1. Native Pride 1988

    Working  How to use your personal vehicle in New mission finales.

    1. Drive your MK2, Kuruma Armored or any car you like to put in your normal garage. Make sure normal garage only. 2. Now you go to Auto Shop and start final Moody contract mission 3. Now start it and drive to your normal garage then you can drive your personal vehicle *I never know this...
  2. FacelessOne123


    For this glitch you need a pipe bomb and go inside the castle by the duke - go trough the door and go back in so the door is at the left then throw the pipe bomb down and turn around if done correctly you go inside the wall then go to the chair and press the Crouch button and move with the...
  3. SharphunterTgf

    Xbox One  GTA 5 Crew Recruitment

    - Discord: Stay connected with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Xbox Club: Share content with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Money Glitch: We Help the poor get rich...
  4. G

    Patched  - [PC~|XBOX|PS4]Store any non-blacklisted vehicle on your garage

    mods edit plz WARNINGS BEFORE YOU START -> 1. the ~ on the title for PC -> You can't store any vehicles that have insurance (PVS from friends) You can store stuff like: Pegasus Vehicles (MTL DUNE | PARTY BUSS) Slamvan from missions like Ms.Baker's Lost in Transit Cypress flats RNG (1/3) High...
  5. D

    PC  Im Looking For A Crew To Play GTA Most Days

    Im currently looking 2-3 players on PC GTA5 to mess about, do missions and f*** about. If your interested Message me on social club SC:Flidamightous Or post your own Social clubs age has to be 18+ has to speak english has to have discord and possibly has to be up to play other games! But mostly...
  6. Star Wars Battlefront II Adds Solo Map, Mission and More on June 12

    Star Wars Battlefront II Adds Solo Map, Mission and More on June 12

    Next week, Star Wars Battlefront 2 publisher Electronic Arts will introduce a new map, mode, vehicle and more, based on the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, with some content available for all players, and others are locked behind pay / earn walls. The current season of Battlefront 2 is dedicated...
  7. Free Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Out Now; Here's What's New

    Free Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Out Now; Here's What's New

    Following a series of announcements and teases, Ubisoft has released the first update of Year 2 for Ghost Recon Wildlands. As with all Year 2 expansions, the Tom Clancy-branded open-world game receives new PvE and PvP content all centered around a theme: Splinter Cell. Special Operation I, as...
  8. X

    Solved  Bad sport and quitting missions

    I just had a buddy get bad sport last night for doing the pac standard replay. He claims he must have quit out at least 10 times in 24 hours. So this is possible? How many times can quit while replaying before you get bad sport. I know so many players that do, and he is the first to get bad sport.
  9. New Metal Gear Survive Co-Op Mission Type Coming Next Month

    New Metal Gear Survive Co-Op Mission Type Coming Next Month

    Metal Gear Survive launched earlier this week, and Konami has just revealed some of its upcoming plans for the game. Specifically, a new cooperative mission type, Rescue Mission, is coming to the game next month. These missions will give players an additional way to team up beyond simply...
  10. J

    Solved  How to complete all quests on the 4th playthrough (Willowtree) with Gibbed?

    I tried to do them all legit after not being able to find a way, but the Fall of Nakayama quest glitched for me (can't enter the ship), so I really need to find a way to complete all quests. The only way I can think of is by making a fourth MissionPlaythroughData under MissionPlaythroughs in...
  11. S

    Solved  Gerald missions - HELP

    I want Gerald to call me up for a job, i try request it but it's 'locked' also if i complete all his missions (because i am the required level to start the job) will he call me still if i've completed all his missions?
  12. WhoBangdMurfsMom


    This also works with all 6 of the new casino missions While online press start Go to online tab Go to playlist Go to create Go to add recently played jobs From here you can add the last missions played to your own playlist. Has been confirmed on PS4, XB1, PC Here are some user created...
  13. Vacro

    Discussion  Mission Team Rewards List [Every Level]

    All credit to: u/VarneshPlays on reddit. https://reddit.com/r/Infinitewarfare/comments/5dugdj/mission_team_rewards_list_every_level/ 1 - Starting Level 2 - Weapon Camo 3 - Calling Card 4 - Emblem 5 - 100 Salvage 6 - Weapon Camo 7 - 100 Salvage 8 - Calling Card 9 - Gesture 10 - Weapon (see...
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