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  1. G

    [Closed] Modded Lobbies on all Xbox 360 COD games

    I am able to Host all call of duty games on the Xbox 360. I prefer everyone to send me a private chat invite, and join through those means. (Select my profile and join through Private Chat) Send a Friend Request and Message me when you want to get into a lobby on Xbox 360. As well as post...
  2. M

    MW2 | Unlock All | Infections | Prestige | Supremacy (Matrix) Mod Menu

    Hosting MW2 Supremacy All Client Mod Menu! Proof: Currently Hosting: https://gyazo.com/dc58de9b3d0b65027b3549c9d4b23b14 Status: Closed Gamertag: MiniatureTulip4 Message me for invite or join my session! Disclaimer: Only contact me through here as I am not able to respond to messages on...
  3. O

    Boosted lobbies

    Hey everybody, I’m hosting boosting lobbies for cheap in payday 2. Guaranteed Infamy as much as you want. Just shoot me a message or reply on this thread and I’ll be happy to help you out!
  4. I still got it (Noob Tube helicopter kill)

    I still got it (Noob Tube helicopter kill)

    no helicopter is safe from the noob toob champion of the universe! For everyone who couldn't really see what was going on: I plopped a grenade through the tree branches and blew up a helicopter, lol
  5. B

    || PC || GTA-V Online|| Bunny-Hops Monney Drops || STATUS :OFFLINE|

    Welcome to Bunny-Hop's Money Drops My Status is ALWAYS up to date Online means Online!!!! Status: [OFFLINE] You can Join the Session if your are able to do the following things 1. Read the Rules! 2. Follow the Rules STRICTLY!!! If you dont follow the rules you will get kicked out instantly...
  6. JxDRed Lobbies

    ? | Status: Offline! | FAST ACCEPT | JxD Grand Theft Auto 5 Cash + RP | Safe Lobbies | Old Post Removed ?

    Lobby status: ONLINE! CAN ALSO GET ANY CAR FOR FREE JUST TYPE !gift (vehicle name) <--- can google the proper names A car will spawn and just take it to a full garage you own and replace a car. After that go to LSC and place a tracker and insurance ! If you would like me to modify it too...
  7. HackModsFr

    PC [FR / ENG] GTA V HACK | Money Drop Free | OPEN JOIN NOW

    Welcome to HackModsFr We make drop money free !? How you join ? To join just add ISkyOneMods or TwaaRzTv, we are two modders, you can add both to have more chance to join because a session fills up very quickly. What menu do we use ? We use Impsule Rules - To be peacefull to avoid...
  8. Pigeon Mods

    Pigeon Mods - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Prestige / Unlock all lobby V5

    LOBBY STATUS : Online CURRENT MOD MENU : IKonroi V5 This is my 5th S7 lobby - going to try doing more of these. How to join? Send a msg saying 7sins (I will inv you in the lobby). Once in my lobby please post legit and you're gamertag so i can then go ahead and give you the menu if you do...
  9. Orangutan3

    ⚡?FLASH CASH LOBBY?⚡ - Community Lobby - Secure and 100% Safe - No R* Notifications -

    ??Flash Cash Lobby?? Status: Offline |--------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------How to Join-----------------------------------------| Add me on Social Club: Orangutan3 | RULES | Don't bank your Dropped Amount in the Lobby...
  10. ShareThyLove

    Modern Warfare Xp Boosting HC DOM

    Looking For Mature Players Who Can Follow Simple Instructions Anyone Can Join Us On Any Platform ! Add Me: Josiah#8121454 Post Your GamerTag/Psn/Battle.net/Actvision As Well What Platform Your IGN Is From Rules No Killing Unless The Other Person Is Completely Okay With It No Racist...
  11. Nickster2233

    Societys Menace Gta V MODDED MONEY LOBBIES

    Hosting Now!!! Made it so you guys can just join friends game DONATIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED PAYPAL- [email protected] Thanks for looking!!!
  12. Pximal

    Solved  [Question] Is there any possible way to do locked lobbies or custom match xp games?

    Just wondering if there is anyway to get a locked lobby other than Team Tac or Cage Match, or even a custom xp private match? Not played the game on PS4 since it came out and have no knowledge of the Remastered version.
  13. Fenex

    Modded Lobbies, Money Drops, Etc

    Status: Open >>Closed<< (Until Moderator Approves) just got back into my ps3 i'm just gonna be messing around alot if people wanna join for money drops and free mods on ps3 feels free to message / reply with your psn and ask i know i posted this in the GTA slot but i couldnt find a...
  14. ShareThyLove

    ✔️ShareThy's Free Gtav Money Lobbies ✔️

    ⚠Please Read Rules Before Joining!⚠ Status : Offline Basic Info You Need To Know! I Host From NA Mid-West! So I Can't Help That Our Connections Are Weak! I Host 12 Hours A Day Most Days! PC ONLY Please Know I Host Free And Will Always Be Free! Step's Too Join? Comment Your SC And Accept...
  15. RizzKid

    Any Active BO3 Boost Lobbies?

    Looking for active boost lobbies, idk how to host them if anyone asks.
  16. SlipperSlopes

    Sloppy's 2k Money Drop (Safe)

    OPEN All you have to do to join this money drop is to drop your Social Club name into the reply section and I will add you. then wait for an invite, then go to the LSAP and toggle passive modes. CERTAIN THINGS WILL GET YOU BANNED. If you want to use Voice Chat or get to know announcements before...
  17. S

    ◐Spectulus's Modded Lobbies◑

    Spectulus's Modded Lobbies Spectulus's Modded Lobbies is dedicated to giving the 7s community an experience that they'll never forget, we will also be giving them things like XP, Camos, Achievements, and other wonderful things. Donations: Donations are accepted, every donation will goto my...
  18. Caii Griffin

    Solved  Money Drops!? XB1!? Someone help lol

    Probably sound like a right n00b as I haven't bothered with anything like this in awhile, but is there anyone doing money drops on GTA V on Xbox One? Like I've tried to read about modded lobbies and I just don't get it anymore so was just wondering if it's still possible and if anyone can help...
  19. X

    Flyin' Turnips Stealth Menu|Free Infections|

    HOSTING FREE INFECTIONS MENU- Flyin Turnips (stealth) GT- xDry Mouth Gang STATUS- OPEN TO GET INTO THE LOBBY PLEASE POST LEGIT AS ALWAYS ALONG SIDE YOUR GAMERTAG, THEN SEND ME A MESSAGE SAYING 's7' AND I WILL INVITE YOU I do not accept any donations I do not take credit for the menu all...
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