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    Unsolved KV Unbanned Time Tracker

    Are there any tools that I can get that can track my kv unbanned time? I know most servers have this feature implemented, but mine currently has it disabled.
  2. P

    Solved Trying to update console to latest dashboard

    when i put my flashdmp into Xebuild it’s fine but when i put my cpukey in it said couldn’t extract KV/corrupt kv and won’t let me use that cpu key. But i have a couple of extra cpu keys and it pops up with a cpu key in the file but i’m a little worried it may brick my rgh. if anybody knows what...
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    Solved [Question] how are we doing lobbies these days?

    Okay so i had a jtag falcon back in 2011 (wow i feel old now) I am RGH'ing my corona console once my chip gets here and want to do some fun lobbies like the old killingdyl quarantine chaos (was such a awesome patch and modified it quite a bit back in the day, sorry killingdyl i know you dont...
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    Solved Xbox 360 Stealth Server And KV's

    So if you couldn't tell by the post itself, I am a beginner by all means. I just got a modded Xbox 360 and I was wondering something. If I purchased a stealth server for let's say a weak as well as a KV and my KV gets banned, but I still have time on the stealth server in which I purchased then...
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    Solved Kvs

    Hello, I am new to modded consoles and have a few questions. Can you use your KV that comes with your Xbox? Please explain if it's yes. For stealth servers when it says your KV lifetime is, for example, a month, will this allow you to just delete your stealth server and rebuy it again? Do KVs...
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    Solved Stealth

    Whats the best free stealth server and what is the cheapest place to get unshared KVs?
  7. E

    Solved How does NiNJA time work?

    So I just bought my first RGH. I plan on getting a week of NiNJA, but I had a question. Do you 'consume' your time only when you are using stealth to be online or is it using it even if you are not on?
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    Solved Easiest Method of Spoofing MAC Address on RGH

    I recently got an RGH, I bought a lifetime stealth with OG stealth from RippedRobby and GoldenModz bought all of my unshared KVs keep getting banned (7 have been banned in two days, all purchased from BlasterKVs). I also bought Project XDX so I believe it doesnt have a KV stealer in the tool. I...
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    Solved Need Advice and info for Mod Menus and Stealth server

    I have been modding on my RGH for a couple weeks now and need some help and advise on GTA 5. First off, what are some good free mod menus that are not going to freeze my xbox at the logo? And second, what are some good servers that will allow me to do what i am wanting to do? I am using...
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