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  1. Dank ModZ 420

    MW3 (Open)|Max Rank|Any Prestige|Unlock All|Max Prestige Tokens|Colored Classes|

    if i need more dm me to let me know
  2. Ullie

    Solved  Is the Max Shooting Stat Glitch Patched?

    As the title says, is it patched? I tried doing with a guy (although i'm not quite sure he knew how to do it, even with a video.) and it didn't work. I really don't wanna have to grind for this stat again on my second character.
  3. O


    MOD MENUS + PRESTIGE LOBBIES + UNLOCK ALL !!! ***** MAKE SURE TO CHECK STEAM BEFORE YOU ADD***** ***ALWAYS AVAILABLE*** **** WILL ADD ASAP**** Steam: add OhShitSorry ( mw2 profile pic) or /profiles/76561198433846590 or /OhShitSorry
  4. O


    PRESTIGE + UNLOCK ALL LOBBY /// and MOD MENUS *** BEFORE ADDING CHECK MY STEAM BIO**** **IM ALWAYS AVAILABLE** Steam: OhShitSorry ( mw2 profile pic) or /profiles/76561198433846590
  5. I

    Tutorial  How to Mod Borderlands for Infinite Money

    How to Mod Borderlands to have Tons of Money Requirements: PS3 Borderlands Save Flashdrive PC Hex Editor (Just go get HxD) If you got all those your ready 1) Get The Save Jack!!! Go to the XMB (Homescreen) Then Go to Games Section Now go to Saved Data Utility and find your Borderlands save...
  6. SaggyDaKlown

    Boosting & Duping STILL

    I have BL2 and TPS maxed out lvls with a bunch of gear including the fabled Flyin' Maiden that's NOT supposed to drop in TPS. Just leave your GT here or message me. Cheers and good lootin' and shootin'.
  7. supr420

    Working  How to max out everything (AFK) - Get all your stats to 100%

    Want to max out your character without spending too much time? Here you can find methods to max out everything. Most can be done solo and AFK. Just click on the spoiler for the stat you want to max out. :thumbsup: German Video by Glitchsquad showing most methods:
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