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  1. N

    Hardware Mods  Slot Loading DVD Drive on RGH

    I am looking into making a 360 laptop. I want to make it to where it has a slot loading drive. Does anyone have any info on how to make one or which drive would work best or ANYTHING? I’m excited and motivated to accomplish this. I know on Xbox-scene there was a guy who did it but it has since...
  2. Anthem VIP Demo

    Anthem VIP Demo

    What’s going on with Anthem? Why can’t I get into this “VIP Demo”? BioWare’s head of live service sought to answer those questions and reassure players that the studio knows exactly what the problems are, as it works to resolve them. There are three main problems, Chad Robertson wrote yesterday...
  3. peanutismint

    Solved  GTA V stuck on loading screen... Title updates in Aurora??

    I have Grand Theft Auto 5 ripped from my own disc but when it boots it gets stuck on one of the intro loading screens with the cop and the chick (looks like this) and just freezes. I can quit back to Freestyle Dash (Aurora actually) from the home button menu but nothing I do gets past that...
  4. CodaBro

    Solved  Loading

    Soooo.... I'm duping cars and got alot of them and I started using the 45min bypass but when I launch gta again it takes sooo long to load.. so any tips to speed up loading? Some Steam launch options? Something? Or just is there another 45min bypass without having to quit gta?
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