1. W

    Unsolved  Help with Netcut on Xbox

    I have been making multiple attempts to get Netcut working on xbox to use BEFF for car to car/anything merges. I plan to attempt 3 console (2+ a friend) but trying to workout the Netcut kinks prior to dragging someone else into my misery. I have read many discussions here on se7ensins and...
  2. Classique

    Tutorial  GTA Online - The Vehicle Merging Thread (Liveries, Body Styles and more)

    The Vehicle Merging Thread (liveries, Body Styles and more) Hello! This thread has been created because "merging" has become a permanent part of the exploiting world, and deserves to have a "main page", where information can be found about the subject. "What is a merge, or merging?" Great...
  3. aaronBLUEeyes

    Solved  What should I do about merging the Speedo Custom?

    I’ve had a modded Speedo Custom slot for awhile but it wasn’t till recently that I could merge the slot and drop in bunker. With no ability to merge inside Arena I’m not sure what I should do, because they’ll prob black list the Speedo Custom soon cause it’s invisible in most properties...
  4. Thugpassion313

    Benny's on any vehicle workaround no upgraded needed

    Luvinie Franklin (Xbox One) 1. Spawn @ your bunker & go to Arena 2. Invite ur friend helping to UR arena he hovers over the last page of the arena invite. 3. You start titan of a job press B & hover on confirm quit black alert. 4. Ur friend hovering on arena invite goes to the party joins U...
  5. Wunda

    Patched  MERGING IS BACK - Merge cars, special vehicles, planes, anti-aircraft trailer AND how to SELL dupes!

    method without MOC Conversion was found by TheMF HELLO AGAIN! After the most recent hotfix that we got hit with on Tuesday, duping seemed impossible (atleast for us PC users). The previous method for duping (while it was somewhat easy for most) was rather tricky to land on PC even with V-sync...
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