1. Battle royale mode coming to MOBA Battlerite

    Battle royale mode coming to MOBA Battlerite

    Battlerite, the free-to-play MOBA that launched on Windows PC in November and is coming to Xbox One this year, will be offering a battle royale mode, though with features more tailored to the MOBA genre. The mode is coming this summer, developer Stunlock Studios announced today. In Battlerite...
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    PC looking for new friends to play paladins

    my steam name is : OGForbiddenMage I'm in eastern standard time I can play just about anytime except when I work paladins I guess genre "Moba/shooter" more the merrier but no more than 4 at a time I hope to see yall soon and happy holidays please note also I am not a hardcore player so don't...
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    PC Blizzard's MOBA, it's casual, free, and there's a Christmas event

    For a MOBA, it has a nice non toxic community, it's easy to get into as the mechanics are simplified. If you're into collecting things, they sure got that, but the gaming aspect of it is all free. The Christmas event can give you free stuff right now, and also free heroes and items if you use my...
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