mexico and guarma glitch after patch

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    Discovery A way to Mexico out of map. [patched]

    A bit of a long and arduous method but bare with me. The following is a trial and error of getting into Mexico. Not sure if its been shared before. Let me know if it works for you: Me and a buddy saw a way to get over to Mexico by way of Rowboat. A week or so back we managed to get a rowbot at...
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    Patched How to glitch into Mexico & Guarma After Patch

    There is a way to get into Mexico & Guarma after patch 1.03 found by a team called Exploit Theory. They made a video on it here: Note: This glitch does NOT work in online mode. This glitch allows you to get out of the map in 2 spots, one of them is closer to Mexico and one of them is closer...
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