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  1. B

    Mod Menu  Hosting {W@W} SummerBassV2 Infections & InspirationV1 COD4 Infections (Xbox Only) {ONLINE}

    *Hosting Summerbassv2 & inspiration v1 mod menus! *Gamertag to add: DosMitigated *Hosting Partner GT: o2WMTo *Add us for an invite *Status: {OFFLINE} *2 of the best R2R infection menus out 🔥 *Please be patient for an invite & while infections are being loaded when in lobby. Takes a few minutes...
  2. M

    Unsolved  Looking for a Left4Dead2 Mod Menu

    I've been looking at some L4D2 mods and they look pretty good the only thing is my GFs laptop im using for downloading games/mods wont let me on the website! Does anyone have another link that works? Even hmu with some other l4d2 menus if you have them :P
  3. B

    Mod Menu  Hosting Free Rank + Unlock All: Destruction V1 (Xbox Only) {OFFLINE}

    *Hosting Free Modded Lobby *Menu: Destruction V1 *Status: OFFLINE * Gamertag: DosMitigated * Send friend request or message for an invite! *Can also send private chat & join my session! *Max rank + Unlock all available **Have fun & no disrespect or spamming options on the mod menu or you will be...
  4. Yasser Ski

    Unsolved  GTA SAN mod menu for xbox 360

    does anyone have GTA SAN mod menu for the xbox 360? i want it an title update ( not an plugin cz i don't know exactly how to setup it in the right way ) like the mod menu i have in GTA V
  5. chadderbox090

    Mod Menu  HTM DOVERs FREE Modded Lobby (CLOSED)

    Hey yall! 👋 It’s been a long time! I’m hosting a free lobby today, here’s how to get in! Proof: Status: Closed for a few days, RGH Power brick took a dump on me :( I will update when I get a new one and start hosting again. Thanks for understanding Gamertag: What to...
  6. C

    Game Mods  Can someone help me make a zombies mod menu

    I’m new to making menus and would like to make a zombies menu for waw Xbox ( I do have a rgh ) but want to make my own menu with a actual menu base etc but don’t know where to start or what software to use etc can someone help me with some knowledge on what to do etc thank you in advance
  7. chadderbox090

    Unsolved  Need Help!

    Hey guys, it's been a long time! So i'm stuck on the new way of modding mw2... I use to code etc way way back in the day when MW2, WaW and all that were still using .ff files to run menus, well it seems like that's a thing of the past. So my question is this... HOW DO I MAKE MENUS AND WHERE DO...
  8. lunaaticjr

    MW3 Unlock All + God Mode Class And More [CLOSED]

    to join go to Xbox 360 dashboard menu [START+SELECT]. then go to chat. privet chat. then type in GT then view profile then join my game in session. GT: iGxPerc When it keeps kicking you, you have to reset your game. When you pick your prestige and put yourself to lvl 80 you have to leave...
  9. RPC


    STATUS: OPEN, JOIN NOW! CURRENT GAME: CALL OF DUTY: MW3 UNLOCK ALL HOW TO JOIN MY LOBBY: To join my lobby, send a friend request or a private chat to the gamertag below. Once you have done so, try to join my session in progress. You may not be able to successfully, because there are other...
  10. Lucky

    [MW2] (OPEN) FREE Old School Challenge Lobbies / 10th Unlock All 2023 - FROZEN CLASS FIX!

    DO NOT USE THE MESSAGE MENU! I can use this menu to fix your frozen classes. LOBBY: OPEN HOW TO JOIN XBOX 360: -Send me private chat or friend request -Join Session in Progress -My gamertag is “Lucky Se7” HOW TO JOIN XBOX ONE/SERIES: -Press and hold the back button (two squares) and press...
  11. A

    Discussion  Mod menu's for 360

    Where does one find modmenus nowadays for 360, since Im looking for more "updated" versions for BO2 GTA4 and 5 etc but as im some oldie who never knows where to look, id like some help!
  12. M

    MW2 | Unlock All | Infections | Prestige | Supremacy (Matrix) Mod Menu

    Hosting MW2 Supremacy All Client Mod Menu! Proof: Currently Hosting: Status: Closed Gamertag: MiniatureTulip4 Message me for invite or join my session! Disclaimer: Only contact me through here as I am not able to respond to messages on...
  13. iTzZ Fenix

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] EliteMossyv9 + Chrome Playa TU6 menu to work with XENIA Xbox Series and ONE

    Hello guys, its been a long time since i post something here. Xenia was released for xbox series and the first thing I had in mind was to install some mod menu on my mw2. I tried newer TU but apparently xenia has problems reading .dll so, I'm using the good old TU6. XENIA TIPS: It can be used...
  14. MiDNiGHTsoftware

    Paid Service  🌠MiDNiGHT Halo MCC Hack🌠 AimBot&Magnetism🎯+ESP🔎+Challenges&Armor🔓+SpeedHack&FlyHack🦸+Controller Support🕹️

    We are long-time Halo fans, and it makes no sense that nobody is creating Halo MCC hacks.. so we brought it upon ourselves to do just that! As observed, unlike any other commercial Halo MCC hacks, we do not deal with Assembly, Cheat Engine or any other public tools.. everything our hack has to...
  15. queezy

    Discussion  Has anyone got a bo2 zombies mod menu?

    I have an Xbox 360 RGH and I would like to use a .xex zombies mod menu, I don’t see a point in me setting up a .gsc menu when .xex is like 100x easier to setup. So if anyone has a .xex bo2 zombies menu please send links.
  16. M

    Unsolved  MW2 Menu Need help please! (Xbox RGH)

    just recently bought an RGH and I was looking to somehow add a mod menu to mw2 not sure how, I am new to this ! I am having no luck on my own any sort of help would be appreciated!
  17. LushModz

    Tutorial  How To Install a GTA 5 Mod Menu On PS4 Using Web Hosts (9.00 or Lower!)

    How To Install a GTA 5 Mod Menu On PS4 Using Web Hosts (9.00 or Lower!) Full YouTube Video Tutorial: About: Trusted Web Hosts You Can Use: LEAVE A LIKE
  18. Missingside

    Discussion Tutorial  Does anyone know any fun Xbox 360 games I could mod that isn’t call of duty cause I’m getting bored of the same mod menu’s for that particular game.

    I have a JTAG so any feedback would help me out so Thank you.
  19. ItzJxshDzn

    Mod Menu  ItzJxshDzn's TU4 J2R Mod Menu

    I Know practically no one plays cod 4 anymore. what he said was true ... "50,000 people used to live here. now its a ghost town" but hey i still love it so have something fun to play around with :) Credits - ISOCheated For Porting BzH35's Base From WAW to COD4 - XeJuice For Letting Me Add...
  20. P

    Unsolved  I need a GTA V mod menu for TU 27

    Hey, I’ve been trying to find a mod menu for TU 27, the catch here is that I’m messing with emulation using Xenia, the X360 emulator, and I need a simple mod menu for single player that either requires modding the game’s files or comes in the form of a TU. Those separate .xex mod menus that come...
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