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  1. UT12Rockets

    Unsolved  2021 MacBook Pro in lost mode File recovery question

    Hi all! I have a 2021 macbook pro i bought off of facebook marketplace. unfortunately i thought that i had lost it one day and put it in lost mode. Now the day has come where i found it but have no way of getting it unlocked now since i do not have the receipt for proof of purchase and the...
  2. Andy

    Discussion  Would anyone help a fellow user?

    Hello fellow users of Se7ensins. I was curious if anyone here knew how to do hackintosh? Currently on wind 10, or maybe dual boot so I can hav e Mac osx and Windows I can Donate if anyone helps me.
  3. Adelborg

    PC  Looking for hacks/glitches in RUST

    Hi sinners Anyone got hacks/glitches for rust ? Has to work on Mac OS Mr. Vercetti
  4. jack_null

    1. Mac OS
    Macbook A1181 (2007) - Need Help Please

    So I bought this laptop used (obviously), and the guy who sold it to me said it just wouldn't boot up. Which is fine, I thought, I work on computers a lot, so I figured I'd figure it out. The symptoms: press power button, greeting tone is played, but only shows a white screen with a folder...
  5. Seventeen Minutes of Firewatch Gameplay Released

    Seventeen Minutes of Firewatch Gameplay Released

    Firewatch, an upcoming first-person adventure video game developed by Campo Santo and published by Panic, released seventeen minutes of gameplay today. The video really showcases the unique gameplay and captivating animation style of the team at Campo Santo. Firewatch is set in the vast and...
  6. Beta Available for Upcoming Stop-Motion Game SUPERHOT

    Beta Available for Upcoming Stop-Motion Game SUPERHOT

    For those of you interested in the new intriguing, Matrix/James Bond-like puzzle game SUPERHOT, you can now personally evaluate its awesome and unique features in beta, if you're a backer of the games Kickstarter that is. Just announced from the Poland-based developers SUPERHOT Team on their...
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