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  1. Jack Maloney

    All IW BO3 WWII  TeaM RaM recruitment

    if your interested in joining TeaM RaM please fill out the application below. We are a ps4/ Xbox One clan that mostly play bo3, ww2, and bo4. -are you over 18? (we are a 18 plus clan) -how active are you? (i.e 4-5 days/week) -will you be active/dedicated towards the clan (i.e will you talk with...
  2. O

    BO3 WWII  New League for Clans

    COD WW2 Hey, I was thinking, I remember playing MW2 back in the day and a clan match consisted of two teams adding each other and creating a private match and whoever won got the bragging rights to saying they were the better team! I was thinking maybe bringing something like that back, but...
  3. T

    IW MW MW2 MW3 WaW Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3 WWII  The Fallen Arise Gaming Recruiting!!

    The Fallen Arise Gaming is looking for members to join our new clan. Anyone is welcome to join the team with these following requirements. ***PLEASE LIKE OUR FB PAGE*** https://m.facebook.com/TheFallenAriseGaming/ Must be active [No Exceptions] Mic is preferred Must be Xbox One [Working on a...
  4. Introducing Call of Duty: WWII MLG GB Tournaments

    Introducing Call of Duty: WWII MLG GB Tournaments

    Competitive players, we’ve got a major update for you. For the first time, Call of Duty: WWII players in the Americas and select Asian territories will be able to register for and manage MLG GameBattles tournaments directly from their PS4 start menu beginning today. Because Call of Duty: WWII’s...
  5. TheRealSK7

    Video  COD WWII GameBattles Join in!

    Come join in on some MLG GameBattles
  6. N

    All  No L'z Clan Recruiting GT:NoLz Made

    All CoDs Mw2,MW, MW3 Snipers and clippers Bo2,Bo3,Advanced Warfare and Infinity Warfare try Hards for competetive gaming and Gb, Gb experience would be cool. I wanna win some Tournaments with a group of players and gain some fans. Fun people who have nothing better to do than r*** at cod if...
  7. D

    IW  Immoral Gaming Recruiting Members For Casual and Competitive Play

    Join us! Immoral Gaming Winning is Teaching, Losing is Learning... If you can't learn when you lose, you won't get any better. Immoral Gaming is a skilled PS4 Call of Duty clan fighting in top teir leagues, now looking to recruit new members to join our team and strive for the #1 spot! We...
  8. P


    TriX clan PSN Leader WildNoah_ Co Pyrotechnick_ Contact on psn to try out or join also comment down below Doesn't matter your play style Sniper, quickscoper, competive, rusher, etc BO3 preferred 13+ (If your a week or 2 before your B-day it's fine) but be mature tryouts if you don't make...
  9. G

    DemoLition Gaming

    IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A BIG CBOX COMMUNITY LOOK NO FURTHER! DEMOLITION GAMING IS THE HOME OF 100+ XBOX PLAYERS SO YOU WILL ALWAYS BE PLAYING WITH SOMEONE! REQUIREMENTS Age 15+ K/d 1.25+ Must have mic Download mobile app group me to chat and get lobbies going! Once you meet these requirements...
  10. tylerdeet

    Request to join clan

    Free agent kik me at deettyler1223
  11. Chaos

    Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. When you have received your offer, please edit your post saying "RESOLVED". Name- Position/Role - Availability- Preferred console- Contact method- Time Zone- Name- Latios Role- Recorder...
  12. JAlbeHD


    Must have: 2 controllers A mic Write your gt below and i'll invite you in a min PS: Now it work my party so i can invite you :)
  13. H

    Anyone wanna scrim 2v2? Invite o RondoNumba9 o

    Looking for a scim, no stun grenades no rockets noobtubes or frags just straight bullets. 2 v 2
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