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    Unsolved How can you add your own sco. Mod menus on the PS3?

    Hello I still play and mod around gta tbogt and tlad even if it’s very hard to come by to see any players these days. Maybe it’s the same method as for gta v. But how can I add my own sco. mod menu into my PS3 CFW Mod menu? I have a script and network.img files both are modded and work fine...
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    Discussion Modded menus for jtag.

    Hello im purchasing a jtag from sharkycustoms and they have a list of menus to pick from and these are the 5 I want but I don't know much about them or even if they are up to date. Would anyone people take their times and tell me the best one out of each game is or even there isn't one that's on...
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    Solved NEED TESTER FOR PATCH_MP.FF // RestxrtModz

    Hi Se7ensins! I am currently looking for a tester to test my TU6 patch_mp.ff, since it got bypassed I guess alot of people are going to go back to making TU6 menus. I am making a menu base at the moment, trying to make it smooth and simple at the same time including nice features like verify...
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    Unsolved Editing Bo2 Menu Files?

    I am just looking for an answer here; But I am wondering how do modders edit the menu items of bo2 or any cod game like add there own menu options for example add like there own in game theatre menu, so like how are they able to extract these menu files and re inject them into the files.
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    Solved Manually installing GSC mod menus?

    So, long story short, no matter what I've tried, I just can't seem to get injectors like GSC Studio to work. As a matter of fact, I can't get any type of RTM tools working. I was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable method for manually installing GSC menus with multiple .gsc files, or if it's...
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    Unsolved Need Giant List of GSC Scripts! (Basic-Advanced Functions)

    Yo guys, so I am currently in the process of making my own BO2 GSC menu. I would like a decent sized menu with a little bit of everything including stuff in TCM v11, Jiggy, Predator v6.51, etc. I so far have in the "Main Mods" Section: 1. Godmods 2. Infinite Ammo 3. Invisibility 4. x3 Speed 5...
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