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    Patched  **NEW** GTA5 Facility *Special Vehicle* MERGE Glitch|GTA 5 ONLINE|PATCH 1.61

    Now, first things first, you guys would like to know what targeted motor you're in, hit start and go over the settings. You guys will see it right there on the settings menu. All right. Now what you guys also wanna do is registered as a CEO. It is highly important that you guys register as a...
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    Patched  New Solo Off the Radar PS4 - XBOX

    NEW GLITCH MERGE OTR CASINO DUPLICATION SOLO ..... FOUNDER GLITCH MAN ONLINE - enter your penthouse - go to your penthouse phone be quick for the next part: - press right D-pad to use the phone - quickly hold down D-pad and select any SP character - cancel the alert - quickly hold down...
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    Patched  Gta 5 Avenger Merge Glitch

    Requirements: Facility, Avenger, and Thruster. Both you and your Friend need to Start in your Facilities. I used the same Facility as my Friend. This is not necessary. 1. Giver: Invites Friend to their Facility, on foot. 2. Reciever: Stands 10 ft away from their Thruster and taps Triangle...
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