1. Classique

    Working  GTA Online - The Black List & High End Vehicles

    This thread is up-to-date as of the Chop Shop Update. This is a thread created for the purpose of educating people about blacklisted- and high end vehicles. The Black List is up-to-date with the current version of the game, which is the version on PS4, XBox One and PC. Ooookay, admit it...

    Solved  Looking for a list of vehicles in gta v that have hidden or unobtainable colours can anyone help?

    as above :wink: but also looking for wheel colours too. Tyvm
  3. Captain Pocky

    Patched  Glitched cars from Bennys merge (Backless coquette, no turret insurgent, etc.)

    Hey all, If you didn't know, Benny's merge glitches can also be used to add or remove unobtainable options from certain cars. The process is similar to livery merging with the Hotring Sabre for those familiar with that. "Recipes" for specific cars can be found below. They are sorted by the...
  4. aaronBLUEeyes

    Solved  What Vehicles Don't Show Crew Emblems?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to compile a list of vehicles that can be owned as PV which don't display crew emblems. An example would be an Insurgent. Please post any additional vehicles that are also like this. Thanks much!
  5. Scuxy

    Discussion  GTA V Full Vehicle List Updated

    As a regular GTA V player, sometimes i see a vehicle and wounder what it is. In this thread i have compiled a list of all the vehicles found in GTA V with the price and also what conditions are required to acquire the type of vehicle. Hopefully this can help some users out within the Se7ensins...
  6. NeverFamousGuy

    Massive GSC Thread

    Before using this thread and ripping me apart, understand that when I say functions it is lightly used as I understand these are methods, functions, csc functions, etc etc. and not just "Functions", but to categorize them all into one category I have decided to just use functions. --------------...
  7. The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 8/1/2017

    The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 8/1/2017

    Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon! The iconic rhythm RPG marches onto PlayStation once again with Patapon Remastered, which brings the classic adventure to PS4 on August 1. Behind the Patapon tribe’s cute exterior beats the ferocious heart of a warrior. Pound the drums of war and lead the Patapon tribe into...
  8. Vacro

    Discussion  Mission Team Rewards List [Every Level]

    All credit to: u/VarneshPlays on reddit. 1 - Starting Level 2 - Weapon Camo 3 - Calling Card 4 - Emblem 5 - 100 Salvage 6 - Weapon Camo 7 - 100 Salvage 8 - Calling Card 9 - Gesture 10 - Weapon (see...
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