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  1. M

    Looking for Level Boost and Loot

    Hi all, Looking for anyone who is able to boost all 4 characters to max and throw some gear and in game currency if possible. I've got the Handsome Collection on PS4 and my PSN ID is KASPOWER. Drop me a message on PS if you're able to help out, would be very much appreciated.
  2. T


    First come first served. Will be hosting a free boosting lobby for about 45 min or so. Add my discord and message me there, dasbrot#6137 Any platform welcome.
  3. neskimo

    Patched  Free Gold Bars (Limited Time)

    If you delete your character and play the first mission you go from level 1 to 5 in about 10 mins. They are currently awarding a gold bar for each level up. I found this out by wanting to experiment with the editor on my alt, and was given bonus gold today when I logged in. One of the first...
  4. T

    Friday the 13th ps4 farming

    If anyone wants to do the farming for ps4 hit me up, send me a message on here and we can farm some xp since its the last day for xp bonus. Must have a mic would be great, looking to get this started ps4 name: Haji-Sniper
  5. Jzyc


    MY XBOX GT: Jzyc
  6. A

    WW2 CTF Boost Lobby XBOX 24/7

    CTF Lobby. Requirements: Must have a mic and two controllers. play fair. be patient and be respectful. Msg: ArrivedSolid51 If game gets full i will invite you when someone leaves.
  7. B


    Doing CTF boosting by rounds / matches ... idk yet .. PSN: IINexAddoII Requirements: 2 controllers , mic , experience ! Maps: USS TEXAS , FLAK TOWER *please just message me and do not request to add me!* bump
  8. MylesWGaming

    Working  WW2 XP Glitch/Method

    There is an XP Method I have been doing alot in War on WW2. 1. Go to War and hope you get Operation Breakout (Beta map) 2. Once you are on that map if you are on the defending side then when you spawn run all the way back to where the ammunition bomb site is that you are going to have to...
  9. bernibus

    Patched  Earn 9480XP in 6 minutes on Stunt Race solo. (1500RP+ per minute)

    Hi all. Been playing The Rocket Voltic Stunt Race called "Rocket Voltic - Atmosphere". I noticed that you can go into a massive barrel roll (hold left on the analog stick) after hitting the huge jump at the second to last checkpoint. You get 50RP for each complete roll. When I landed I got...
  10. G

    CTF Boosting - OPEN (Need 3)

    You must have: Two controllers A microphone That's it. Shoot me a msg for an inv. GT: AvoidableBoat67 Boost and have fun!
  11. FearThaCrayon

    SW Battlefront BOOST

    I have empty droid run server I need 3 people to join me ASAP and we take turns capturing the droids no shooting eachother, fastest way to gain XP/rank up, message my Gamer tag FearThaCrayon and I will invite you
  12. N

    Video  How to unlock weapons and level up in few minutes

  13. RobinXE

    Patched  Fast RP Glitch [ALL SYSTEMS]

    What you need: • 1 Kuruma • 1 Friend Steps: 1. Drive to the Christmas Tree with a Friend in a Kuruma. 2. Drive on the Adversary Mode Circle. 3. Get a Wanted Level of 5. 4. Tell your friend to stay in the Kuruma to keep the 5 Stars. 5. Press Right D-Pad(PS4) to get into a Adversary Mode and Quit...
  14. Defy Kryptic

    Video  How To Rank Up Fast!!! Best Way!

    This is the easiest way to level up in Black Ops 3 Right Now! Dont forget to Subscribe to my channel if you liked the video! Thanks - Kryptic
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