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  1. Borderlands 3 Seemingly Confirmed, Watch First Teaser Here

    Borderlands 3 Seemingly Confirmed, Watch First Teaser Here

    After numerous teases, Gearbox Software has seemingly announced a new Borderlands title and released a short teaser for it. While the video, which you can watch below, doesn't outright state it is the third numbered entry in the series, it certainly looks to be an entirely new entry in the...
  2. EltonBrand

    Solved  Are there any known glitches to wear a helmet, mask, and rebreather all at the same time?

    I have this really cool outfit idea that can't be fully realized due to not being able to do this. Anyone know of any glitches that can help me accomplish this?
  3. H

    Solved  Please Stop Me Mask

    I have it saved to a character in DM shortlisted but I can't get it to online, I'm on ps4. Anyone know how to get that mask online and saved?
  4. 50blessings Wolf

    Solved  (NEED HELP FAM!!) Independence masks

    pc player, Im a massive hotline Miami fan and I own every animal mask except the wolf and the rest of these bad boys, I was just wondering if there is a way to still get it on pc, I'm going crazy searching the internet.
  5. B

    Patched  Mask with hat/helmet with vending machine glitch (Works again after 1.37)

    This has been known for ages
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