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  1. xWETy

    Patched  Strip Club MOC GCTF

    ? Click Here for Video Tutorial You will need: -A friend -MOC with Personal Vehicle Storage in Bay 3 (friend needs this as well) -A car you don't mind losing (Elegy, street car, etc) stored in your MOC -Casino Penthouse -any Bookmarked job -Anawack (or a 3rd friend in a different lobby, and in...
  2. D

    Anyone have 5-10mins to spare so we can get Red/Black joggers?

    Hello all, I’m trying to get all colored joggers and need someone to invite me to the last listed MOC job. That way we can get the RED joggers. Takes 5-10 mins tops. I can help with anything you might want too! bl0m0dr0650 Xbox1 Old gen
  3. J

    Solved  AA Trailer sell or delete

    Is there a way to remove or sell my original AA trailer from bunker so I can get a modded one, I know I cant swap them but can I delete it? or sell?
  4. 1NG3N10US

    Patched  Give AA trailer to friends + AA to MOC Merge

    Requirements: yourself and 2 friends. All 3 players Must own the same bunker! Player 3 (person receiving AA from player 1) must load up a public session and stay there. Player 1 and 2 go into a inv only session. All 3 players set spawn location on bunker. Step 1: player 1...
  5. Ehrmantraut

    Solved  (Question) BMX to Arena Workshop

    Ok so i got my bmx in my moc from the facillity, (old glitch). Anyways it says i cant move the bmx to my "clubhouse" when i try to switch it into the arena workshop. any ideas on how to get it in? ------------------------------ My goal of this is that i want to try and mod the bmx. Thx for any...
  6. LuganoffIsBack

    Solved  Move hydra out of MOC ?

    This has been discussed a few times already but I wanted to know if there is now a way to move an hydra from MOC (received with GC2F) to another garage. I would like to use my MOC for other glitches but I would still like to keep my hydra somewhere else. The problem is that no matter what...
  7. GeekyGtaGlitchGirl

    Patched  Solo and easy car duplication glitch in the facility/ bunker/ no custom plates needed

    Video by G-Twist Founder: Kingalexhd and evilbranch? Please tell me if someone else also worked on it or found it. I just wrote down the requirements and steps for you. Because no one else did it and I think it's worth it :smile: This is my first thread so pleeeaaaase be kind :confused: I...
  8. Captain Pocky

    Tutorial  Charles Modding for Aircraft and Other Special Vehicles

    Hello again everyone, This thread describes how to use iFruit & Charles to mod non-car vehicles like aircraft, the AA trailer, special vehicles, and even the MOC. Very importantly, I also include how to avoid dead spots while doing this. These methods aren't particularly new, and are scattered...
  9. Joe McPlumber

    Solved  MOC With Hydra Inside

    I reckon maybe i asked this question the wrong way around. I have a Hydra in my MOC. When i try to shift it to a garage i am told i can't do this becuase the vehicle inside MOC "Can't be stored in the clubhouse". My MOC storage is not dead, bricked, or anything like that. I don't require a...
  10. F

    Solved  Saving Dupes + Transaction Failed when Selling?

    So I have a question about duping on PC. When I've done solo MOC dupe in the past on PC, I am able to get a clean dupe (i.e. a retro elegy replaces/ merges with a free elegy and gets its plate) BUT I have had 2 problems... 1) dupes won't save. When I find a new session or restart the game...
  11. F

    Patched  Possible start of a dupe glitch?

    Hi all I think I may have found a way for the start of a dupe glitch, but unsure on how to proceed. By perfecting some key press timings, I have managed to: - glitch out of the MOC into the bunker while in a car (infinite black loading screen) - glitch out of the MOC into the open world whilst...
  12. XGtAbOsSX

    Patched  Default Bunker, guns and pv. Default facility

    EDIT: 8/9/18 The part from with getting into the default was patched but can confirm that it is working again after nightclub update. this method was used for GCTF and was patched and would spawn you right into the MOC. After update it is now working the same again. Also to add with extra...
  13. XGtAbOsSX

    Patched  How to detach MOC cab from trailer and drive in the bunker

    Step 1- Pull your MOC out of the Bunker or simply request it. Step 2- Pull the MOC into the Bunker and as you are pulling in , hold right on the d pad. (right before your character gets out you will see the trailer pop off the cab) Step 3- Walk over to the mechanic and push right to...
  14. FLOK ONE

    Patched  BRAND NEW GCTF (MOC)

    Shoutout to tuto facile France for original method. Founders of this workaround: Turtledude9 and myself. Needs: • MOC with personal vehicle storage. • A BLAZER stored in MOC because you fall off of blazers • 1 friend • A public session, (20 people or more works best, but it is...
  15. EssexJAY

    Patched  MOC glitch. Outside, under the map blackness, looking in.

    Not sure if this has any legs or not. I was getting glitched out, under the map style, by driving a bike in the moc upto the mission panel on the far left wall (bay 1) and activating while tapping accelerate. You can drive a bike about by holding dpad down whilst quickly getting on bike just...
  16. katooosha

    Patched  How to bypass hotfixes *EASY*

    NOTE: I am unsure if this works on xbox, or how to do it on xbox As the title says, I recently found a new way to bypass hotfixes, and with it I am still doing the easy dupe glitch (the one posted by Banzah last week which involves spamming triangle after getting out of your elegy), even after...
  17. Navy Davey

    Patched  Combination of MOC / CEO garage; Possibilities!

    Im sure many have noticed vehicles glitching out in their CEO garages. I personally have spawned inside of my APC and insurgent custom. It is happening when I have a vehicle in the MOC and I leave and store it in my CEO garage. 1. Drive vehicle into MOC 2. Leave MOC and drive into CEO garage 3...
  18. GaryLazerEyes

    Solved  GTA online frozen every time I am exiting the MOC

    This is the first time I've posted on here so I'm not sure if it's the correct spot to post this but every time I'm exiting the MOC I become frozen & cant do anything but press the options button & find a new session. Something that Rockstar has done recently has ruined the game. I'm just...
  19. LITO_VR6

    Patched  Unlimited Money Glitch (Car Dupe) Need 1 Friend

    FOUNDER: LITO VR6 FRIENDS HELPING ME : SUPER JORGE BROSPOI Requirements: 1 car to duplicate (Elegy Retro custom) 1 MC 1 faggio MOC 1)you must enter a invite lobby 2)have your MOC located outside with the car which you want to duplicate inside the MOC 3)Wait for your friend to start A...
  20. m0rphyy

    Patched  Merge Vehicle Mods - Clean Dirty Cars - Insure Lifeguard Blazer

    Warning: The merge vehicle mods glitch is PC only. PC and Consoles have a different save system. On Consoles you can clean dirtys and insure lifeguard blazer. On PC you can merge vehicle mods. Note: If you want to insure a lifeguard blazer use this in the MOC instead of a dummy vehicle...
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