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    Unsolved  Help with LPT to USB

    I bought a USB to LPT cable to Flash my Trinity NAND. but in Device manager it doesnt show any COM Port it just show "No Printer Attached" and "USB Printing Support" Under Universal Serial Bus controllers. Is this not a LPT cable? or what kinda driver do i need to fix it and if any which...
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    Solved  Trinity RGH Xbox 360 slim

    Hello, this is my first post so I might not be the best BUT I’ve started a project trying to rgh a trinity motherboard with an ace v3 glitch chip and an lpt connector (for reading nand and other tasks that require computer connection). For some reason when I try to create my nand dumps, my Xbox...
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    Solved  360 Jtag Without LPT Port?

    I have 5 Old Xbox 360's (all With minor issues) Im trying to mod the oldest one I have. Ive confirmed it can be jtag'ed (The DVD Drive is fried though, from an unsuccessful mod). I'm Wondering if there's any USB > LPT Adapters that are compatible. I want to mod as Cheap as possible, (under...
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    Solved  new to xbox 360 modding but not new to modding itself

    so ive installed homebrew on at least 6 other game consoles and i would like to do the xbox 360, i have 2 xboxs on dasbored 17511 one of them is a trinity and i need to recover its dvd drive key so i can install a extra drive i have because the other one broke and i dont have the key to it and...
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    Solved  Dump xenon Nand (kernel 16202) with LPT?

    Hello, my friend has console without dvd drive. We need to extract dvd key from motherboard. Is there any method to do this? Anyone tried to dump nand with LPT cable from xenon with kernel 16202? Maybe u have another idea to make it work?
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