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    Solved  Question: How do people get modded cars on Xbox One?

    I have seen people with Benny wheels and F1 wheels on cars they shouldnt be on and I have wanted to learn how to do this. Is it possible on Xbox One and where can I learn to do it? I apologize if this is not the right thread to post because I don’t know what it would be consider to be..
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    Patched  Benny’s/F1s Merge!!! Terrorbyte/MOC/Avenger to Aircraft!!!

    Requirements: Kosatka Submarine. Modded Terrorbyte or MOC or Avenger. Aircraft you want the Mods on Full Aircraft Hangar. Method: Call your Kosatka. Quickly call the Aircraft you want Mods on. If Sub spawns before Aircraft it will not work. Get into the Aircraft. Call your modded Terrorbyte...
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    Working  [PS4] BEFF Merge Car to Car - Working 1.51 [No scratched cars]

    Requirements: 2 Consoles (Or a trusted friend) Netcut - Magic Slot - Thread Below Dupe Glitch - Video Below (You can use whatever duplication is fastest for you, you do not need to use one below) Console: C1 = Console 1 C2 = Console 2 How to make a magic slot...
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    Working  BEFF - Merge To Anything Using Speedo - Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S Only - (2 Console Glitch)

    Useful links: Netcut - GC2F Deadspot - GC2F No Deadspot OTR -
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    Working  Car to Car - Car To Anything - BEFF Merge [Working] - Working PS5/Xbox Series X/S

    Useful Links For This Glitch: GC2F Deadspot Required - Two Tone BEFF - Buy Everything For Free...
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    Solved  How rare is a modded (merged) half-track?

    After hours of using the party bus method, and falling under the map countless times, I finally got the vehicles positioned in a way that I could teleport into the half trackand make a half track with bennys wheels, unscratched paint, and candy canes livery. Won’t let me upload an imgur photo...
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    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forums so if I am doing something wrong or anything like that please do let me know and I apologize in advance. This is my first time posting on any forum. But anyway! Onto the glitch. As mentioned in the title, this is a glitch you can use to...
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    Patched  RC to Car Merge

    There are three critical spots in this glitch: Standing as far away as possible where you can still hit Y/triangle and your character will go towards the vehicle. I also face away from the vehicle so that my character has to turn around to walk in the direction of the vehicle. Hitting...
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    Patched  RC to Car Merge

    TBH Sharing this from the other thread Car to Car Except Rather than using the Donor Car, You can use your RC requires: Arena Workshop Bunker FCR 1000 RC Bandito Spawn in your bunker Buy the FCR 1000 Do the...
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    Patched  GTA Online Car 2 Car Merge

    Car 2 Car merge requires: Arenaworkshop with Benny's Bunker around 300k Gta $ donor Car Spawn in your bunker Buy the cheapest benny bike to your arena workshop Do the scuba tank glitch Go in Arena and Upgrade your bike to the custom variant and chang the fuel tank if you're bike is not...
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    Tutorial  GTA Online - The Vehicle Merging Thread (Liveries, Body Styles and more)

    The Vehicle Merging Thread (liveries, Body Styles and more) Hello! This thread has been created because "merging" has become a permanent part of the exploiting world, and deserves to have a "main page", where information can be found about the subject. "What is a merge, or merging?" Great...
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    Solved  Patriot Losing Mods Going Into Arena Workshop

    Just as the title says, last night I was trying to merge my Patriot that has roof lights, bull bars, and side steps to get Bennys. It is stored in the Arena Workshop Garage, and every time I press Right D-Pad to enter workshop, the roof lights, bull bars, and side steps disappear as soon as the...
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    Solved  How to make Stock pure white rims? (Question)

    So like most of us I like to create unique vehicles on GTA. I seen someone post in a Facebook community a photo of a car with Stock Pure White rims. They person who makes them doesn't tell anyone the "Secret". I would love a solution to how to do this, so would a ton of people in the GTA V...
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    Patched  grand theft auto five rc to car after patch(working)

    solo rc to car after patch founder:aztec_games_ requirements aim 2.have a heist started 3.have arena 4.invalid job 5.own bunker 6.moc with personal vehicle storage 7.rc car with mods 1.start in bunker 2. find player in different target mode before starting this glitch as joining...
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    Patched  Solo RC to CAR method

    GO HERE FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION: Spawn location doesnt matter 1. Pick your posion (get the car you want to merge) 2. Request a gerald job 3. Goto Rc press right but DONT NOT...
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    SOLO and easy. This method is constantly changing with tiny differences each time they patch it. Please see the last page for the most recent information. Requires invalid job: Found 5 minutes ago, GTA_girl :tongue...
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    Patched  New Solo Off the Radar PS4 - XBOX

    NEW GLITCH MERGE OTR CASINO DUPLICATION SOLO ..... FOUNDER GLITCH MAN ONLINE - enter your penthouse - go to your penthouse phone be quick for the next part: - press right D-pad to use the phone - quickly hold down D-pad and select any SP character - cancel the alert - quickly hold down...
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    Patched  Benny’s on RC Bandito

    So me and my friend are trying to put Benny’s on RC car, we have successfully stacked his car and rc car but can’t get them to merge. So far the steps were to Pull the car you want the mods from into the arena workshop Get out of vehicle and go into RC mod menu Have friend join a job, you join...
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    Patched  [PS4-XBOX ONE]———Alternate 2 Player Benny’s Merge (RC to Car)

    Founders Quickcolt950923 Foxxof8nine Requirements 1 friend Arena worth a modshop RC bandito Method: Bring any car into arena workshop and return it. Go to rc car and postion yourself to run behind toolbox Run behind and press right on dpad to get mod screen( If done right you will be behind...
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    Solved  (Question) BMX to Arena Workshop

    Ok so i got my bmx in my moc from the facillity, (old glitch). Anyways it says i cant move the bmx to my "clubhouse" when i try to switch it into the arena workshop. any ideas on how to get it in? ------------------------------ My goal of this is that i want to try and mod the bmx. Thx for any...
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