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major question

  1. Absurv23

    Question  BEFF Not working xbox one

    So this happened last time i did beff to get the colored bps but this time its worse, basically the beff glitch works for a little while no probs money saves perfectly and deluxos do too but now all of a sudden my c1 once lagged just says "unable to connect to r* servers saving failed". im using...
  2. A

    Solved  Question for my understanding

    I did the actual dupe glitch with the benny vehicle inside the arena workshop a few times, now I have 2 garages all of apocalypse issis, but not with custom plates since 4 seperate guys on YouTube said, there was no need for custom plates. Now I discovered this forum and many people write...
  3. I

    Discussion  Rgh’s going to go obsolete?

    Hey I’ve been a modder for a little bit of time now. But one question that runs through my mind is,” when are they gonna be obsolete?”. When is the life expectancy of modded Xbox 360 consoles going to just... die off? When will they become obsolete? Why do you think this? Please don’t joke...
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