
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    Unsolved No one can help. Delete.

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    More menus

    So I was messing around with two kinds of mod menus for bo2 zombies through infections there was iconic and conversion. I was wondering if there any different mod menu infections out there.
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    Unsolved Rgh gta v

    Ok so I have this issue I have tried so many different ways to fix it and haven’t found a single one. So what is happening is my rgh when I put a mod menu for it like srb (paid) or alpha which is now free (are up to date) will cause my gta v to have a compatibility pack error it will say that I...
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    Solved current working usb mod menu for grand theft auto 5 online?

    ive been searching for an up to date mod menu accessible by usb sidejacking, if anyone can help or just comment a possible work around that isnt patched please let me know.
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    Solved How can I make a Ps4 modded account

    Hi everyone I was wondering how to create my modded account. I know I need a jailbroken PS4 and a Mod Menu, but I read that you can't Go on-line with a jailbroken console, so the question is how can I mod a gta v online ps4 account if I can go online to mod it?
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    Unsolved Help!!! i cant load GTA V eboot.bin inn multiman, all i get is the code looking stuff. im on hen 3.0.0

    When i go into the USRDIR, i see the eboot, no star on it, and i cant use it!!! Help!!! Edit: plz help me its been an entire day, and still no reply.
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    Solved Can, and if I can, how can I mod GTA V if it is a digital copy?

    I am very new to all this and have just jailbroken my PS3. I have been finding it very difficult, so far impossible, to find any tutorials on how to mod GTA V on PS3 CFW if it is a digital copy. I am willing to try anything that'll work efficiently if I can. Please, someone with experience, help.
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    Mod Menu AspectModding Mod Menu Updated to TU9.

    I've decided to update this menu to TU9 as it was one of my favorites to use on TU8 & I don't see much being released on TU9. So for whoever wants a simple & stable menu for private match use only, here you go! AbstractModding TU9 Mod Menu AbstractModding TU9 Mod Menu Virus Scan
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    Mod Menu Call of Duty 2 |GSC Mod Menus SP+MP Online| [Ambilinum + Unorthodox]

    This is my second attempt at modding call of duty 2 on xbox 360 and online at that, this is better than those gpd mods we all used to use way back when haha, anyways long story short this was not easy defeat. I spent a few months learning this game in and out, I won't be making a documentation...
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    Unsolved Minecraft tu70 mod menu or trainer

    Are there any menus or trainers for Minecraft tu70 on a jtag?
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