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  1. League Of Legends Reveals Its First Louis Vuitton Skin

    League Of Legends Reveals Its First Louis Vuitton Skin

    Riot Games is releasing the first Louis Vuitton skin for League of Legends. The skin, True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition, has the champion’s weapon covered in the iconic Louis Vuitton pattern. This Qiyana skin was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s...
  2. GrayRat

    Discussion  LoL World Championship Semi-Finals: Highlights

    LoL Worlds 2018 enters the semi-finals stage. Four teams remain as Cloud9, Fnatic, G2 and iG make it after defeating their respective opponents in the quarterfinals. In the semi-finals iG faced off against G2 Esports a match that many expected the latter to win with ease. The result however...
  3. GrayRat

    Discussion  The Western Hemisphere celebrates as the Quarterfinals come to a thrilling end

    The quarterfinals are done and dusted, and to everyone's surprise there is not one Korean team in the semi-finals. The NA and EU regions have returned to the last rounds of the Worlds after 7 long years of Korean domination. The matches have all been blockbuster, and all the victories have been...
  4. GrayRat

    Discussion  2018 Worlds Knockout Bracket

    The group stage is done and dusted with some amazing matches and some dull moments as well. From 20th October onward the Knockout round begins, the matches will be best of five and loser will be sent home packing. Here is the Bracket and times of the matches to come:
  5. GrayRat

    Discussion  Group Stage Days 5-7: Highlights and Standings

    I've been out sick, so I couldn't post the highlights. But fret not, I am back and kicking. Days 5 through 7 have gone by and here are the highlights; Group Stage Highlights: Day 5 Group Stage Highlights: Day 6 Group Stage Highlights: Day 7 And if you want to know the Group Standings after...
  6. GrayRat

    Discussion  LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage: Day 4 Highlights

    Day 4 of the League of Legends World Championship 2018 is behind us and each new day just gets better and better. Some teams have now solidified their spot in the playoffs while some are just almost there. If in case you have missed the spectacular plays and match ups from today then fret not...
  7. GrayRat

    Discussion  LoL Worlds 2018 Group Stage: Day 3 Highlights

    Catch all the highlights for the Day 3 of the Group Stage at the League of Legends World Championship 2018 HIGHLIGHTS
  8. GrayRat

    Discussion  LoL World Championship play-ins have begun

    So, without further ado, here is the schedule and match timings for the upcoming LoL World Championship Play-In Round 1: Day 1 1:00 AM PST – Cloud9 vs. KaBuM! e-Sports Cloud9 Won! 2:00 AM PST – Gambit Esports vs. G-Rex G-Rex Won! 3:00 AM PST – DetonatioN FocusMe vs. KaBuM! e-Sports 4:00...
  9. KnightWill2

    Discussion  The League Of Legends World Championship Theme Song!

    With the upcoming League Of Legends world championships underway, the theme of the Worlds 2018 event has been released. This year's theme song is a collaboration between The Word Alive, The Glitch Mob and Mako. Taking to instagram to share the news, Telle Smith shared that he's been working...
  10. KnightWill2

    Discussion  Odyssey Event Animated Trailer - League of Legends

    Consider this your invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy. Join the crew of the Morning Star for the Odyssey event in League of Legends, which starts September 12 with patch 8.18 and features Odyssey skins for Kayn, Jinx, Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, and Ziggs. The event will include: - A...
  11. KnightWill2

    Discussion  [League of Legends] Patch 8.17 Notes

    "Welcome to patch 8.17, the one where New Nunu's New Groove hits Summoner's Rift, and his four-armed buddy will umpack his bags and join him! If you're already feeling the call of the Freljord, you can consume more information in the links below. Do you want to build the biggest snowball ever...
  12. GrayRat

    Discussion  Faker Looking for Possible Departure from SK Telecom T1

    Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is leaving SK Telecom T1, probably. From the information deduced from Inven Global’s interview with Team MVP’s top laner, Kang “ADD” Geon-mo, it seems the biggest LoL player in the world, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, has not been even practicing with SK Telecom T1. “I looked...
  13. League of Legends point prices are going up abroad, and Brexit is to blame

    League of Legends point prices are going up abroad, and Brexit is to blame

    The U.K. will see a 20 percent increase for RP Buying Riot Points for League of Legends is about to get costly for players in the U.K. A 20 percent increase in prices for the in-game currency will be effective starting later this month, and Riot Games is pointing to “Brexit” as the cause of the...
  14. GamerCrates' October Arena Crate

    GamerCrates' October Arena Crate

    GamerCrates is a company that offers a variety of difference subscription box services and merchandise. Their iconic box, the GamerCrate, gives subscribers a box full of gaming merchandise. Every month has a different theme and this month’s GamerCrate was full of arena-game themed merchandise...
  15. Dylancoelho

    Mass PC Gaming Discord Server

    So what I'm basically trying to get going is a Discord server filled with as many members as possible, so you can hop into a channel and have people playing your game you feel like playing, and a full team to join. I've started a basic list of games, obviously I will keep adding if the channel...
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