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kv issues

  1. Raceentry

    Question  Xbox 360 unbanned KV but banned in console

    So, I have formatted my console recently, pasted my KV, but it is not working. I have checked if the KV is banned, cleared cache, etcetera. Please help
  2. L

    Question  KV Banned Fast Please Help!!

    Hey everyone. So I got a RGH and I'm trying to figure out why I've been banned so quickly. I bought a KV from a website called Xboxkvs.com. First KV lasted me about a week. But I bought a KV on 4/13/2019, and was banned yesterday on 4/14/2019. I only did modding for about 8 hours that day on GTA...
  3. B

    Question  Help with RGH

    i put a KV on my rgh and it turns it into a folder not a file and I can’t delete the folder to put a KV on if you need more explaining I can post a vid too just ask if you know how to get rid of this problem please help Thanks.
  4. Henry396

    Solved  JTAG/RGH KV

    Hey guys so I recently bought a Jtag Xbox from someone and Ive never had experience with a modded Xbox. But I've been learning quickly with this site and YT as well. But I have this one issue. So I bought 2 kvs from ******. I had gotten Xbox neighborhood and went to the retail emulator thing on...
  5. Bullet4dinner

    Solved  Xbox 360 rgh Kv,

    So i nand dumped to get my kv i then transferd it to the root of the hardrive im not sure if i properly moved the kv to the root of the hardrive and im banned. Can i just buy a kv and change it with the other kv on the root? And why is the cpu key file so inportent to tranfer with the new kv...
  6. S

    Solved  Help!

    Hey, I got my rgh 2 days ago and have been looking st some stuff. Today I realised that I have no kv.bin file on the route of my HDD1. I bought one and put it on. I then restarted my Xbox and it didn't restart a second time. I tried to connect to the internet and the internet said connected but...
  7. A

    Solved  JTAG not working, need help please.

    Hey, I'm new here. I have a Xbox 360 JTAG and although the KV is unbanned, it is coming up as banned when I try to go online. I've tried clearing the cache and testing the connection and made sure the KV isn't banned. I've tried contacting my KV supplier and the guy who sold me the Xbox for...
  8. T

    Solved  Kv says banned but its new help

    i put the kv.bin on hdd and for some reason it wont reboot back up
  9. drewissharing

    Solved  Can't play HDD installed games on RGH after new KV?

    I've been looking everywhere for a fix for this, and have found nothing, so I'm sorry if this is an easy fix or something. I updated my KV for the first time today (it took about 6 months for me to get my first KV banned while running Ninja which i think it pretty good). My only issue is that...
  10. M

    Solved  JTAG / RGH TOPIC | MY RETAIL GOT BANNED | Please p

    Please don't get me wrong but I've been reading forums where people convince other people that their retail could never get banned when you use same router / network on your retail and RGH to play, which is **** up. Well.. what makes sense to me is that you shouldn't be connected in same...
  11. Exotic xex

    Solved  i put a kv on my console now its saying data is missing or corrupt?

    i put a kv on my console now its saying data is missing or corrupt it also asks me for the avatar update i download it my system reboots but it just asks me to install the update again? someone help please
  12. EvilCode

    Solved  Need help flashing KV to nand

    So far i have had much trouble getting my KV to work on my rgh. Followed almost every tutorial to get it working here on S7. What happens when i try to flash my kv to my flashdmp then write it though Xell is when i reboot my xbox back up it doesnt show a boot or anything just a black screen. (I...
  13. chuychg

    Solved  how can i get the cpukey file from a kv?

    well i bought a kv but he didnt give me the cpukey so i wanna know how can i get it?
  14. L

    Solved  xbox update 17489. Help with CPU & KV

    Hey guys I need some more assistance... Once again this is my first time unbanning my RGH so I just need to figure out the ropes. Alright so previously I asked if someone could help me fix my system update. Figured out I needed to update to 17489 nand. Well I don't have my consule CPU key...
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