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    Solved  Cannot copy launch.ini

    Hello, Im new here. Tried looking for similar and not to old threads, but didnt found any. I updated 360 i got to 17559. And everything is fine except that I cannot paste launch.ini into Flash (Trinity). Neither XeXmenu, nor FSD File Manager (with access to Flash) cannot paste the launch.ini...
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    Solved  Xbox 360 dashlaunch help

    I was messing around in dashlaunch on my rgh and changed some plugins around (which i know i should not have done) and rebooted my console now it will boot up for about 30 seconds and just fade to a black screen a shutoff. so i have this thing where u plug your hard drive into it and you plug it...
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    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH - booting error

    Hey guys! I have my Xbox 360 Super Slim - RGH for over 2 years now and i yesterday i had a big problem. I will try to be as clear as possible :) I have Grand Theft Auto V and i was testing some mod menus (.xex used as plugins). I didn't have any plugin installed and i put the XBlNiNJA.xex...
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    Solved  RGH Boot Issue

    My rgh is having a problem booting; with plugins in. If i are to put xbdm in the console will stay on the boot logo; and just stay there forever; it will freeze and just stay frozen. If i put in a blank launch.ini the console will boot; but as soon as i put plugins back in the console will not...
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    Solved  is there a RGH Storage open Software?

    Heyo, i have a problem.. So i was having a problem with my RGH earlier; where it wouldnt boot. Donezo it was fixed Now; i really f'd up lol. I was having a problem with neighborhood. so my initial reaction was too take out XBDM and re-install it. So i take out XBDM.xex; thinking that...
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    Solved  Launch.ini Broken? Any 1 has a link to 1?

    So none of my plugins are loading even though there saved in dash launch. the only thing i can think of is the launch.ini. i replaced it a few weeks ago for a cheap server till i got ninja again. but none of my plugins work. any 1 know where i can get a default launch.ini?
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