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    Unsolved KV Banned Fast Please Help!!

    Hey everyone. So I got a RGH and I'm trying to figure out why I've been banned so quickly. I bought a KV from a website called Xboxkvs.com. First KV lasted me about a week. But I bought a KV on 4/13/2019, and was banned yesterday on 4/14/2019. I only did modding for about 8 hours that day on GTA...
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    Solved with ninja my kvs only take 24 hours

    Hello, I am at Ninja I do not have any xex apart from the server and I use only net app in tool. but for my kvs is only 48H. how can I solve this problem I do not think my PC is a rat because I do not download big things and I have not used any mod crack
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    Solved Question about KV

    Hi so I have a friend who purchased a pre-owned Xbox 360 and later found out it was banned. At the time of his purchase he didn't know it was banned. So I've been reading the forums and saw that you require a KV to unban, but heres the thing that confuses me. I don't know if you have to have the...
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    Solved Questions about KV's

    Hi everyone I have a few questions about KV's. Here they are below: Can your KV be banned while you are online with it? I know that KV's get banned but is it something that can happen while being online? (I know that you must have a stealth server or you will be instabanned). (This has to also...
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    Please don't get me wrong but I've been reading forums where people convince other people that their retail could never get banned when you use same router / network on your retail and RGH to play, which is **** up. Well.. what makes sense to me is that you shouldn't be connected in same...
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