1. Skynthenix

    Unsolved  unreleased/limited time livery

    Good afternoon, Haven’t been on here in years but I just got back into gaming and I was wondering if there was someone who could help me. I’m looking for a way to receive or unlock unreleased or past limited time livery’s on a vehicle in GTA Online (XBOX). Whether it be duping the vehicle or...
  2. K

    Solved  How do I get the Republican Space Ranger livery on the Comet S2?

    Hi all!!! I'm seeing comet s2 with hidden cover on facebook ... but I've never known how they are removed, in advanced options of the save wizard I see the covers section (-1) but I don't know what number I should put for each one of them, someone could help me ? Thank you in advance and...
  3. TasosNG

    Solved  How can I unlick the Ink Livery in Thrax??

    Hello guys! Does anyone know how can I unlock the ''Ink Inc.'' Livery in Thrax? I tryed everything (I believe). I did all the missions (AB) inside casino as a host and with my friend (as a guest and not as a host). Do I miss something? How am I supposed to unlock that livery? Thank you.
  4. Zvo03z

    Solved  Are there F1 hidden liveries?

    So I seen a pr4 with a paramedic livery on it, and a friend of mine told me that there is actually 4 hidden liveries for the pr4, so I’m curious of anyone has fseen any of them or know how to get them. Thanks in advance also sorry if this is posted on the wrong area
  5. F

    Solved  Is it possible to save modded liveries

    I've been using mod menus on PC for ages now yet never been able to save the liveries i have on. Is there any tool to do this? nvm got it
  6. Classique

    Tutorial  GTA Online - The Vehicle Merging Thread (Liveries, Body Styles and more)

    The Vehicle Merging Thread (liveries, Body Styles and more) Hello! This thread has been created because "merging" has become a permanent part of the exploiting world, and deserves to have a "main page", where information can be found about the subject. "What is a merge, or merging?" Great...
  7. SMGLR

    Solved  Save Editor GTAV hidden liveries

    I found the solution to get any livery using SE. after you choose your SET1 vehicle, press advanced option and go to liveries. You going to see a small box to add number. pick any desired livery but make sure to -1. for example if you want the Dolla Dolla livery, in game it’s #41, but in...
  8. jw460

    Solved  41st livery in set 1 on Xbox1

    Since matchmaking is bugged :frown: I’ll ask here Is there anyone who is willing the gift either me or Storm kilo a vehicle within set 1 with the 41st livery? Preferably with green tints and yanktons:wink: Any text is fine We’re willing to help back if you would need a vehicle or something
  9. 7sEnthusiast

    Patched  Different method of Receiving a car over a Magic Spot

    1: You already recieved your car on magic slot. 2: Have your Mobile Operation Centre outside ready!. 3: Request Faggio and both get on and get the (Get Faggio to Freeze). 4: Join Darts from friends. 5: Now You've should have spawned in your Mobile Operation Centre with the car ((( Swap it Out to...
  10. 7sEnthusiast

    Patched  How to change livery and put benny rims on party Bus

    Founder of Work Around: Bayshotyou You have to recieve the party Bus on magic slot request your retro comet and swap the bus with retro comet, then drive retro comet out of m.o.c and park retro comet on slab. Now proceed over to the night club and enter service garage, head over to V.I.P Bar...
  11. T

    Solved  Livery Codes

    What are the livery codes to use in Save Editor? I'm trying to get the Cliffford logo on the Barrage.
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