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  1. I

    Tutorial  Boosting Hard core Search & destroy

    Hosting a boosting lobby need two more players? 500kills each, 10 min rounds. no messing around lobby’s all night! activision - 465#7355633 Xbox name - iiDraGz V4
  2. N

    Modern Warfare Xp/Kill Boosting

    Looking for someone to setup a boost lobby, or at least tell me how to do it. (Couldn’t find any guides, unless I missed it) Will host if needed, I have two controllers. Activison account - Strictly_Skillz Xbox one account - Strictly Skillz
  3. O

    Bo4 boosting | headshots | camos

    bo4 boosting lobby, 50 kill rotations, know what to do, need 8 message OPS Crxze or OPS Drifter for an invite
  4. X

    Solved  10K per kill capture

    I’m really sorry if this is the wrong spot but I just really want to know if there is any more 10k per kill jobs that aren’t fake with a link thanks
  5. Butchery

    Xbox kill boosting in Crimson Doubles

    I have a Netgear XR500 router with Geo-filter i can make it so I only match certain people therefore i can basically make my own private matches in crucible. Need 3 people that would be willing to take turns killing each other to boost some stats with me for a couple hours.
  6. M


    Message: RundownAcorn328 fir inv 50 Kill Rotations
  7. A

    I need 9 people for WORLD RECORD BO4 KILL GAMEPLAY

    So im trying to get 9people to join me in doing this world record kill attempt, 5 Will be the enemy team. Id prefer if the enemy team used 2nd accs that way stats dont get demolished. And 4 people for my team that will sit back and block off spawns. If yall are interested in helping then please...
  8. Frank Dinesh

    Video  Do Not click If You Are A Tryhard!

    :muted::muted::muted: Some of my best kills in gta (includes Tryhards kills):muted::muted::muted: :mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja::mad::ninja:
  9. Y

    Need Rep Track 4 and Melee Coins

    Hello my PSN name is Yeszz_mk2 and i need rep track 4 for enforcer or melee coins for the close range syndicate assignment. For reptracks i need someone who is willing to be hacker every once in a while and who wants to play with me on low-population servers. The more the merrier! For melee...
  10. oOI yusuf IOo


    ● This is a BATTLEFIELD 1 gameplay footage of me trying to tell you more about The mauser TANKGEWEHR M1918 . I'm HYPED to make more video's for you guys..!!!!! pls support me.
  11. Robsondingeh

    Video  Battlefield 1: Brutal Kills!

  12. Robsondingeh

    Video  Battlefield 1: Combo Kills!

  13. OxenGaming

    Working  *NEW*High Door Ledge on EVAC! - Easy to do Multiplayer Glitch on Evac! (Black ops 3)

    Step 1: Line up with the corner of the door. Step 2: Boost jump upwards. Step 3: Run forward while jumping. Step 4: It takes many attempts but you'll get it :)
  14. U

    Solved  How do players get the kill so quick in free roam gun fights?

    Can you guys please share or advise how you get the kill on other players so quick in free roam gun fights? I use the exact weapons they do, I roll just like they do, but they seem to get the kill so quick evrytime, is there any secrets regarding killing players so fast that not everyone is...
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