1. X

    Discussion  Terrobyte merge dead spot?

    Hey y’all just wondering if anyone had any ideas how to get rid of a dead spot in terrobyte garage? About a year ago I did the terrobyte merge and it was in my b2 garage and I accidentally overwrite it with a elegy. I now have a dead spot in the terrobyte garage. I know the work around if I...
  2. xT4nT

    Working  Facility Merge All Vehicles - 2-player workaround [PC]

    Merge is PC only - consoles will lose vehicles, however the principle of the 2-player workaround to the patch should be the same across all platforms as far as i'm aware. Unfortunately it's not solo, you will need a friend who is OTR. (2 methods for OTR at the bottom of the post). I just saw...
  3. xT4nT

    Patched  **PATCHED** Solo Facility merge, all vehicles [PC only]

    PC only - consoles will lose vehicles. 1 - Call any vehicle you want to merge 2 - Go inside facility and get into donor 3 - Access Facility Workshop 4 - Purchase modification 5 - Exit Facility and drive back in 6 - Creator - New session (This should even work on Avenger and RCs if you call them...
  4. S

    looking for a merge friend ps5

    hello guys im looking for players to do the merge glitch
  5. iiCe CReaM MaNn

    Looking for somebody to assist me while I merge Planes/Special Vehicles [XBOX Old Gen]

    Very simple here, I do BEFF merging and have been merging planes and Special Vehicles through the MOC... Since I have to lag out one console with netcut, I need another person to assist me in merging... Obviously anything I merge I will gladly share with you for your time. Give me a message or...
  6. H8edMods


    •—•—•—(NOT SURE ABOUT PC VERSION)—•—•—• So with this glitch you can bring almost anything into SUMO. This will get quite a bit of people probably upset but like all glitches this could be seen and used to further another glitch. I took this glitch and took it one step further that I've never...
  7. TD0G101

    Discovery  PAINT SLOT !? GTA V Beff Merge

    The pictures above show an unobtainable color I managed to come across doing a wheel and pearl merge onto to a two tone /magic slot (the ASBO). I’ve had this happen before and I think it has something to do with the textures/tones of the donor car(the worn looking jeep) not matching up with the...
  8. 2 Fuego

    Working  (BEFF) EASY Car 2 Car Merge *NO Dupe or GCTF required*

    THIS IS NOT JUST THE CAR 2 SERVICE CAR MERGE - THIS IS A FULL CAR 2 CAR MERGE ***Works on old & new gen*** Requirements: NetCut + 2 consoles / friend (Both consoles must be running the same version of the game) Auto Shop Bunker STOCK service car Donor car Money Setup: Spawn at / or Enter...
  9. R

    Unsolved  Merge(Combine) all fPKG (game + update + dlc + etc) to one pkg.

    (sorry for my bad english, i don't know a lot about english specially with grammer) is it possible to merge all pkg to one pkg that install it with one click. for example cod BO3 is 8 parts fpkg (game + update + all dlc) and want it to convert to 1 pkg so that install it easily. or if it's not...
  10. xT4nT

    Patched  Actually Solo Arcade dupe/merge factory (Solo GCTF glitch-out)

    Unsure if the solo glitch-out works for console, so have set as PC for now. Will change if someone tells me it does work. NOTE: Consoles - please do not try to merge with this method. The only console part in question is whether the solo glitch-out at the beginning works for you. Your cars will...
  11. L

    Discovery  Drive cars in Car meet

    So me and my friend decided to go on a rampage on trying to figure out if we can possibly merge inside the LSCM. So we did a lot of testing throughout the interior of the new place. But we did find a slight discovery, we were able to actually move my car from being parked to actually being...
  12. B

    Solved  Question: How do people get modded cars on Xbox One?

    I have seen people with Benny wheels and F1 wheels on cars they shouldnt be on and I have wanted to learn how to do this. Is it possible on Xbox One and where can I learn to do it? I apologize if this is not the right thread to post because I don’t know what it would be consider to be..
  13. Navy Davey

    Patched  Benny’s/F1s Merge!!! Terrorbyte/MOC/Avenger to Aircraft!!!

    Requirements: Kosatka Submarine. Modded Terrorbyte or MOC or Avenger. Aircraft you want the Mods on Full Aircraft Hangar. Method: Call your Kosatka. Quickly call the Aircraft you want Mods on. If Sub spawns before Aircraft it will not work. Get into the Aircraft. Call your modded Terrorbyte...
  14. M

    Working  [PS4] BEFF Merge Car to Car - Working 1.51 [No scratched cars]

    Requirements: 2 Consoles (Or a trusted friend) Netcut - Magic Slot - Thread Below Dupe Glitch - Video Below (You can use whatever duplication is fastest for you, you do not need to use one below) Console: C1 = Console 1 C2 = Console 2 How to make a magic slot...
  15. M

    Working  BEFF - Merge To Anything Using Speedo - Merge Car to Speedo - PS4/PS5 - Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S Only - (2 Console Glitch)

    Useful links: Netcut - GC2F Deadspot - GC2F No Deadspot OTR -
  16. M

    Working  Car to Car - Car To Anything - BEFF Merge [Working] - Working PS5/Xbox Series X/S

    Useful Links For This Glitch: Two Tone BEFF - Buy Everything For Free (Free Deluxos, outfits, casino chips) -...
  17. PeakTadpole4747

    Solved  How rare is a modded (merged) half-track?

    After hours of using the party bus method, and falling under the map countless times, I finally got the vehicles positioned in a way that I could teleport into the half trackand make a half track with bennys wheels, unscratched paint, and candy canes livery. Won’t let me upload an imgur photo...
  18. Calvish


    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forums so if I am doing something wrong or anything like that please do let me know and I apologize in advance. This is my first time posting on any forum. But anyway! Onto the glitch. As mentioned in the title, this is a glitch you can use to...
  19. SMGLR

    Patched  RC to Car Merge

    There are three critical spots in this glitch: Standing as far away as possible where you can still hit Y/triangle and your character will go towards the vehicle. I also face away from the vehicle so that my character has to turn around to walk in the direction of the vehicle. Hitting...
  20. xTwn

    Patched  RC to Car Merge

    TBH Sharing this from the other thread Car to Car Except Rather than using the Donor Car, You can use your RC requires: Arena Workshop Bunker FCR 1000 RC Bandito Spawn in your bunker Buy the FCR 1000 Do the...
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