1. LeapingFrog462

    Unsolved  Booting Into VM Linux without USB?

    Edit: just going to try it... Can i configure dashlaunch to execute an xex at bootup? Can i copy VM Linux distro to the internal 4gb Flash memory (16mb Trinity with added 4gbMU) Trying to boot into VM Linux (Ubuntu10.10-Xenon.beta5) without an external usb attched. Thank you!
  2. I

    Unsolved  XGD3 disc burning on Linux

    I have a Xephyr Xbox 360 with a Hitachi drive that I believe I have successfully flashed (it reads official discs with no issue, currently no way of testing with burned discs). I am attempting to burn Lollipop Chainsaw to a Verbatim DVD+R DL AZO 8.5GB 8X (the one everyone recommends), but...
  3. Lucky

    Discussion  King Kong Exploit (Archives)

    The bulk of this thread is archive based. It is vastly irrelevant as the JTAG and RGH exploits take full advantage of a console in a much better manner. The sources I used can be found here and here along with here. This is also an extension thread to JoinTheResistance's thread - here (Thanks to...
  4. A Year Of Rain Is For Anyone Who Loves Classic Real-Time Strategy

    A Year Of Rain Is For Anyone Who Loves Classic Real-Time Strategy

    A Year of Rain from Daedalic is a game for those of us with fond memories playing real-time strategy classics like Warcraft 3. It’s an unapologetically faithful recreation of a style of RTS that’s coming back into fashion, with Blizzard’s own Warcraft 3: Reforged due out later this year...
  5. L

    Unsolved  Dasboard=14699. Should I RGH 1 or RGH 1.2?

    Hi, I just joined to this forum because I have a xbox 360 (phat) with the dashboard version of 14699, its a "Jasper" motherboard. Im here for advise because Im not sure if i should do the RGH 1.0, since I have the correct dashboard version, or update it and instaling a RGH 1.2, or if i should be...
  6. Im Zer0 Syndicate

    1. Linux
    *sigh* I need some more help.

    I have gotten tired of Linux for reasons that aren't important to this thread, and I want to switch back to Windows. The only problem is, I think I'm locked in. I try to make a Windows Installer USB and the USB never works (It's the same with making a bootable USB). I try to use the "Make a...
  7. Counter-Strike: GO Gets A Free Version For Offline Play

    Counter-Strike: GO Gets A Free Version For Offline Play

    Valve released a free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this week as part of the game’s latest update, letting players compete in offline matches against bots. It’s a good way to jump into the game if you’ve been wary about dropping $14.99, or are just hesitant about playing against...
  8. NoloConosco

    Unsolved  PS3 Slim Linux

    So I recently tried to RGH my XBOX 360 so I can install Linux but I have hand tremors and am on my third soldering round. One of my friends noticed my pursuit to run unsigned code on my console and donated a broken PS3 Slim he found in a bag on the side of the road a couple of years ago. I got...
  9. NoloConosco

    Solved  Xbox 360 King Kong Linux Tutorial?

    After lurking for the past few days I finally decided to make an account because the information on this is either dated, scarce, or difficult to comprehend, especially for a super noob like me. I would like to run Linux on my Xbox 360 using the King Kong Exploit but don't know how. Although...
  10. Thomaz336688

    Solved  [Need Help] Making server on linux

    i have a linux server and i am wondering if there is a way i can make a dedicated 24/7 public server im not good at this kinda thing and i just need help cuz i couldn't find it possible
  11. E3 2017 Trailer For Castlevania Spiritual Successor Bloodstained Revealed

    E3 2017 Trailer For Castlevania Spiritual Successor Bloodstained Revealed

    Ahead of E3 2017, publisher 505 Games has released a new trailer for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Igarahsi's spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The video showcases a previously unseen church area and gives fans a glimpse at some of heroine Miriam's new weapons and...
  12. Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Available Now

    Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Available Now

    After a successful Kickstarter that raised over $116,000 in 2014 and years in early access, Hover: Revolt of Gamers is finally available on PC, Mac, and Linux. Three developers strong from Montpellier, France, Fusty Games took their love of Sega's 2000 hit Jet Set Radio and modernized it. In...
  13. victimizing

    Firefox Enhanced Privacy

    I couldn't really find a category for this post so I felt that this was the most fitting but here it goes my first thread! :wink: Enhancing Firefox for privacy, of course! Hey guys I wanted to make a thread...
  14. T

    Unsolved  jailbroken ps3/ps4 questions

    just a few quick questions that i hope this community can answer. 1. is a jailbroken ps3 worth investing $150 to $200 2. can a jailbroken ps3 run linux 3. if yes to #2 can that ps3 running linux then run borderlands 2 4. if yes to numbers 2 and 3 is it possable to mod with cheat engine...
  15. Seventeen Minutes of Firewatch Gameplay Released

    Seventeen Minutes of Firewatch Gameplay Released

    Firewatch, an upcoming first-person adventure video game developed by Campo Santo and published by Panic, released seventeen minutes of gameplay today. The video really showcases the unique gameplay and captivating animation style of the team at Campo Santo. Firewatch is set in the vast and...
  16. Honorary

    1. Linux
    Anyway to make games run better on ubuntu?

    Hello there! I recently got ubuntu on my old crappy laptop that i *cough* *cough* use for gaming. Is there anyway i can make games like gmod run better?
  17. R4V3N3567

    1. Linux
    new laptop

    I'm waiting on a new laptop and I was wondering how efficient is a dual boot with windows 8.1 & well Linux haven't decided what OS to use exactly yet. I am only using a dual boot because I enjoy my gaming and I'm looking to switch to PC but Linux isn't exactly made for Gaming. So I guess what...
  18. Hacking meets FPS in ROOT

    Hacking meets FPS in ROOT

    Welcome to ROOT, an upcoming game based around cyber espionage. Root is the product of a collaboration between Digital Tribe Games and Deep Fried Enterprises in an effort to bring gamers a unique stealth-based FPS that lets players play it however they want to. Get ready to step into the shoes...
  19. RollerCoaster Tycoon World Beta Weekend Coming October 30th

    RollerCoaster Tycoon World Beta Weekend Coming October 30th

    Just recently, plans for the first beta weekend for the upcoming game RollerCoaster Tycoon World were announced through a blog post. Players will be able to start building the theme park of their dreams on October 30th, or in other words, this Friday. The beta will run through the weekend and...
  20. lowpro

    Cisco router help

    Anyone who has ever worked with a cisco router please reply, I can't for the life of me figure out how to connect to the console and this is time sensitive. Please hurry, your friend in need
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