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  1. M

    Unsolved  MW2 Menu Need help please! (Xbox RGH)

    just recently bought an RGH and I was looking to somehow add a mod menu to mw2 not sure how, I am new to this ! I am having no luck on my own any sort of help would be appreciated!
  2. LushModz

    Tutorial  How To Install a GTA 5 Mod Menu On PS4 Using Web Hosts (9.00 or Lower!)

    How To Install a GTA 5 Mod Menu On PS4 Using Web Hosts (9.00 or Lower!) Full YouTube Video Tutorial: About: Trusted Web Hosts You Can Use: LEAVE A LIKE
  3. Missingside

    Discussion Tutorial  Does anyone know any fun Xbox 360 games I could mod that isn’t call of duty cause I’m getting bored of the same mod menu’s for that particular game.

    I have a JTAG so any feedback would help me out so Thank you.
  4. ItzJxshDzn

    Mod Menu  ItzJxshDzn's TU4 J2R Mod Menu

    I Know practically no one plays cod 4 anymore. what he said was true ... "50,000 people used to live here. now its a ghost town" but hey i still love it so have something fun to play around with :) Credits - ISOCheated For Porting BzH35's Base From WAW to COD4 - XeJuice For Letting Me Add...
  5. P

    Unsolved  I need a GTA V mod menu for TU 27

    Hey, I’ve been trying to find a mod menu for TU 27, the catch here is that I’m messing with emulation using Xenia, the X360 emulator, and I need a simple mod menu for single player that either requires modding the game’s files or comes in the form of a TU. Those separate .xex mod menus that come...
  6. Caboose

    Mod Menu  Red Dead Redemption 1 Mod Menu Bases, Tools, Updated Natives, & Demonic Revelations 2.6 Free Mod Menu

    I figured it was time to release this stuff, so here you go. MOD MENU BASES Mod Menu Bases + Updated Natives: HERE - Updated Virus Scan: HERE - Updated Menu Bases Screenshots [Ignore Black Background On FuhzBots Base and Mod Menu Base v2 - Texture Swap In RPF] TOOLS RPF Tools: HERE Virus...
  7. zZDextraEnergyZz

    Discussion  GTA 5 Mod Menu on Xbox Series X possible ? (With USB)

    On youtube I see different youtubers posting mod menu gameplays on xbox series x and they upload these videos as a tutorial with links on how to get mod menus with a USB for GTA 5 on Xbox Series X or even PS5. Is this really possible on a non-modded console ? One of those youtubers for example...
  8. Gipediotis16

    Unsolved  Help finding this mod menu xD4I2K SIVIOKEx's v4

    can someone provide me a link for this mod menu i cant seem to find it its an old one thats why i cant find it but if someone still has the files pls do reply on this post thank you.
  9. N

    Unsolved  Mod Menu Help Please.

    I made my own mod menu on GSC Studio and everything works fine but after a few minutes in a game it freezes. I compile the script into _clientids. Then I go into neighborhood > games > black ops 2 > raw > maps > mp > gametypes and place it in there. The bo2 file used to be for elegance and it...
  10. M

    Unsolved  Grand Theft Auto V Modding Help

    Does Anyone Know How to Create Unique Order ID.
  11. S

    Mod Menu(Free or Paid) for PC where I can add(keep) unique paint textures for GTAO?

    My apologies if this has been answered recently. I'm looking for a mod menu for GTAO PC thats either free or paid. I'm not looking to grief or troll. I'm looking for a mod menu that can add mods to cars that save. I'd like to be able to add custom crew colors on worn/satin paint textures. Add...
  12. SpeedyNetic

    Unsolved  I need help with mod menus

    Hello is kiddions mod menu safe and good? And i need advice for using mod menus
  13. N

    BO3 All client mod menu. JOIN SOON. (XBOX 360)

    Title says it all. This is a BO3 all client mod menu lobby, being hosted today and throughout the coming week. TO join, add gamertag: QuasiMuffin7978 or join my session in progress. See you there.
  14. L

    Unsolved  Rgh BO2 multiplayer disconnects me from xbox live

    Trinity rgh2 running bo2 with jiggy 4.5 and using ninja for stealth. Had been working fine but randomly started ****ing up. I force host and the game starts but after half the game everyone times out and the game ends. Then it kicks me to the MP menu and says it cannot connect to online...
  15. XeXBeatz

    Modded Lobby / MW2 / Modded Gamemodes / Unlock All / 10th / Mod Menu / GSC / FROZEN CLASS FIX*

    XeXBeatz Modded Lobby STATUS = OPEN MENU: Aurora Developed by CF4_99 made possible by Infinity Loader! Biggest and most stable menu to date! (LT...
  16. imkira3

    Mod Menu  Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01)

    Zombies External Universal Settings Mod Centre for Operations and Resource Execution Version ZPS3v01 (a.k.a. ZEUS Mod CORE Version ZPS3v01) was officially released one week prior! (Subscribers get faster updates) This Call of Duty Black Ops zombies mod aims to be a userfriendly and universal...
  17. zebleer


    Phantom Overlay Giveaway Prize Availability Vanguard Trial Cheat Keys = YES Warzone/MW2019/BOCW Month Keys = YES Vanguard Game Copies = NONE LEFT Gift Cards = YES Se7ensins Premium = YES How to Enter 1. Register on if you have not already. 2. Make sure you have at least 5...
  18. D

    Unsolved  Trying to load mod menus causes my game to crash

    I have this issue with Black Ops II on Steam and Plutonium where whenever I try and use a mod menu, my game crashes with an error code. With the Steam version, I'm trying to use Black Ops II GSC Studio and with Plutonium I'm of course using the "t6r" folder method. The game always crashes with...
  19. I

    Solved  Mod menus on virtual machines?

    Anyone know of any mod menus that work on virtual machines besides 2take1? Preferably free? I play on cloud computers which makes it impossible to run kiddion's or most paid menus. They don't have to be good or have lots of features, anything is better than nothing.
  20. PhoenlxRC

    Unsolved  Help: how can I load images on-screen with a SPRX plugin?

    so just like the title says, assuming I was to load a menu of different sizes using tiles(the same way the game loads GUIs), and loading the .png images as the tiles, I was wondering how I would go about rendering images. assuming I know where the tile textures are located.
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